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  1. Proposal: Thur's Law

    User > Account Settings > Other Settings > Ignored Users > Add new user to ignore list Works for me.
  2. any advice for a young agnostic still living with their christian parents?

    Are you currently meeting with secular mental health professional(s) of your choice?
  3. BAA

    I am saddened by the news of Mark's (BAA's) death. I'm finding my thoughts and emotions are focused towards a celebration of his character and composition. Mark was an excellent blend of intelligence, knowledge, skepticism, curiosity, determination and compassionate cleverness, among other worthy traits. His participation in this forum was honest and caring and always focused on the purpose of this website. Mark was a stellar human being. He will be missed.
  4. Is This Possible?

    Perhaps he was lying about being a graduate of a Bible College.
  5. BAA

    BAA has mentioned many times his adventures at some theist forums, where he posts. Perhaps he could be looked up at one of those sites to see if he's posted there recently.
  6. Spiritual Conflict - Infertility changed me...

    That's their problem if they think that way. You don't need to take ownership of their problem, enable that behavior or be codependent upon the behavior.
  7. Spiritual Conflict - Infertility changed me...

    You may be reading more into the situation than what actually exists. A possible response you could make to the pastor: "I'm glad I inspired you to prepare your course. I hope it will be beneficial for those who attend".
  8. Spiritual Conflict - Infertility changed me...

    What about the peer pressure? That seems to be a more difficult issue than just spending time going to church and praying, particularly if internally you value reality more than make-believe.
  9. Spiritual Conflict - Infertility changed me...

    I strongly suspect the reason(s) for your infertility is biological and has nothing whatsoever to do with your personal beliefs, whether they be religious, agnostic or something else. I suggest you should emotionally and intellectually decouple your infertility from all the things you have attached it to, except the actual evidence and science surrounding it. Make life simple. As to your concern of how certain theists will react if you choose to reveal your true beliefs (i.e., non-religious) to them, the related religion-based peer pressure and rejection you fear or perceive, and the consequences of all that, I don't know what to say. You need to weigh the internal moral consequences to yourself of lying or being truthful. Those are more important, at least to some folks. Fortunately, you have a husband who is on the same page as you. Stand together.
  10. I thought there has been a consensus among the relevant astrophysicists, for quite some time, that the heaviest elements were not formed in supernovas, but in stellar events larger than supernovas and in neutron star mergers.
  11. Richard Carrier's book, Proving History: Bayes's Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus (2012), is a good (although somewhat tedious) read on how and why Carrier concludes the existence of a historical Jesus is a matter of probability. Here's the Google writeup on the book:
  12. Good summary. Because of the frequency and depth of his writings, Ehrman has much to say.
  13. Blasphemous rumors

    Your passive-aggresive personality disorder is well indicated, and, not surprisingly, you relish in it. As an alternative, try communicating. Although simple communication can be difficult, learning how to do it and wanting to do it should help you.
  14. Blasphemous rumors

    Speak for yourself. How convenient. Do "we" now? Perhaps you could grace us with your definition. Yes, just one, not two, or three, or seven hundred. That "one" would be you, and no other.
  15. What Happens When White Folks Leave? (Detroit)

    Usually correlation. Demonstrating specific causation requires more, much more, than "patterns".