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  1. Parsing the passage "faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen" indicates that faith itself is two things. First, it is "the substance of things hoped for", i.e., wishful thinking. Second, that wishful thinking is the "evidence of things not seen".
  2. You are not "discussing". You are preaching. Learn the difference.
  3. It looks like I spoke too soon. Poster Masihi is now proselytizing with a plethora of mere assertions and rejecting responsive posts. So much for poster Masihi's request: It's evident he doesn't.
  4. This "Authentic Christian Believer" has been fairly straightforward in his beliefs and theological opinions, mature in his presentation and has demonstrated patience and intelligence. Nevertheless, many regular Ex-C posters have treated him no differently than the disingenuous, willfully ignorant and ego-driven little shit Christians who often post here. Why?
  5. I don't remember whether it was Ehrman or Carrier who made the suggestion that the New Testament should be read in the order of the individual books' dates of writing and not in the order presented in the Bible itself. The former is chronological. The later is not.
  6. OC has a long history here. Two of his tenets/morals are (i) rational discourse rules do not apply to me and (ii) do as I say and not as I do.
  7. This forum has a long history of folks signing in as new members, making a statement or two, stating they are glad to be here and then disappearing.
  8. Fact checking is a great tool.
  9. A quite plausible and sanguine explanation is that gods, religious dogma, and all related items are simply human constructs, invented by certain humans, written or spoken about by other humans and maintained by humans. These theistic memes exist solely in the individual human brain and are amassed within various humans societies. Of course, not all humans are involved with this.
  10. Well, LuthAMF doesn't know either. He just pretended.
  11. Study hard, read real historians and avoid the lying and cheating Christian apologetic websites. Easy as can be.
  12. Yes, Poster LuthAMF, besides being a narcissistic and disingenuous little shit, it also a troll, at least on this forum. I choose to treat him exclusively in the third person and ignore most of what he bleats. He remains ever so slightly entertaining, but that quality is slowly disappearing. Putting him on forum ignore (where his posts are hidden) is likely in the near future, at least for me. Other posters choose to engage him, which is of course their choice, and that often generates some amusement, although that seems to be a lot of work. I suspect the lurkers have already figured out that poster LuthAMF is not worth any time and can be ignored.
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