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  1. sdelsolray

    Hello all

    I'm not quite sure whether you are being sarcastic or not. Assuming you are not, please speak for yourself and not others. Numerous folks who have abandoned various religions and related dogma lead quite purposeful lives, have a low level of materialism and narcissism and are not A holes.
  2. sdelsolray


    Thank you for addressing my post. In some places, folks have a right to hold their own beliefs and opinions but they do not have a right to impose their beliefs or opinions on others. In other parts of the world, folks are expected to hold certain beliefs and opinions and those that do not are criticized, shunned, punished and, in a few places, murdered. Which part of the world do you live in?
  3. sdelsolray

    Conservative Christian beliefs and mental health

    In some jurisdictions yes, in others no. Regardless, she should insist her therapy sessions exclude her mother. It would be a start towards drawing the boundaries that eventually need to be put in place.
  4. sdelsolray

    Conservative Christian beliefs and mental health

    Insist that your therapy sessions exclude your mother. You are the patient. Your mother is not.
  5. sdelsolray

    My Tongue Is Sore From All The Biting.

    That has a very, very low probability of occurring. I hope, as time passes, fewer and fewer people will embrace, or be indoctrinated into, superstitious, magical and irrational thinking.
  6. sdelsolray

    The Psychology Behind Prayer and Ritual

    RP, you're playing checkers with a pigeon, or, more precisely, you're dealing with a passive-aggressive troll. It's certainly entertaining to watch, until it isn't.
  7. sdelsolray

    "Words of Knowledge" and "Prophetic Words"

    Well, that's certainly adds a complication. They are still delusional, regardless of who they are. As to avoiding them, that can be done, either in part or entirely. You can leave the room when their conversations turn to their brand of religious nonsense and go read a book. You can choose to not speak with them about such subjects. There's much you can do to mitigate things.
  8. sdelsolray

    "Words of Knowledge" and "Prophetic Words"

    The theists you refer to are delusional. Avoid them.
  9. sdelsolray

    The epistles of John.

    Quite easily, particularly the sky fairy mythology and related nonsense. So what? Many actual humans, past and present, have made and make all sorts of claims. I am particularly skeptical of sky fairy claims such as the ones you suggest. More of the same. I am simply not convinced from these sources. Fiction is like that. Your question is directed to yourself. Perhaps you should answer it.
  10. sdelsolray

    This Is How God Works

    A few thoughts: 1) Believing that everything and all events have a purpose is a cognitive bias and thinking error. 2) Such believers usually are unaware of or consciously avoid the differences among and between non sequitur, coincidence, correlation and causation. 3) Such believers are usually experts at making shit up.
  11. sdelsolray

    Saying good bye to christain freinds.

    Perhaps you could spend additional time seeking secular acquaintances and groups of common interest. Friendships take a long time to develop. Be patient.
  12. sdelsolray


    Did you participate in this debate with your sister? If you did, what did you say? If not, why call it a debate?
  13. sdelsolray


    I will repeat my question: Why do you allow your sister to have control over what you choose to believe?
  14. sdelsolray

    Should We Expect a Higher Consciousness

    Rule 9 from the Woo Woo Peddler's Manual: "Do not define the terms you use when peddling woo woo."
  15. sdelsolray


    Why do you allow your sister to have control over what you choose to believe?