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  1. I love being free from Christianity. I love no longer having to filter all my thoughts and opinions through scripture (is this the Lord's will? What does the Bible say about this?). I love being able to do yoga and to meditate without worrying that it's evil. When I let go of Christianity, it was like coming out of a stuffy room into fresh air and sunshine.
  2. My deconversion process took almost three years, from the time I first thought "maybe the Bible isn't infallible" to the day I could finally say "I am not a Christian". In between, there were periods of time when I felt I didn't believe, and other periods when I thought "what was I thinking about, how could I have thought I didn't believe?" It does take time, especially if you have been a Christian for a long time (in my case it was about 30 years).
  3. I used to go to a church where, when someone died, the minister would say that they had been 'promoted to glory'. That always made me cringe. If you really want to learn Christianese, just check out this video :-D
  4. I used to speak in tongues and still can. I don't go into any kind of altered state, I can just decide to speak and then just do it. I used to really believe it was from the Holy Spirit - I remember when I first prayed in tongues being surprised that it didn't sound as I had expected to, which led me to believe that I couldn't just be making it up. However I now think it's my subconscious mind making it up. I have always been quite an analytical sort of person so when tongues was new to me I used to make those sounds, listen to what came out and kind of analyse it, such as "oh, that sounde
  5. Yes, I'd be interested to hear why it grinds you. Btw, sorry if my postings sound abrupt, I'm away from home and typing on a phone which I find awkward so I'm keeping it short.
  6. I didn't mean to imply that I don't think right action can also be non passive. I probably didn't express myself very well.
  7. Aha, actually I have just realised I can edit, it just looks as though the edit button is greyed out! Doh!
  8. Sorry I disagree that "not hurting anyone" is a good way to ascertain a correct action or function. Do you have any examples of things that are wrong, but don't hurt anyone (including the person doing them)?
  9. Well I have been an ex Christian for about three years or so and it has improved my life so much. I don't have to worry if what I do displeases God. I can accept people as they are and believe that everyone should be able to do their own thing, as long as they are not hurting anyone. For example, the tattoos - personally I don't find them particularly attractive, but it's their body to do with as they wish. It's quite freeing not to have to think "oh that person shouldn't be living that homosexual lifestyle, that other person really shouldn't have those satanic tattoos", etc.
  10. I meant: I admire nurses and anyone else who *has* to do that sort of thing, it's just not for me. how many times do I have to post before I can edit?
  11. When I was a student, I once had a summer job working at a nursing home for old people. It was a pretty gloomy and dreary place. A lot of the time I had to take people to the toilet and change incontinence pads. I also had to make tea and sandwiches and clean the kitchen, although I didn't mind that part so much, it was the incontinence pads that I hated the most. I admire nurses and anyone else who had to do that sort of thing, it's just not for me. The best job I ever had is the one I have now, database developer for a charity - great colleagues, interesting work and the feeling I am doi
  12. She didn't want to wait until she was 18 because she was afraid that if she left it too late she would end up looking like a man in drag. She knew she wanted to be a girl since the age of 4, not 14. I don't know how anyone can justify her parents' reaction. People should be accepted as they are, not as you want them to be.
  13. Wow, I had no idea the Catholic church was against IVF. So glad I'm not part of that any more. All those stupid rules.
  14. By the way, I'm also puzzled about these supposed inconsistencies in the theory of evolution. Even as a Christian, I always accepted evolution (of the theistic kind). I could never bring myself to take the creation stories in Genesis literally.
  15. Sorry, I meant 'celibate for life', not 'celibate for live'.
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