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  1. Hello-- I was wondering if there were any economists in the house-- is America really in danger of losing its reserve currency status for our dollar? I see a lot of goldbugs saying this. One is Jim Richards-- is he a nut job? He talks about globalism and SDRs leading to global currency, etc. if we do lose reserve currency status, would this destroy the US economy, or can we work through this change?
  2. Well, I wonder if god is mad at poor Mexico now-- 2 earthquakes just a couple of weeks apart! And all the hurricanes that seem to devastate the island countries.
  3. I had these two articles sent to me on Facebook by a family member-- how can I debunk these. I did check the events, and the dates to appear to line up, give or take a few days. Is this coincidence or something else? Do these people just not count devastating events that don't happen to coincide with discussions regarding Israel? https://www.charismanews.com/opinion/62044-10-times-god-has-hit-america-with-a-major-disaster-after-the-us-attempted-to-divide-the-land-of-israel and http://www.1timothy4-13.com/files/prophecy/disasters.html
  4. I took a look at the video-- it was really interesting!
  5. What is this Third Inheritence of the Jews? Is this just something that came about after 70ad? I dont think it is biblical as the article I linked doesn't have really any scripture to support it. I had read that isiah 11:11 might be supportive because it talks about a "second " return. Thoughts on this? Could DNA even provide enough detail to divide Israel by tribes? And wouldn't Jordan and the Palestinians have to give up major land? http://blog.godreports.com/2017/06/israel-entering-third-inheritance-must-divide-land-between-12-tribes-rabbi-says/
  6. I looked up every verse in the Bible that had "son" in it--- I used biblehub and scanned the verses quickly-- but couldn't find anything related to what this person said.
  7. I was reading on a Christian Forum on the topic of the rending of the veil and what sorts of proofs there were of it. One person's answer really confused me, and I tried to look up his information to see if it was valid, but couldn't find anything. He said: Basically, the curtain that was torn was not the curtain between the holy of holies and the holy place... it was the curtain on the outer doors of the temple. How were the people on the hill able to see this curtain being torn if it was the curtain to the holy place?!?! As well, there is a prophecy in Isaiah where one asked, "If a man we
  8. ???? sorry that you are going through this Kushne. Your friend sounds like a turd.
  9. I was recently looking into Josephus and the causes of the Jewish war. I ran across a Christian site that says Josephus reports that the golden candlestick was extinguished 40 years prior to the war. I could not find anything on this myself other than what is written in the Talmud (Yoma). Is the author being cited wrong about Josephus saying this? Here is the quote: And now a shudder ran through Nature, as its Sun had set. We dare not do more than follow the rapid outlines of the Evangelic narrative. As the first token, it records the rending of the Temple-Veil in two from the top downw
  10. Well--- I guess these last few posts make everything clear--- you are annoying, you ask too many questions. We are done dealing with you. Btw--- you are right, I have asked a lot of questions in the past-- because I am fucking afraid!!! I don't want to be wrong about not believing. Call it obsessive if you want--- but I thought that is what this site was about. Where am I supposed to go to ask questions? But, don't worry-- I won't ask anymore questions. It is clear that I am considered obsessive and annoying. Thanks for all your help.
  11. Why is this obsessive? If I was someone new to this site who was questioning things but still tied to my belief, would you just not "go there"? I may be a bit obsessive but shouldn't questioning go both ways? Even when it is uncomfortable?
  12. You know-- I am at the point where I have no where to go here. I asked over and over for someone to help me see how the fact that using 458bc minus 490 years equaling to 33ad WASNT a prophecy of Jesus. I even begged for it--- and while I got lots of general help, but no real answers to discount this. Is it just coincidence-- perhaps. But right now, I just can't pretend that it doesn't bother the hell out of me. I can't just use my bias against the bible and my desire to not believe to ignore things like this. I am being forced to acknowledge that I can't simply ignore this and that Christi
  13. I was just wishing for an Anti-Bible College so I could take a few classes. Wouldn't that be cool?
  14. BCC-- sure, I am interested in anything that might help me! Mymistake-- thanks for looking out for me--- you rock! I know BCC only wants to help though, he rocks too!! Blood-- you are so right. I was on a few today and started having panic attacks. I am just in a really bad place right now. I am still struggling with the dating of this interpretation. I want to pick it apart to show it isn't plausible-- but there isn't a whole lot out there to find answers. I know I shouldn't need these answers. I should just say Jesus wasn't the messiah-- get on with your life. But then "ama
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