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  1. Do not be so open minded that your brain falls out. https://quoteinvestigator.com/2014/04/13/open-mind/
  2. Luth appears unwilling or unable to admit his religious beliefs are based solely on his religious faith. So much for intellectual honesty.
  3. Yes, there are some reviews of the book which are derogatory. There are also many reviews which are quite complementary. I can only suggest you read the book. That way, you can decide for yourself. I suggested the book to you in response to your question: Ehrman's book is scholarly and rather clearly demonstrates how oral traditions are simply not reliable. Have you found other "scholary articles on how oral tradition isnt reliable"? More to the point, why do you continue to look for ways to sabotage your search?
  4. I've had more success with saying, "I do not believe you" instead of saying, "You are wrong".
  5. They aren't lucky...they are selected before they are born....because they are special. Yeah, special.
  6. Much sexual repression exists in many Christian denominations (as well as within many other religions). I am not surprised that some in authority within those groups seek sexual experiences within the group. Unfortunately, many use that authority to seek sexual experiences with children and by doing so seriously violate secular criminal laws. Similarly, such conduct violates tenets of their religion. It's quite puzzling, at least to me. I would hope they would realize the nature and consequences of such secular criminal and religious sinful behavior before they engage in it. But, apparently, many do not.
  7. If the God you speak of does not exist in reality, or more precisely only exists in the minds of believers, the God did and does nothing. It is the human creators of the particular God (and related religious dogma and mythology), along with believers, maintainers, indoctrinators, etc. that are responsible for your angst. I'll leave it to you to decide how much responsibility you should share/allocate to yourself.
  8. A decent, short and sweet response to most mere assertions from Christians is, "I do not believe you". This response is accurate and effective. It states your belief. It sets a boundary by indicating you will not play in the theists' sandbox. It does nothing to address their claims, which avoids debate, enabling and codependency. I could go on. If the Christian continues with more mere assertions, a followup response could be, "I am not interested in your claims". When the occasional angry Christian escalates things to something like, "You will burn in hell for not believing!", you can simply state, "I do not believe you".
  10. I have no precise data, but I suspect BO's posts on ToT accounted for at least one-half of them in quantity and were responsible to 90% of the responses. Not bad for a shallow and irrational little shit. He should put that on his resumé.
  11. ... He was more than banned. All of his tens of thousands of posts were purged, at least from my ability to view. He was never here.
  12. Social media, for the most part, contains current topics, events and issues. Also, social media is rather infected with much noise, i.e., irrelevancies, agendas, fake news, lies, etc. Wading through the nonsense is cumbersome and wastes time. On the other hand, at least for me, there is plenty of quality content to explore, more than I could ever absorb during my lifetime, from other sources, i.e., books, papers, educational videos, etc. As to the OP's original complaint (who is no longer a member), he's a whiner.
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