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  1. The bible is so wrong. The only way one becomes a Christian is by suspending reason .
  2. I think a Mafia hit man took him out ! BANG ! One shot to the head with a 38 !
  3. If you weren't taught the truth and in a denomination, you never had God's help to help you through. You never had a chance of making it! God doesn't help you with one fucking thing. He's just imaginary ....
  4. I'd like to do some immoral things with her !
  5. --puts apologist hat on Without god how can we ground our morals There is testimony to the power of god the first cause has to be theistic, a diest god is self refuting All other gods are contradictory --takes apologist hat off You and your apologist hat are dead wrong !
  6. '''' Did you ever have moments of closeness with God and his presence?''''''' I'll just take a crack at this one. When I was a Xtian I thought I had this kind of experience but now that I look back at those times I know it was only in my mind and not something outside the mind. The mind is the only place God exists. Because belief is the only thing that is keeping the God idea alive and well in this world today. God doesn't exist outside the minds of the billions who believe. He is only imaginary. When belief in God ceases, so does God. Ignore him and he'll go away. It worked for
  7. In its literalist (morontheist) variant, in my opinion, it sure is. To be fair, I think moderate christians are another case. They still believe some things that are *cough* questionable *cough* but it doesn't have much impact on how they deal with reality, most of the time. Oh yes, those ''moderate'' or philosophical Xtians are a strange breed. I refer to them as the ''wannabe'' atheists because they just don't have the courage to quit Christianity altogether. They just pick and choose the bible verses that sound nice, warm and fuzzy and distance themselves from the absurdities,
  8. My wife is a Christian, I'm an atheist but I don't really celebrate Xmas. She knows I don't believe in it the way she does. I view it as nothing more than the winder season and time of family get to gethers .... .... .....
  9. My wife is a theist. I gave up on Christianity about 9 years ago.
  10. It's easier for them to just keep pretending. Who are they kidding anyway? Jesus is never coming back .....
  11. What do you mean when you say, God never let you go? Did he grab you by the shoulder or hold your hand, literally? Or was it all in your mind only?
  12. Atheist with an attitude .... 8-)

  13. Isn't Christianity a form of psychosis? ''a mental disorder characterized by symptoms, such as delusions or hallucinations, that indicate impaired contact with reality''.
  14. What was I thinking? God is so powerful that he just seems to be non-existent. He makes Himself appear nonexistent on purpose. Does this mean that God has a sense of humor? Does he like playing hide and seek on us humans? Is God some kind of cosmic prankster or what? Whats the deal with God anyway? Watch the video and see for yourself:
  15. That web site is run by a bunch of fundy fascist wingnut jobs who are batshit fucking crazy.
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