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  1. Again, the Genesis story about Adam and Eve is simply poorly written literature, even when considering it as fiction. Believing it is actually true makes it comical.
  2. Yes, H, this is wonderful news. Your journey is an inspiration to others. I particularly am impressed with your rational mind coupled with your empathy. That's a good combination to have.
  3. Yes, this is a good idea. Your first posts were already modifying the noun "morality" with two adjectives, "subjective" and "absolute". For purposes of this discussion, let's see if we can first agree on an underlying definition of "morality" and/or "moral", before modifying it with those adjectives.
  4. Many mythologies, historical fictional works and much ancient literature provide numerous metaphors, allegories, analogies, symbols and similitudes all of which humans interpret, analyze, consider and opine. The Abrahamic religions, in their written and spoken forms, fit squarely within this description. Assuming, for the sake of discussion, the claims and statements within such mythology/fiction/literature are true and correct is one way to facilitate discourse. Asserting the claims and statements within such mythology/fiction/literature are actually true and correct
  5. Playing in theists' sandboxes is often boring.
  6. JamesL doesn't do facts...or evidence, or rational thinking, or intellectual honesty, or curiosity, or reading comprehension, or mutual discourse, or cooperation, or work, etc.
  7. In addition, if I use a VPN, it will create a fake IP address and fake physical location. Perhaps Poster JamesL is using a VPN on that library computer because he has administrative privileges on the computer he uses. Yeah, that's believable.
  8. Virtually all threads involving End3 require playing in his sandbox, i.e., pretending his sky fairies actually exist.
  9. When you, I or anyone else posts in this forum (or any other forum) the post contains an "IP Address". An IP Address provides the physical location on Earth from where the post was sent. Forum moderators usually have certain software that allows them to determine that location. One of the moderators on this forum has identified your IP address and determined you have posted from California, not from Florida where you have previously claimed you live. In addition, a forum member has pointed out that some of your posts have occurred after midnight which reasonably suggests you ar
  10. In addition, the societies from which these older religions arose were male dominated. It is not surprising at all that religions invented in such cultures would exhibit misogyny.
  11. I, for one, do not make this argument, and neither do many others. Accordingly, your claim, "[T]he argument is always...", is incorrect and can be considered a strawman argument of your own invention. Many folks observe that the Genesis story of Adam and Eve is flawed and is simply poorly written literature.
  12. Poster JamesL has been bamboozled by Ron Wyatt and his fake underwater pictures, years after Wyatt's death. How quaint.
  13. Poster JamesL demonstrates he is an irrational thinker. He is oblivious to his irrationality. His irrationality is an underpinning for his religious beliefs.
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