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  1. Sit back, relax and enjoy the conversations you have here.
  2. Hey Justus, tell us again about the talking snake and talking donkey. Those parts are funny.
  3. Many claim their God is not definable, not knowable, etc., yet in the very next breath make claim after claim of how they "define" and "know" their particular sky fairy, or set of sky fairies. Of course, they also claim they have a special access, a privileged observing position, etc. They're full of themselves, and full of shit.
  4. Evidence is a broad concept. That being said, the quality, relevance, credibility and probative value (among other descriptors) of any evidence, as well as the cumulative quantity of consistent evidence, are what counts when evaluating evidence. Poster Edgarcito has a fair amount of research and studying to do if he wants to understand the concept, methodology and application of evidence.
  5. Many interpret Hebrews 11:1 as 'faith is wishful thinking and that wishful thinking is evidence of unseen things'. Thus, religious faith is evidence. How convincing is that?
  6. Relevant, credible and probative evidence is a good start. To the extent the claimed evidence violates accepted laws or scientific theories of physics, chemistry, mathematics and/or biology, then it should, at a minimum, be empirical and capable of being observed and understood by any sentient human being. Whether it is repeatable is a strong consideration. When it comes to witness testimony, such as personal one-time experiences, it is helpful if the witness can be verified to be clear of cognitive biases, such as expectation and confirmation biases, deeply instilled religious indoctrination or other malady which would affect honesty, and, it is important to determine whether the witness is lying, delusional, etc. Of course, evidence from several congruent, convergent and/or disparate sources, all leading to the same (or similar) rational inference(s) is weighed heavily. In your presentations so far in this forum, you have only provided sparse and rather poor evidence. But you are quite good merely asserting. Mere assertions are not evidence.
  7. Good. Do you believe you need therapy for a minor event that occurred three years ago? I don't know. Often, there are many different ways to deal with a situation such as you described and many of those possible ways are just fine. One is not necessarily better than another, just different.
  8. You did nothing legally or morally wrong, although some others may have considered your insistence to mind this girl a bit out of line. It was three years ago. Perhaps it is time to move on from all that.
  9. Christianity, as well as many other religions, has always been composed of numerous sects, often competing with each other and often developing dogma and beliefs which reject or ignore earlier dogma and beliefs. Humans invented and control the dogma and beliefs, as well as the changes in them over time. As much as Jesus hypothetically would have rejected certain dogma and beliefs of some modern Christian sects, those same modern Christian sects demonstrate they reject the mythological dogma and beliefs of Jesus.
  10. Childhood religious indoctrination by trusted adults is the primary source of a God Virus™ infection.
  11. Talking with a secular mental health professional is a good idea. Be patient. It can take time to find the right therapist and then further time to address the issues. Fortunately, you seem to have high levels of introspective and honest intellect, which will serve you well. Your emotional and psychological health, however, appears damaged. Work on those parts.
  12. A rather plausible explanation is the God you reference does not exist.
  13. Excellent progress, SB! Any new or revisited hobbies or other interests?
  14. A rather plausible answer is he didn't. Imaginary entities cannot create disease.
  15. Tell that to the 230,000 people killed from the Indian Ocean tsunami on December 25, 2014.
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