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  1. sdelsolray


    From my anecdotal observations it seems that the "being tested" Christian meme is grounded in reactionary teleological thinking. It appears quite presumptuous.
  2. sdelsolray

    Maybe Atheist

    Hi Mandy. I read your story from your link. You write quite well and have excellent (and honest) command of your thoughts. God Virus infection is usually accomplished with childhood indoctrination from trusted adults. It is maintained over time afterwards with additional indoctrination and, quite importantly, from peer pressure from many of those same trusted adults, including family. You have identified, challenged and defeated the indoctrination for the most part. However, you have not solved the peer pressure part, which is often the more difficult part to solve.
  3. sdelsolray


    Often, authors of fiction and mythology leave things out of the narrative. If they didn't, the literature would lengthen appreciably, beyond the patience of the reader.
  4. sdelsolray

    Given your options

    Not surprising at all. No need to waste time going there.
  5. sdelsolray

    Given your options

    I missed this one. It appears that was fortunate.
  6. sdelsolray

    Dear God,

    I'm not sure whether your post is tongue in cheek or not. If it is, ignore what follows. If not, read on. Take ownership and responsibility for your own actions, behaviors and beliefs. Attempting to blame an imaginary sky fairy is infantile. Of course, there may have been other humans in your life that convinced or forced you to act, behave and believe as you did. Still, the ultimate responsibility for your actions, behaviors and beliefs belong to you, and no one else, as are the consequences those actions, behaviors and beliefs have had upon others.
  7. sdelsolray


    William, I agree with many of the other posters and suggest you start discussion(s) in the Lion's Den. Afterwards you may wish to consider the more formal debate subforums here.
  8. sdelsolray

    The holidays and how my parents visit went.

    You exhibit no codependence with your parents, nor are you enabling them. Those are healthy indicators. They are responsible for their lives and you are for yours. Your experience of sadness from the continued disconnect with your parents is also healthy. Perhaps there is not much you can do about the situation, and perhaps that's just the way it is going to be. Fortunately, you have purpose and responsibilities with your own nuclear family, to which you can devote your positive efforts.
  9. Keep up with your work. I suspect many secular mental health practitioners need resources such as those you are publishing.
  10. sdelsolray


    Fair enough. The Bible is literature, albeit a bit disjoined due to the numerous authors, the wide timespan during which the writings were first composed (either from oral traditions, earlier texts or from brand new literary inventions), the subsequent redactions, edits, additions and changes made to the texts, the translations from one language to another and the lack of clarity (i.e., the literal vs. metaphor conundrum). Add to this the significant writings of later humans who attempt to interpret these texts after the fact of their composition. I would suggest you study other literature, some that does not have all of this baggage. I can make two suggestions: 1) The Harry Potter Literature. This body of work is by one author over just two decades. It contains many themes similar to what are contained in the Bible, but the presentation is much clearer and contains no personal threats. I find it quite enjoyable and enlightening. 2) The JRR Tolkien Literature. This is perhaps the most important literature written in the English language. A full reading will take some time (several readings over several years) and would include not only the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, but would include The Silmarillion, the Children of Hurin and perhaps other works. This is very good stuff. More importantly, none of it injects personal judgment, control, hate, bigotry or specialness. Put more bluntly, spend time with literature other than Biblical literature.
  11. sdelsolray


    I will amplify Flordah's earlier recommendation. Seek appropriate mental health treatment from the secular mental health professional(s) of your own choosing. Be patient with that treatment. Do the hard work needed to assist with your awareness of the chemical imbalances(s) in your brain and the treatment of them, whether that treatment involves talk therapy, exercise, medication, diet, mental exercises, exposure of emotional issues, etc. Knowledge is a good thing. The folks on this forum are not equipped to deal with you mental health issues.
  12. sdelsolray


    Pure nonsense.
  13. sdelsolray


    What's up with the yellow text?
  14. Given this additional information, I suggest you distill your choices, weigh the advantages/disadvantages, predict the negative consequences/positive consequences to all concerned (based on either choice) and determine how you can mitigate the predicted undesirable results (again, based on either choice). For example perhaps your male friend can move to the UK (instead of you moving to his country of residence), assist with the finances and live with you in the new house while your mother recovers from her medical condition. That may be a horrible decision, but then again it may contain the chance show your parents that your male friend is a great human being.