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  1. A hyperbolic presumption (first sentence) with a side salad of false dichotomy (first and second sentence) followed by a desert of possible projection (last sentence).
  2. You are mistaken, in large part. Study hard.
  3. This one is not worth the time, folks. I suspect even the lurkers are bored and have moved on.
  4. Note how poster SilentVoice extends his willful ignorance from abiogenesis to biological evolution.
  5. Poster SilentVoice displays his willful ignorance.
  6. To which I often respond, "How convenient".
  7. Ask your friend to list the books and papers she has read written by the scientists that actually deal with the science of abiogenesis. Assuming she has read none (which will likely be her answer), you may wish to suggest she listen to the Audible audiobook (actually a lecture series) entitled The Great Courses - Origins of Life written and narrated by Robert M. Hazen, one of the premier experts in the field. It's a excellent and accessible introductory survey of abiogenesis questions, experiments, research, etc., designed for college level students.
  8. I suspect there are many women who hold old fashioned values, would enjoy living on a farm and who are not religious.
  9. A simple google search may open the door to your mind: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3770908/ https://kids.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/frym.2016.00003
  10. Here is yet another End3 thread going nowhere.
  11. Modified to: Understanding physical/chemical mechanisms (theories/explanations/predictions, all subject to falsifiability) -> natural/physical (is this redundant?) -> behaviors -> explanations and predictions of and concerning cultural consensus. I don't "know" this, and neither do you. That being said, the evidentiary history strongly suggests many things can be explained and predicted, with a fairly high degree of probability (subject, of course to modification or outright falsifiability) by first understanding physical/chemical/biological mechanisms. You seem to expect the human species, collectively, should have all the answers now. It doesn't, although many work quite hard to understand more as time passes.
  12. Yes, Christian apologetics focused on self- importance, convenience and irresponsibility are particularly smarmy.
  13. Thanks for giving us your update, RealityCheck. I must not have been paying attention, but I did not realize you were experiencing such personal trauma, aggravation and despair. Good news that you have solved and/or mitigated those issues. Keep in touch with this forum. There is no reason to quit it.
  14. Please spend the time to write complete and coherent sentences, as that would be quite helpful for any discussion. Put more simply, the above sentence simply sucks.
  15. Emotion can effect the maintenance of belief, but not necessarily. Some folks' emotions will be involved to one extent or another. For other folks, not so much.
  16. An interesting interpretation of the myth, considering how vacuous the myth is in the first place.
  17. Sit back, relax and enjoy the conversations you have here.
  18. Many claim their God is not definable, not knowable, etc., yet in the very next breath make claim after claim of how they "define" and "know" their particular sky fairy, or set of sky fairies. Of course, they also claim they have a special access, a privileged observing position, etc. They're full of themselves, and full of shit.
  19. Good. Do you believe you need therapy for a minor event that occurred three years ago? I don't know. Often, there are many different ways to deal with a situation such as you described and many of those possible ways are just fine. One is not necessarily better than another, just different.
  20. You did nothing legally or morally wrong, although some others may have considered your insistence to mind this girl a bit out of line. It was three years ago. Perhaps it is time to move on from all that.
  21. Christianity, as well as many other religions, has always been composed of numerous sects, often competing with each other and often developing dogma and beliefs which reject or ignore earlier dogma and beliefs. Humans invented and control the dogma and beliefs, as well as the changes in them over time. As much as Jesus hypothetically would have rejected certain dogma and beliefs of some modern Christian sects, those same modern Christian sects demonstrate they reject the mythological dogma and beliefs of Jesus.
  22. Childhood religious indoctrination by trusted adults is the primary source of a God Virus™ infection.
  23. Talking with a secular mental health professional is a good idea. Be patient. It can take time to find the right therapist and then further time to address the issues. Fortunately, you seem to have high levels of introspective and honest intellect, which will serve you well. Your emotional and psychological health, however, appears damaged. Work on those parts.
  24. A rather plausible explanation is the God you reference does not exist.
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