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  1. Hello-- I was wondering if there were any economists in the house-- is America really in danger of losing its reserve currency status for our dollar? I see a lot of goldbugs saying this. One is Jim Richards-- is he a nut job? He talks about globalism and SDRs leading to global currency, etc. if we do lose reserve currency status, would this destroy the US economy, or can we work through this change?
  2. Well, I wonder if god is mad at poor Mexico now-- 2 earthquakes just a couple of weeks apart! And all the hurricanes that seem to devastate the island countries.
  3. I had these two articles sent to me on Facebook by a family member-- how can I debunk these. I did check the events, and the dates to appear to line up, give or take a few days. Is this coincidence or something else? Do these people just not count devastating events that don't happen to coincide with discussions regarding Israel? https://www.charismanews.com/opinion/62044-10-times-god-has-hit-america-with-a-major-disaster-after-the-us-attempted-to-divide-the-land-of-israel and http://www.1timothy4-13.com/files/prophecy/disasters.html
  4. I took a look at the video-- it was really interesting!
  5. What is this Third Inheritence of the Jews? Is this just something that came about after 70ad? I dont think it is biblical as the article I linked doesn't have really any scripture to support it. I had read that isiah 11:11 might be supportive because it talks about a "second " return. Thoughts on this? Could DNA even provide enough detail to divide Israel by tribes? And wouldn't Jordan and the Palestinians have to give up major land? http://blog.godreports.com/2017/06/israel-entering-third-inheritance-must-divide-land-between-12-tribes-rabbi-says/
  6. I looked up every verse in the Bible that had "son" in it--- I used biblehub and scanned the verses quickly-- but couldn't find anything related to what this person said.
  7. I was reading on a Christian Forum on the topic of the rending of the veil and what sorts of proofs there were of it. One person's answer really confused me, and I tried to look up his information to see if it was valid, but couldn't find anything. He said: Basically, the curtain that was torn was not the curtain between the holy of holies and the holy place... it was the curtain on the outer doors of the temple. How were the people on the hill able to see this curtain being torn if it was the curtain to the holy place?!?! As well, there is a prophecy in Isaiah where one asked, "If a man were to lose his son he would rend his clothes. But what would G-d do if he lost his son? He would rend the curtain on the gates of the temple." (his paraphase) 1. Was there some sort of prophecy in Isiaiah regarding god rending the temple curtain due to the loss of his son? I couldn't find it. 2. If there is this prophecy, why isn't is mentioned anytime the veil is discussed? 3. Is there some other text that this guy is getting mixed up with Isaiah? 4. Has ANYONE heard of this so called prophecy? Just curious. The forum was rather old. I did try to contact the gentleman who wrote this, but he hasn't gotten back to me.
  8. Welcome! It is always so interesting for me to hear about those that held high level positions in churches that end up losing the faith. Thanks for your story. Your wife sounds awesome as well!
  9. Oh-- wait? This angel appeared in Miami on the day the pope was announced--- why Miami?
  10. Nice photoshopping on the angel in the clouds!!
  11. I have had the rapture fear for a long time as well. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have to look over to make sure my hubby is still here. Indoctrination is a horrible thing. Perhaps your therapist should watch the movie to see how it. Could have affected you a such a young age.
  12. Thanks for starting this thread OF--- it was really nice to hear how much you have been helped on this site. In turn, you have helped many others, including me. I think that this site is very helpful for those that may not be able to discuss de-converting with their friends, families, or even their spouses. It is a place to come to when you are afraid, and a place for people when they just want a friend. I come on the site a number of times a day--and I always seem to learn new things. It fills a void for a lot of us!
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