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  1. According to Bart Ehrman, among other Biblical scholars, 2 Timothy is forged (in Ehrman's meaning of the term "forged"), not written by Paul but someone else, most likely a follower of earlier writings attributed to Paul.
  2. sdelsolray

    My Long-Awaited Introduction

    I recently saw this quote: “Being taught about only one religion equals indoctrination. Being taught about multiple religions equals inoculation.” -Jeremy Beahan
  3. sdelsolray

    The Politcs of Christianity

    I can't remember the source (it was Ehrman, Carrier, or someone else) but the 'no man knows the time' is plausibly an interpolation added to Matthew at a later time to address the 'this generation shall not pass' problem because all who lived at the time of Jesus had died.
  4. sdelsolray

    Hello :)

    I am still unclear what you mean by "truth". I renew my earlier request for you to provide your definition/explanation of the term which should make communicating easier and more precise. It seems that you are searching/desiring things that are satisfying to you, and you indicate certain truths (e.g., scientific facts) provide you with no satisfaction. Do you believe that other "truths", whatever those may be, will give you satisfaction should you obtain them? Finding and maintaining happiness, purpose and/or meaning in life is a worthy pursuit. Most humans have this goal.
  5. sdelsolray


    Yes, welcome. You seem to be experiencing some skepticism, doubts and (perhaps) cognitive dissonance about your religious beliefs, or about the religious tenets and traditions you are asked or commanded to believe. You could probably use a toolkit to help with your exploration and discovery and a process to efficiently move forward. If you are interested in exploring this further, please let us know.
  6. sdelsolray

    Hello :)

    No, Sparky, it was an error, which has since been corrected. Try that sometime. Just once.
  7. sdelsolray

    Hello :)

    Yes it does. Thank you for the correction.
  8. sdelsolray

    Hello :)

    Thanks for the clarification. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "truth", either your truth, my truth or someone else's truth. In your initial post, you stated, "The truth is not just 'out there'. It's IN YOU!" I can certainly agree with this in part, although, I must disagree with it in part. For example, the "truth" that water boils at 100 degrees F at standard temperature and pressure is true regardless of whether I am alive, dead or have never existed. Thus, this truth in not necessarily "IN ME". It was true before I was born and will be true after I die. It exists outside of me, and you as well. Perhaps you could provide your definition of the term "truth". Maybe we can reach agreement on what that term means, if only for purposes of this discussion. Perhaps not. In any event, I think this would be the best first rational step to take before proceeding further.
  9. sdelsolray

    I Just Realized That I Don't Want to Be a Christian...

    You raise many personal issues all of which will be best initially addressed in cooperation with a competent secular mental health professional. Good luck. Work hard on your health. Be patient. Healing will take some time.
  10. Good for you. Christian Ringwraiths abound. Avoid them. Spend your time with wholesome and honest pursuits, explorations and journeys. There are numerous ones available, none of which will cause any harm. Making the transition is easier than you think.
  11. sdelsolray

    Old Christian books

    Gosh, there are so, so many books that have nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity, or any other religion. Many of them, certainly more than I could read in a lifetime at five hours per day, are simply wonderful works of literature, poetry, non-fiction, etc. With all of that available, why should anyone want to spend much time at all with books focused o0n the Christian religion?
  12. sdelsolray

    Tolerance vs intolerance - where is the middle ground?

    Well, until that transition is implemented making the ToT subforum password protected would be a good interim step.
  13. sdelsolray

    Tolerance vs intolerance - where is the middle ground?

    Making the ToT subforum password protected would be a good interim step. The "Sex and Christianity" subforum already requires a password for access, so the forum software is capable of doing the same for the ToT subforum. (As a side question, query why the Sex and Christianity is password protected and the ToT subforum is not password protected). In addition, the "Recent Posts" list on the right side of the main screen does not list recent posts from ToT (or from the Sex and Christianity subforum). This should continue. It will remain easy for those that wish to participate in the ToT subforum to do so. The issues between or among those participants, including participating moderaters, can be isolated and addressed there because most of those issues only involve the ToT subforum.
  14. sdelsolray

    Trying to understand

    Most folks I know who prefer rational and logical based analysis of reality do not pretend to "know everything" or claim scientific theories, predictions or laws are "truth". I predict you are injecting personal and convenient hyperbole into the discussion in an attempt to double down on previous claims you have made in this thread. Note how the prior sentence is not a truth claim, just a probability result, i.e., to me, based on what I have read, it is more probable than not that the first sentence in this paragraph is correct. Here's an example of how rational thinking works, using the biological theory of evolution: The Biological Theory of Evolution is the best explanation of all relevant empirical evidence. Like any proper scientific theory, it is subject to falsification, in whole or in part, based on the introduction of new relevant empirical evidence and the accompanying analysis of that new evidence along with the prior evidence. Utilizing Bayesian Probability Theory, the likelihood that the explanations and predictions the Biological Theory of Evolution can change. That being said, many folks will claim gnostic truth for scientific conclusions, regardless of what such claim is based upon. They, in turn, are being hyperbolic. On another topic, you seem to have been relying significantly on false equivalence in your recent posts. I suggest you study that fallacy and learn how to avoid using it.
  15. sdelsolray

    The Politcs of Christianity

    Feel free to interface with these Evangelical Christians you identify to work towards a better understanding (by them) of the contradictions between their professed religious tenets and their political beliefs and actions. It's not very different from the dissonance between their professed religious tenets and their understanding of science and many other things (e.g., the Enlightenment, freedom of speech and ideas, empathy, justice, equal rights, etc.). I suspect your time could be better spent. Evangelical Christians make up about 25% of the American population and are mostly located in the Southeastern United States. Their political power is evident, at least for the time being. Their actual voting power is quite limited. Another strategy is to encourage non-Evangelicals, i.e., non-Christians and non-Evangelical Christians, who make up 75% of the American population simply to get out and vote this November, in November 2020 and in any special elections in the interim. This group tends to be more rational, pragmatic and less dysfunctional.