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  1. I don't remember whether it was Ehrman or Carrier who made the suggestion that the New Testament should be read in the order of the individual books' dates of writing and not in the order presented in the Bible itself. The former is chronological. The later is not.
  2. OC has a long history here. Two of his tenets/morals are (i) rational discourse rules do not apply to me and (ii) do as I say and not as I do.
  3. This forum has a long history of folks signing in as new members, making a statement or two, stating they are glad to be here and then disappearing.
  4. Fact checking is a great tool.
  5. A quite plausible and sanguine explanation is that gods, religious dogma, and all related items are simply human constructs, invented by certain humans, written or spoken about by other humans and maintained by humans. These theistic memes exist solely in the individual human brain and are amassed within various humans societies. Of course, not all humans are involved with this.
  6. Well, LuthAMF doesn't know either. He just pretended.
  7. Study hard, read real historians and avoid the lying and cheating Christian apologetic websites. Easy as can be.
  8. Yes, Poster LuthAMF, besides being a narcissistic and disingenuous little shit, it also a troll, at least on this forum. I choose to treat him exclusively in the third person and ignore most of what he bleats. He remains ever so slightly entertaining, but that quality is slowly disappearing. Putting him on forum ignore (where his posts are hidden) is likely in the near future, at least for me. Other posters choose to engage him, which is of course their choice, and that often generates some amusement, although that seems to be a lot of work. I suspect the lurkers have already figured out that poster LuthAMF is not worth any time and can be ignored.
  9. Hey, tell us the part about how I and (the others) get punished, annihilated or otherwise short-shrifted if I and (the others) don't believe as you do. That part is funny. And, as a bonus, after you tell us all about that, you can then go away, having completed your mission.
  10. Poster LuthAMF is an empty suit, a narcissist, a little shit, a TULIP wannabe and is quite disingenuous, for starters. He has been this way since May 2019 when he first arrived on this forum. He isn't worth the time, except perhaps to help him make an ass out of himself in public for all to see.
  11. Poster LuthAMF is a plagiarizer. I now add “disingenuous” to Poster LuthAMF’s list of character attributes of which I have observed. Poster LuthAMF’s following post (in another thread on this site) contains copy and pasted text. Poster LuthAMF has plagiarized this text and has failed to provide original sources or attribution. https://www.ex-christian.net/topic/82275-luthamf-verses-joshpantera-informal-debate/?do=findComment&comment=1212618 Original Sources: https://www.monergism.com/thethreshold/articles/onsite/turretinscripture.html http://servantsofgrace.org/francis-turretin-21-questions-on-the-doctrine-of-scripture/ https://thechristianmindng.org/2012/11/04/scripture/ There are several other unattributed sources.
  12. According to the theory, something did exist "before" - a singularity, and time and space emerged.
  13. For something to come from nothing, would such an event require time to exist for it to occur? If so, there could never be nothing. If not, how do we account for the change?
  14. This one doesn't get it, and it is likely he never will. His brain's frontal cortex has atrophied to such a degree that neuroplasticity is of limited usefulness.
  15. Being lazy will not answer your questions. Usually, it takes hard, honest and focused work to move forward.
  16. You exhibit strong confirmation and expectation biases, at least about this topic. You presuppose the stories are true. Why? Fictional writing often contains locations which actually exist. This is not evidence of the accuracy of the story. Copies of "letters" attributed to Paul exist. Most Biblical scholars consider many of them forgeries. Again, whether the content of the letters is non-fiction simply does not depend on whether they exist or not and simply does not depend on who wrote them. The stories say what they say. You assume (without relevant evidence) that Christianity spread due to the truth of the content of the stories. It may have spread, at least in part, due the writings attributable to Paul. But once again, that does not demonstrate whether the stories contained in the writings are true.
  17. Do you have any hobbies in addition to your stated interests of "reading, philosophy, foreign languages"?
  18. Hovind's "answer" was not an answer at all. It was simply a collection of (i) mere assertions, (ii) the disingenuous parlor trick of defining his god into existence, (iii) a series of unsupported Gish Gallops/strawman fallacies, all of which are PRATTs and (iv) a convenient, tortured and resulting ad hoc interpretation of Genesis 1:1. His statements were quite irrational, at least to rational thinkers. I suggest you consider arming yourself with Carl Sagan's "Bologna Detection Kit".
  19. I pegged poster LuthAMF as a narcissistic little shit in a post in this thread on May 30, 2019, identified him as a TULIP wannabe (i.e., Calvinist) on June 5, 2019, and commented in the few subsequent posts about his disingenuousness, projection and other things. His posts have certainly served as an example to members and lurkers alike of how presuppositional religious beliefs can foster serious emotional, psychological and mental dysfunctions. I think that lesson has been well demonstrated. And let's not forget Josh's mature and rational attempt to engage poster LuthAMF in the parallel "informal debate" thread, from which we were given only more of poster LuthAMF's hubris, discordance and bleating. Allowing him to continue to expose his empty suit, with attendant vacuous vitriol, focused hate and irrational nonsense is not going to help members or lurkers any further, and is only going to foster a deepening of his unfortunate malady. For his own good, he should simply go away. Yes, ban him.
  20. I have concluded this one is a nutter. Pure delusion, at least on this topic, although I suspect her disorder is present with other subjects as well.
  21. I believe I can see why you are unhappy, at least in part.
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