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  1. Actually, faith is evidence of things unseen, at least according to the Bible.
  2. Patience. Enjoy the intellectual journey, you should find it quite rewarding. As to the emotional and psychological journey, take the high road. Remain consistent. Demonstrate compassion, understanding and empathy to those around you that express fear, anger and other unhealthy emotions or reactions. Set reasonable boundaries. Enforce them. Good luck!
  3. Clinical depression is a medical condition and often responds to medical treatment. Perhaps seeking appropriate medical treatment will help you.
  4. Welcome. I'll be brief and blunt. You were mentally, emotionally and psychologically abused as a child by the adults around you. You have begun the journey of healing and repair. Be kind to yourself and forgive or learn to forget those that abused you.
  5. Why take ownership of your father's emotional dysfunction? He implies that morals only come from his religion. That is a lie. It is bullshit. He uses it in an attempt to continue control over you. I'll ask another question - at 25 years of age, why do you remain codependent with your father?
  6. Just a suggestion: Instead of saying you "believe" in the biological theory of evolution, you might consider saying something like "the biological theory of evolution is the best explanation of all available evidence."
  7. There is a third option. Just say, "I do not know".
  8. More likely you have chemical imbalances within your brain which have nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity. Perhaps you can identify the problem and correct it, utilizing medical science.
  9. Good post. It's usually better late than never. Christianity does not have a patent, copyright or trademark on morality, thought, truth or reality.
  10. I have been thinking about that recently, I find it quite unsettling that billions of people are really stupid/niave/close minded enough to believe in Christianity. Also, as much as I would like to tell everyone (especially my bible teacher) I don't plan on doing it anytime soon, if ever. You are counted among those billions of people, and yet you do not believe. How many of the billions are like you?
  11. Strike two. Hopefully, you can avoid strike three.
  12. You were indoctrinated when you were a young child, a very young child. Give yourself the time and space to rectify that abuse.
  13. You were indoctrinated as a child with tenets of a rather dangerous religion - Christianity. Now that you are an adult capable of thinking and reasoning for yourself, be careful to to fill the void left from abandonment of Christian dogma with just another philosophical/metaphysical addiction.
  14. Tonya, Many of the above posts have provided good guidance and assistance. You are embarking on a new journey in your life. Your tools in this journey are (in no particular order) rational thinking, logic and empathy. It won't be easy. You have been a long-time member of a particularly dangerous cult, and it will take years to recover from the lies, controls and dysfunctions that cult promoted. Good luck with your journey!
  15. Thanks for your story. It took courage to present it. I might be jumping ahead a bit, and may be a bit presumptuous, but here it goes. You were seriously abused as a child, in horrible ways. In addition to the sexual abuse, there is the emotional and psychological abuse of the many adults around you. The vehicle of abuse was a perverted form of religion. You should consider running away from it, and fast. There is a beautiful and complete world out there, free from the primitive, controlling and harmful dogma you were exposed to. You will find much support here. Good luck.
  16. A ritual common to many primitive religions is animal or plant sacrifice. Christianity adopted this religious meme and modified it to human sacrifice.
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