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  1. For something to come from nothing, would such an event require time to exist for it to occur? If so, there could never be nothing. If not, how do we account for the change?
  2. This one doesn't get it, and it is likely he never will. His brain's frontal cortex has atrophied to such a degree that neuroplasticity is of limited usefulness.
  3. Being lazy will not answer your questions. Usually, it takes hard, honest and focused work to move forward.
  4. You exhibit strong confirmation and expectation biases, at least about this topic. You presuppose the stories are true. Why? Fictional writing often contains locations which actually exist. This is not evidence of the accuracy of the story. Copies of "letters" attributed to Paul exist. Most Biblical scholars consider many of them forgeries. Again, whether the content of the letters is non-fiction simply does not depend on whether they exist or not and simply does not depend on who wrote them. The stories say what they say. You assume (without relevant evidence) that Christianity spread due to the truth of the content of the stories. It may have spread, at least in part, due the writings attributable to Paul. But once again, that does not demonstrate whether the stories contained in the writings are true.
  5. Do you have any hobbies in addition to your stated interests of "reading, philosophy, foreign languages"?
  6. Hovind's "answer" was not an answer at all. It was simply a collection of (i) mere assertions, (ii) the disingenuous parlor trick of defining his god into existence, (iii) a series of unsupported Gish Gallops/strawman fallacies, all of which are PRATTs and (iv) a convenient, tortured and resulting ad hoc interpretation of Genesis 1:1. His statements were quite irrational, at least to rational thinkers. I suggest you consider arming yourself with Carl Sagan's "Bologna Detection Kit".
  7. I pegged poster LuthAMF as a narcissistic little shit in a post in this thread on May 30, 2019, identified him as a TULIP wannabe (i.e., Calvinist) on June 5, 2019, and commented in the few subsequent posts about his disingenuousness, projection and other things. His posts have certainly served as an example to members and lurkers alike of how presuppositional religious beliefs can foster serious emotional, psychological and mental dysfunctions. I think that lesson has been well demonstrated. And let's not forget Josh's mature and rational attempt to engage poster LuthAMF in the parallel "informal debate" thread, from which we were given only more of poster LuthAMF's hubris, discordance and bleating. Allowing him to continue to expose his empty suit, with attendant vacuous vitriol, focused hate and irrational nonsense is not going to help members or lurkers any further, and is only going to foster a deepening of his unfortunate malady. For his own good, he should simply go away. Yes, ban him.
  8. I have concluded this one is a nutter. Pure delusion, at least on this topic, although I suspect her disorder is present with other subjects as well.
  9. I believe I can see why you are unhappy, at least in part.
  10. This proselytizer needs to learn to speak for herself, and not for others. On another point, her incessant mere assertions are shallow and dogmatic, and thus boring.
  11. As several previous posters have mentioned, there is a third choice. Be yourself, maintain integrity and wholesome ethics, express empathetically when appropriate and generally be nice. Perhaps your family members will notice your mature behavior, perhaps not. You can set boundaries with them concerning religious topics. I'm not sure how you would do that precisely, but here are some sample exchanges that might help: Family member: Your apostasy is embarrassing to our family. You: I'm sorry you feel that way. Family member: You will burn in hell unless you get back in the fold. You: I do not believe that claim. Family member: You have caused me and other family members great pain and harm because of your rejection of Jesus Christ. You: I love all of you and I deeply appreciate the care and love you have given me. Thank you. Still, I will not be codependent with you concerning this. Family member: You have let the Devil into your life! You: I realize you believe this. I do not. Family member: Unless your straighten out and get right with God, we will kick you out of the family. You: I would consider that an immoral act. Etc.
  12. "[A] rather virulent strain of the God Virus™" includes tin-hat nutters, although, like you, I was trying to first see what other new entertainment this new chew toy may provide.
  13. This one is scientifically illiterate, and deeply infected with a rather virulent strain of the God Virus™.
  14. Many atheists and Christians alike, as well many who belong to other theistic religions, have not read the Bible, at least not completely. The evidence reveals many people tend to form beliefs around what they are taught. In addition, some folks develop certain cognitive skills as they reach adulthood, including rational/critical thinking, evidence-based analysis, skepticism, curiosity, etc. Many do not develop these cognitive skills very well at all. The evidence indictates Abrahamic religious indoctrination stifles development of these cognitive skills, often severely. Many Biblical claims are well known even to those who have not read the Bible. Many of these claims defy the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. For nearly two millennia, believers have put forth apologetics in an attempt to defend these superstitious and magical claims, by using logical fallacies, misrepresentations and outright lies. Your question contains two unsupported premises, rending it a loaded question. In any event, the Bible contains stories concerning the Abrahamic God's behavior and statements. Richard Dawkins sums up the conduct of this particular God in the OT as follows: "The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all of fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infancidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously manevolent bully." Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, Chapter 2. Stories in the OT actually support Dawkin's statement. Yes, and I already conclude mine is a quite different understanding than yours. I strongly suspect the religious indoctrination you were infused with, as well as the related and ongoing peer pressure to maintain that indoctrination, has caused you to believe you "know" you are correct and anyone who disagrees with your religious beliefs is wrong.
  15. Folks, notice the rage and anger poster LuthAMF now exhibits. I suspect it is simply due to me calling him out as an empty suit and by concluding (once again) that he is a little shit. And his attempts at projection and dismissal are amusing. Most telling, however, is his statement, "You haven't a clue either". Any rational thinker would consider this an admission that poster LuthAMF doesn't have a clue himself. That explains much, as is quite funny.
  16. Notice how poster LuthAMF demands those who he perceives as disagreeing with him to guess at what his "sound Christian doctrine" is precisely, state it and then refute it. Normal rational discourse requests that LuthAMF state what his "sound Christian doctrine" actually is, to him at least, and then support it. In 237 posts on this forum he has utterly failed to do so, despite repeated requests. Once again, this one is an empty suit...full of himself, and full of shit. I could go on, but he is not worth the time.
  17. Be patient. I could easily take several more years for you to mostly separate from your parents' influences and control. Plan the work and work the plan. Study hard at school. Learn to earn your own way to become financially independent. Strive for the moral and intellectual high ground when dealing with your parents. I won't suggest whether you should lie to them or be truthful with them, as that is your decision and your burden to deal with the consequences (which there will be, regardless of which path you choose). As to the boyfriend, again I won't suggest how you should proceed. Keep in mind, however, that hormones can greatly influence behavior. Over time you will extricate yourself from the emotional and intellectual abuse you have been suffering, as will your sibling, with your support.
  18. There are many possible external factors as you have identified. Internal influences include intellectual laziness or dishonesty, ego and lack of curiosity.
  19. Do not be so open minded that your brain falls out. https://quoteinvestigator.com/2014/04/13/open-mind/
  20. Luth appears unwilling or unable to admit his religious beliefs are based solely on his religious faith. So much for intellectual honesty.
  21. Christianity does not recognize democracy.
  22. Yes, there are some reviews of the book which are derogatory. There are also many reviews which are quite complementary. I can only suggest you read the book. That way, you can decide for yourself. I suggested the book to you in response to your question: Ehrman's book is scholarly and rather clearly demonstrates how oral traditions are simply not reliable. Have you found other "scholary articles on how oral tradition isnt reliable"? More to the point, why do you continue to look for ways to sabotage your search?
  23. I've had more success with saying, "I do not believe you" instead of saying, "You are wrong".
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