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  1. It can be scary, because it is a huge step to admit that what you have based much of your world view on is not true. anyway, welcome.
  2. What happened to the chat feature?

    1. wellnamed


      The one that was built into the software has been gone for a while, but see here:



    2. LogicalFallacy


      Yep. After it got taken down a group of us had a chat and decided we'd like a chat. Looked at some options then I set up our ex-c discord channel. Seems to do the job :) Also easy to use on both PC's and mobile devices.

    3. Darklady


      Cool, thanks. :) 

  3. Long time gone....😊

    had some interesting life changes....

    1. RealityCheck
    2. Darklady


      I stopped coming here after my dad passed.. I supposed I ended up in a different place, different struggles etc.  since then, new job which is pretty full on , been in a awesome relationship, grandkids which keep me even busier... 

      mainly good stuff...


    3. Realist


      Hey ... yeah ... it's been a while! Great to hear it has been mainly good stuff for you! 

  4. Interesting, the church that opened up in the building over my back fence about a year ago has shut up shop .....

    1. mymistake


      God moves in mysterious ways. :D

    2. Darklady


      no Human, :)


      Indeed he does MM

    3. crazyguy123


      Well good riddance. :)

  5. I feel in the midst of a major meltdown.. someone said something last night and the waste of my last 30 years is right back in my face ...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Eugene39


      Must be in the air. I've been sad about my last twenty wasted years.

    3. Deva


      Sorry Darklady. Had something happen to me as well today. Life isn't easy.

    4. Darklady
  6. lying in bed at 2 am, knowing youhave to get up for work in 4 hours, telling yourself "dont think, don think, turn off your mind turn off your mind" does not work :(

    1. moanareina


      Hm...yeah, to force yourself to not think does not work, it's an activity...

      Maybe try to enjoy the time you have and just rest. Works for me. It might not make you sleep but you might feel rested in the morning :-).

    2. Darklady


      kind of what I ended up doing .. going to be a long day though :)

  7. Now i feel yikky and too distracted to work, turned the corner in town and walked right into my ex, just has thrown me off my stride completely, .....

  8. On the day you appeared When you eyes looked my way You came out of no where Were you looking to stay You saw all of my tears When your eyes looked my way You saw my deepest fears Were you looking to stay Were you thinking of more When your eyes looked my way What were you hoping for Were you looking to stay One year now has gone by when your eyes looked my way One year come this July Were you looking to stay
  9. Ah Santana ..you bring back memories of long smoky nights :)

  10. Its a music day ..Moody Blues, The Who, and now The Eagles ... :) LOUD!!!

    1. Deva


      I still remember buying that first Eagles album - sky blue, eagle in flight-didn't even know what kind of music it was, but I had to have it!

    2. Brother Jeff
    3. TrueFreedom


      Hell Freezes Over is an awesome Eagles album.

  11. I signed the papers to sell dads house today, and it made me cry :(

  12. I signed the papers to sell dads house today, and it made me cry :(

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