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  1. This one pretends to be all "sciency" and stuff. How quaint.
  2. Regardless of his religion, this Perkins perp is angry and violent. Perhaps he will get the help he needs and will overcome his psychological and emotional problems. Perhaps not.
  3. That is an incorrect statement. Let me correct it for you: "You think some people are little shits."
  4. That was former poster BrotherMario who raised the 2ndLT. He claimed in a thread that life could not arise or evolve with 2ndLT unless his sky fairy did some sort of magic.
  5. The various thoughts debriefing poster BrotherMario are interesting. I'll add mine: Poster BrotherMario is a little shit.
  6. Gee, putting a poster on ignore is really simple. I know because I just did it. Simply place your mouse pointer over the name of the poster (upper left of one of their posts). A mini-window opens with the option "Ignore User" and click on it. In the next full window, select what content you want to ignore (one or all of the four little checkboxes). Easy Peasy, and in many cases quite healthy.
  7. Yeah, his MO is rather infantile, shallow and quite boring. Now, he's begun to repeat his thin repertoire, adding to the boredom. That being said, his limited adventure into science is somewhat entertaining, at least insofar as his bleating of willful ignorance can be so.
  8. This "advanced philosophical principle" is poorly disguised theology, not philosophy. It contains feigned certainty. It requires subjective input. It is simly a mere assertion. I suspect this is one of BrotherMario's inventions. He appears confused.
  9. Perhaps you could list a few of their "points". I suspect we can help you with understanding them and rebuking them.
  10. Some suggested thread titles for our shy friend: I Went to College and Have Two Degrees So I am Always Right None of You are as Enlightened as Me The Second Law of Thermodynamics Makes it Impossible for Life to Exist without my Sky Faeries
  11. If becoming rich within a year can be a miracle, can becoming poor within a year also be a miracle? What natural laws would be violated or suspended when someone goes from poor to rich in a year?
  12. "Christian Miracles" are special, at least according to some Christians.
  13. Ask questions. Request evidence. Build a detailed chronology of the time before, during and after claimed event. Determine which natural laws would be suspended/violated if the miracle conclusion was assumed. Consider alternative explanations for the data. Use a lie detector test on the claimant.
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