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  1. Consider reading the following in front of a mirror. Above you are attempting to speak for others. Below you speak only for yourself. "I have at least two choices, Grace or more of an OT approach, pointing to a more immediate correction of the less than ideal."
  2. You seem quite angry. Why?
  3. Here's another practice session for you. Repeat the following in front of a mirror, three times each day for three days: it's ok to be myself, speak my own words, think my own thoughts, and live with my own soul. if I don't I might not know how to be each place I go. I will wonder: how do i need to be for these people so that they will accept me, be kind to me, not speak bad about me, ect., ect. I will lose myself and become them. I will not be true. I will not be me. I will be a changing thing.. drifting, drifting, lost in the shifting tides of others opinions, evaluations,
  4. Speaking for myself, and not for others, is often healthy behavior. You can practice this by reading this in front of mirror: "I may well be in a kind of hell/purgatory/heaven right now."
  5. Some boundaries are more difficult to draw, implement and enforce than others.
  6. We have an ala carté Christian who pretends to be special. Boring combination.
  7. Tell us the part about if we don't believe in your sky fairies as you do we will be punished by them. That part is funny.
  8. This one has it all figured out, according to him. This one is not worth any more time.
  9. I suspect he is chasing endorphins.
  10. A goalpost is a predetermined location/goal/result/conclusion which is not moved or altered. Experimental scientists use the scientific method. They start with a hypothesis, which is akin to a question. A hypothesis is not a goalpost. After gathering sufficient relevant evidence, and evaluating that evidence, the scientist will propose (a) tentative explanations and/or (b) tentative predictions, each of which focus on the original hypothesis. Neither the tentative explanations or tentative predictions are goalposts. They are not predetermined locations/goals/results/conclusion
  11. Just not in any way you can demonstrate.
  12. Most provide predictable responses, i.e., statements sourced from their specific religious sect's tradition, which often contain (or are composed of) informal logical fallacies, lack of relevance, infantile rhetoric and general nonsense. Occasionally, a theist's response contains none of these flaws and is a decent attempt to communicate. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), these usually end up in the theological/metaphysical/philosophical realm, and more often than not turn into simple woo woo.
  13. Redefined (a bit): Willful ignorance + intellectual dishonesty + laziness = religious faith
  14. Josh19, What are the reasons and basis for your "continual acceptance"?
  15. Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore. -Albert Einstein
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