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  1. sdelsolray

    Anyone else hate going to sleep?

    Was being a super strong crazy Christian also an addiction?
  2. sdelsolray

    Anyone else hate going to sleep?

    Have you considered that addiction may be your problem and not religion?
  3. sdelsolray

    Evil and Original Sin

    On Earth, it was humans (or earlier sentient moral agents, now extinct), who were first capable of moral and immoral behavior, were the first to construct the concepts of good and evil and were the first to perform good and evil actions. But that's actual history. The Genesis story is fiction.
  4. sdelsolray

    It's been a year-

    Your report demonstrates significant progress, no doubt due to significant effort.
  5. sdelsolray

    God is a pill

    Christian Apologetics on this narrow subject include (i) God works in mysterious ways, (ii) God only answers prayers of True Christians™, (iii) do not question God's choices and actions, (iv) your are not worthy of God's healing power, (v) you are simply being tested so maintain faith in the Lord, among other ad hoc rationalizations. After 2,000 years, they have compiled quite a list.
  6. sdelsolray

    God is a pill

    I am not a Christian, so I can't help you there. Plausible and reasonable explanations for those who attribute medical healing to one or another supernatural entity or deity include (i) misdirecting, misattribution or misunderstanding the actual causation of the healing, cure or remission, (ii) assumption of an incorrect premise that they have the claimed physical/medical infirmary in the first place, (iii) intentional lying with use of invented facts and claims, (iv) copying and mimicking what others have previously professed, among other mundane explanations. As to your question of why God did not heal you of your schizophrenia and it's brutal effects, again a quite rational and plausible explanation is the particular God is simply an imaginary construct, does not exist in reality and therefore cannot heal the mental disorder. It's really not any more complicated than that.
  7. For those with COPD, perhaps. For those with healthy lungs, I don't think so.
  8. sdelsolray

    How can I answer this Christian?

    Good decision. Little can be gained from attempting to have a rational discourse with someone deeply infected with a god virus, unless you just want to practice your debating skills or provide lurkers with samples of rational thinking.
  9. sdelsolray

    Iron Horse-Michael C.

    Adam and family, Your father was a member here for five years (IIRC). He was steadfast in his religious faith throughout that time. He was civil and showed respect for others. Not surprisingly, he and other members (myself included) would often get into heated discourse, generally about religion and occasionally about philosophy, science or other topics. He would often say, "I don't know all the answers", or something similar. I suspect his time here encouraged him to search for some of those answers. I am saddened by news of his death and trust you and your family will cope with his loss and emerge with strength.
  10. sdelsolray

    Christian's you're free to object

    Well, if particular Christians act like this, change could still occur in their lives, it's just that they attribute the source of the change to their imaginary deity instead of themselves. Change only occurs if the person initiates and follows through with the change themselves. The fact that they misattribute the source of the change is a correct observation. There are often (usually?) prior external influences that help or convince a person to change. Whether that influence is imaginary or reality-based doesn't seem to be an important distinction.
  11. sdelsolray

    Making a solid argument

    You don't necessarily need to make a case to others, including your parents. Perhaps a more accurate conversation could be started with, "I am having trouble reconciling aspects of the religion I have been taught with aspects of reality. I am going to spend a few years studying this, and similar topics, in more detail. I am going to start with learning how to think rationally with intellectual honesty."
  12. sdelsolray

    Old topic, new casualty

    Chasing endorphins can be wonderful and/or harmful. I'm glad you already realize this. Hopefully, you'll get laid this time around.
  13. I wouldn't describe them as rituals, perhaps habits, regular events or enjoyable efforts, but I spend time with non-religious endeavors. This is based on the concept/theory that replacing bad, harmful or destructive behavior, actions or thoughts with good, beneficial or useful behavior, actions or thoughts is the more important thing to do, at least for me.
  14. sdelsolray

    I hate HATE her!!!

    So, the number of times you see this person defines whether you are bothered? Please study the term and subject called codependency.
  15. sdelsolray


    Do you claim to have known this (and still know it)? Is it instead more accurately described as your belief? Some other description? Regardless, your response seems to be entirely emotionally based and not based on rational thought. Have you considered inventorying the quantity/amount/frequency/intensity of the religious indoctrination to which you were exposed as a child (i.e., before your brain fully developed)? Similarly, have you isolated and quantified the amount of religious peer pressure you have been under from family, friends, and the society in which you live? Finally, what was (or remains) the effects of such religious indoctrination and related religious peer pressure upon you?