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  1. You seem to be projecting your own imagination upon your own imagined inventions.
  2. Then what would you call yourself, if not a selective anti theist? No, I did not watch the video. Should I have?
  3. So...you are an anti theist, except when you're not.
  4. Are some, or perhaps all, of the members of these "destructive cults" theists?
  5. Each also uses the word "gnosis" in each term, claiming knowledge. Cute.
  6. I can agree that you believe you are "just as rational as" others.
  7. I see cognitive dissonance ("CD") as a healthy tool to consciously weigh conflicting data/information. Ignoring CD, or the inability to use it, indicates a mental health deficiency.
  8. Poster Thumbelina has been asked that question often in the past, perhaps a dozen times. She has failed to answer it. Remember, Thumbelina is special, at least according to Thumbelina.
  9. An observation, resulting construct and subsequent behavior, all relating to time, does not fit any definition of "religion".
  10. Christian mythology has numerous shortcomings and flaws. You have identified one.
  11. There is some conflating of mitochondrial DNA with germ cell DNA in this thread. I suggest folks take the time to learn the difference.
  12. A hyperbolic presumption (first sentence) with a side salad of false dichotomy (first and second sentence) followed by a desert of possible projection (last sentence).
  13. You are mistaken, in large part. Study hard.
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