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  1. Religious indoctrination is quite insidious, particularly in the more virulent Abrahamic sects. Many of them actually meet most of the factors which identify cults.
  2. Well, that would take interpretation, given that the word(s) presented (pun intended) are allegory or metaphor (I'm not sure which, but in either case they are infected with woo woo). Usually, a competition develops between and among those who take up that interpretive challenge. It's often entertaining to observe, although sometimes it's quite boring.
  3. Yes, the shooter is a quite disturbed nutter, with deep emotional, psychological and mental disorders, regardless of his world view(s).
  4. Thanks 1989 for the response. As to my first question, I get it that subforums have been shuffled around and some have been folded into Clubs. However, my question deals with why references to new posts made in many subforums (and also sub-subforums) are not listed anymore on the running list called "Posts" on the right of the main forums page (I think it used to be called "Recent Posts"). For example, no posts from the "Rants and Replies", "General Christian Theological Issues" or "Science vs. Religion", among others, are listed there anymore. Before the recent changes, they were listed there. As to my second question, the effect of the scouring of poster Burnedout seems to make sense. I had him on ignore for many years.
  5. I have noticed several changes to the forum layout and function recently, two of which I have questions about. 1) In the "Posts" list on the right of the forum main page, fewer of the subforums' posts are listed there. Before, posts from ToT subforum and perhaps a couple other subforums were not listed. Now, many more subforum posts are not listed there. Why is this? Is this intentional? 2) The post count and reputation totals for members have all of a sudden decreased (e.g., post count dropping from 4,000 to 3,500 and reputation count dropping from 2,000 to 1,500). Why did this happen? Can they be restored to the earlier totals? Thanks!
  6. “I cordially dislike allegory in all its manifestations, and always have done so since I grew old and wary enough to detect its presence. I much prefer history – true or feigned– with its varied applicability to the thought and experience of readers. I think that many confuse applicability with allegory, but the one resides in the freedom of the reader, and the other in the purposed domination of the author.” -JRR Tolkien, Preface to Fellowship of the Ring
  7. It's more broad than that. Many Christian sects interpret other passages in the Bible to mean that rational thinking, skepticism and curiosity are to be shunned and avoided, and the related religious indoctrination and peer pressure promote that interpretation to their as of yet not infected children and already infected members.
  8. This one is full of nonsense.
  9. For the other members and lurkers, here is a short trip down memory lane with links to four earlier threads on this Forum in which poster Justus participated. 1) “An Appeal For Justus” - from 2014-2015 2) “Just for Baa” - from 2016 3) “Unrepentant Baptist Liar For Jesus - Six Years On And Still Lying” - from 2016 4) “Earth’s Water-Origin” - from 2015 This last thread contains the following post from Justus where he actually explains how water came to be on the Earth: Poster Justus claimed: “While I am intentionally omitting some things, the simple premise is that the water found on earth originated from the primordial atom within the earth.”
  10. I suggest you consider spending time with different subjects...ones that have little, if any, lack of coherence. Such subjects include music, mathematics, hard science, history, etc.
  11. You list many mere assertions from a particular religion. You identify several inconsistencies/contradictions/lack of coherency among those assertions (and from other dogma from the same religion). I like your short list of items, as they are taken from the hundreds and hundreds of similar inconsistencies/contradictions/lack of coherency found in most religious Scriptures. They tend to focus on human behavior and sky fairy(ies) behavior. It seems that the humans have "freedom of choice" and the sky fairy(ies) do not have "freedom of choice". How can the sky fairy(ies) have any fun?
  12. Sorry. I do not understand what you are trying to say. Could you rephrase this sentence?
  13. Your pasted definition includes "a...belief that is accepted as true" as a definition of truth. This would allow any belief to be claimed as a truth. I suspect that those who answer will not necessasrily answer your primary question of, "Can you explain objectively what the "Truth" really is?" Of course, if the capitalize word "Truth" has some additional or different meaning than the lower case word "truth", then all bets are off.
  14. Poster Justus is a coward. He attempts to project an air of mystery and special knowledge (of which only he holds), but then runs away from direct questions with one of two infantile and vacuous tactics: (i) refusing to respond or (ii) responding with more mystery and riddles.