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  1. Humans belong to a social species. Folks with common interests often find each other and form groups involving those interests. Some are loose and informal, some are strict and formal and many fall inbetween. Organized religion is an example of this phenomena.
  2. Do you have a plan on how to move on from this? If you do, how are you doing with it? If you don't have one yet, I would suggest you ask your therapist about how you might develop, implement and perform such a plan.
  3. I gave that example to demonstrate a phenomena that most of us experience. Our brains spend considerable energy filtering out numerous sensory inputs. The example shows how that filtering process can change.
  4. My wife an I purchased a newer car for her a few years ago, a Mercedes E350 (nice car BTW). After the purchase both of us began to notice many other Mercedes E350, E320, etc. on the road. Why is that not a coincidence?
  5. I upgrade this one to narcissistic little shit, with a side salad of the other three DSM IV Cluster B personality disorders. I relegate him to third person references only. Putting him on ignore is a strong personal desire. Boring narcissistic little shits, particularly those who profess special knowledge via Christianity, are, well, quite boring, plus they're little shits. However, in homage to BAA, and others, it is important for those lurkers who visit this site to see real evidence of a truly disdainful, selfish and nutter Christian.
  6. How about this: Get to the part about how you have special access to knowledge, through authority, Scripture and/or revelation. That would be funny, as well as expected. That way, you wouldn't have to waste time pretending to be something other than you really are. Bonus question: According to Genesis, how could there be water (H2O) at the beginning of creation when the stars which form all oxygen were not created until the fourth day? Use only the Bible to support your response. Or use science. Your choice. Don't claim magic. That's boring.
  7. Human literacy was quite low worldwide until some time after the invention of the printing press in the 15th Century. Concerning ancient Israel, scholarly papers estimate literacy between 3% and 20%, the difference largely attributable to how literacy is defined. The current literacy rate (defined as reading and writing at 8th grade level or above) in the USA is 86%. The USA ranks 125th among countries in literacy. https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-highest-literacy-rates-in-the-world.html Your stated "Interests" (to the left of each of your posts) include research, fact checking. I suggest you practice your interests.
  8. Not only is he passive-aggressive, he seems to need to control others and wants attention. Boring combination.
  9. This one is full of himself, folks. Empty suit, Mr. Mere Assertion, all claims and no evidence or supporting arguments. He's not very entertaining, at least not yet. I would hope he would try to support his mere assertions. That way he would likely start using more logical fallacies. So far he's only used some flavors of the tu quoque, the "hey look over there" and, of course, the ad hominem, which seems to be his favorite.
  10. All who experience NDEs are never dead, nor do they die. They remain alive throughout the experience and afterwards. Medical definitions and tests for death have changed quite a bit in the past few decades.
  11. This one is angry.
  12. What does lack of oxygen (or higher levels of carbon dioxide) in the brain cause, according to your research? What phenomena in NDEs are demonstrated not to be caused by lack of oxygen (or by higher levels of carbon dioxide), according to your research?
  13. Has your research into whether NDEs are "satanic deceptions" included any scientific research about how the human brain functions and behaves when it lacks oxygen?
  14. A mathematical formula is not capable, by itself, of creating a scientific theory. Yes, thinking outside of the box can be quite valuable, except when it isn't.
  15. What is your null hypothesis for this clinical trial (of one) you are conducting yourself? Does your doctor know you ceased taking your medication?
  16. The existence of a multiverse is not a scientific theory. It is speculation from some physicists.
  17. Here's a second new member with a post but his post count is "0".
  18. Keep in mind that your nervous system contains many features and abilities, one of which is the ability of feel grief, loss, sadness, among other similar emotions. I submit that there is nothing wrong with allowing your body to create them, for you to experience them and for you to process them over time. As to other family members' need to cast events and feelings in a religious context, that is their requirement. Let them have their space to process their emotions.
  19. If "choosing belief" (or using cognitive biases or informal logical fallacies to facilitate belief) require a conscious decision, then yes. If behavioral decisions can be made without being necessarily conscious of those decisions, then no. The evidence shows humans often make unconscious decisions in their daily lives. Put another way, folks do not have to know what confirmation bias is in order to use it. And to pick up on a point @disillusioned made, use of and reliance upon various helpful/healthy tools such as (i) education, (ii) rational thinking and (iii) curiosity and intellectual honesty can all impact belief, again indirectly.
  20. I think beliefs can be chosen (or more often - maintained), at least indirectly. Use of and reliance upon various detrimental tools such as (i) cognitive biases (e.g., confirmation, expectation, bandwagon and courtesy biases (among many others)), (ii) informal logical fallacies (another long list) and (iii) general intellectual laziness, lack of curiosity and intellectual dishonesty can all impact belief. Since those behaviors are chosen, the resulting formation of a new belief or maintenance of a perviously held belief based on them arguably makes the belief itself a chosen belief.
  21. There are many ways to chase endorphins.
  22. I deconverted decades ago. I never gave much when I was younger, mostly because I didn't have much income. Now, I give more, both in amount/in-kind and in percentage, mostly because I have the income to do that and I like how it feels.
  23. Yes, Michael and Leo are two great composer/players.
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