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  1. It's like playing pool on a pool table, but with planetary bodies and light. Objects such as Venus, the moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars appear bright when they reflect Sol at just the right angles toward us. Imagine how Terra looks from out there at just the right angles. Atmosphere, liquid water, blue. Blue with that one orbiting white orb. With standard binocs you can usually see 3, 4, 5 of Jupiter's moons. Probably the water ice ones. Jupiter and Saturn are visible at dawn these weeks. I miss Mercury. It's been years since I've seen Mercury. Often near Venus, Mercury. Morning, evening. Inner
  2. Just knowing now how spiked I was in a manic spree, being bi-polar. Nothing much in my life was more embarrassing than that. A couple of thing, but nothing like that.
  3. I haven't been here for a while. Catching up on posts in this forum. It's good. I'm glad the fundamentalist christians praying for the downfall of ex-c have fallen short. On atheists, (Joshpantera) I'm not put off by any one way of thinking, but I am put off by mean, disrespectful behavior. No matter who it comes from. Atheists, the president, a boss or co-worker, a partner or friend or family member. A friendly atheist is my friend. A disrespectful, mean one is not.
  4. There's a lot of hate on this site, which is not conducive to spiritual growth. I've tried to recruit people here and for this reason they have chosen not to join. It's disappointing. Personally, I think of spirituality a lot. I wonder what it means. I listen to world news and search for pockets of spirituality on Earth. I see it sometimes, I think. This forum decays because christians pray diligently against it, pleading that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit expose us and destroy us. This statement is a bitter challenge. Not for hate. For spirituality. I came here seeking adv
  5. I think of PETA videos where restaurants chop up octopus live. As I worship octopus as a superior life form, I am not deterred from eating octopus. Abortion. I didn't know my opinion until that choice was before me and my woman. I do have an opinion. Nature is cruel. It's set up for life to eat life. It is life. Avoid eating plastic. Try not to eat charcoal. Eat octopus.
  6. This story was worked over and improved this year. It's fitting for ex-christians. It's free here, for the asking. Cousin, it's better. It's a new address. Ask. This book is written for ex-christians.
  7. For me it was frightening, I'd say terrifying. I'd been celibate for so long and limited by christian guidelines which literally give us blueballs. I made some good friends with women I liked, who liked me. When the times were right, we stepped it up. That's all. I lost a good one for not sleeping with her when the time was right. I was still confused about what to do. She took it as rejection. That sucked. I liked her a lot.
  8. Skysoar, I've only read your original post so far, not any replies, and I'm sure you received some practical and insightful advice already. One thing stands out to me: Your friends are genuine now, but should you decide to follow your own convictions and leave the faith, a larger percentage of them will turn against you. Genuinely. They will abandon you and condemn you. I'm sorry. For me it was around 90 - 95% of my genuine christian friends and associates. No. It was more than that. I had around a hundred friends/associates and maybe one or two of those remained accepting. I
  9. It's a dilemma, suicide. I'm sorry, man, I am. As many respondents I overcame fear of hell also, but I've not been able to step to the other side either. There's some fundamental force of life that persists and resists. In a spectrum of colors the christian hell is just one color of it. In hex it would be something like #ff0000, or maybe #ff6600. Fear not christian hell. Fear the natural, insurmountable force of life. It's a fucker.
  10. A push. The cover is done. People are liking this. I'm checking my pm inbox. Who asks shall receive.
  11. I want to argue that it's more than just christianity that condemns suicide. People everywhere of all faiths will condemn suicide. There's a wicked aspect to humanity, to life that resists suicide. You stand at the threshold. You want to take that step. There is no christian, no muslim, no buddhist, no parent or child around to say anything. There's the inner voice that resists. Fucking inner voice. If it weren't for that inner voice... There's some part of life that doesn't want suicide. It's not hell. It's not christianity. It's more than that. It's some force of life.
  12. Maybe you can open the discussion again with broader questions. As a microbe in the universe I can't claim to know whether anything is by design or happenstance, but I question. Proteins, bacteria, tardigrades, extraterrestrial things. What are these things? It seems they are the universe (not the multiverse, the universe) expressing itself. Insignificant life forms as they would seem to us. Why? How? All I can do is wonder and ask. Tardigrades rock. They're so much more adaptable than us. Space travelers. They're probably the ones who planted us and cultivate us on Earth, and wher
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