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  1. Or could it be the way rapes are reported and recorded? According to a consultant to the Danish National Police, the sharp increase is due in part to police districts better recording rape reports. “We are very pleased that we now have more accurate numbers on how many men and women have reported rapes. Previously there were many cases that were treated under the category of ‘investigation numbers’ that did not get included in the statistics of reported rapes,” Thomas Brædder told Metroxpress. Last year it was reported that an investigation by the Ministry of Justice indicated that as many as 700 rape cases per year were being filed incorrectly by police. https://www.thelocal.dk/20170201/reported-rapes-in-denmark-double-in-two-years
  2. I live in a small town in the midwest and am surrounded by people that believe like that. One thing I never heard until recently was a YEC's answer to early human fossils and why their skulls look so different from ours. He said they are the human just like us but since people used to live to be 600-900 years old the skulls became misshapen during their long life spans. He 100% believes this to be true.
  3. Please give the short podcast a listen. It should help calm your nerves. https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4526
  4. Very good read with quality rebuttals. That's a rare thing these days.
  5. Here's an interview with Joseph Atwill. I just found this and haven't listened to it yet so I can't comment. http://skeptiko.com/241-joseph-atwill-repsonds-to-caesars-messiah-critics/ Should be interesting.
  6. There are quite a few OT verses but I'm not aware of Jesus in the NT saying that. I'm curious as well.
  7. DOHH! Fox News' Bret Baier apologizes for saying Clinton would likely be indicted, claims it 'was a mistake'
  8. They say the same things (born of a Virgin, crucified and resurrected) about Tammuz, Horus, Dionysus, Mithra and several other gods. It's a bullshit idea which gained popularity some years ago. Correct. The downside being that if we use this argument against an opponent that knows their stuff, we get our asses handed to us.
  9. The first thing that came to mind and others have mentioned is the pacific NW. I'm stuck in the midwest in a small farming town at the moment. My wife and I try to get out of here as often as possible. In fact we were in Portland OR last weekend. It's so refreshing. From what you've said I think you'd love it.
  10. Seriously, that's how far away you have to park? I'd like to see a flyover during the busiest days. Anybody know how they're doing as far as attendance? I thought I heard they were not doing as well a they had hoped.
  11. Thanks for the tip on that lecture. I find this subject very interesting. I'll check it out.
  12. Speaking from a formerly independent baptist perspective, yes it is evil. Regardless whether it is pointing up or down, points inside or outside of the circle, it all comes from the devil himself and is evil.
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