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  1. Atheist with an attitude .... 8-)

  2. What makes born-again believers think they are saved and have a “literal” relationship with an unseen entity that is only based on faith with no amount of knowledge whatsoever? Didn’t it ever occur to the mind of the believer that they might not be saved from anything except just a belief? Christians have been indoctrinated into believing that there is this problem with our personal human nature called sin and the remedy for this sin problem is salvation by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and that is what will "save" them from spending eternity in hell. Hasn't anybody ever told you how tired and worn out this typical argument really is? That those who deconverted were never Christians? Give me a break. However, you do have a point. You see, I believed I was a Christian according to it's teachings in the good book. But the truth of the matter is, it was nothing more than a fairy tale anyway. In short you're not really a Christian either. You're just falling hook line and sinker for a fairy tale that has no truth to it whatsoever.
  3. Christians aren't filled with a holy spirit either. They just "believe" they are. when in all reality there is nothing there at all. It's all in their delusional imaginations. they aren't "saved" from anything either. All they have is a belief they are saved. When they die they will no longer exist just like non-believers. How's that for being a "mean" atheist eh? At least I'm being honest.
  4. Neither of any of those led me away. My mind led me away. Actually it was my mind that led me forward to reality. Christianity and all it's craziness isn't based on reality. It is a delusionary idea born out of a primitive race of people who were obsessed with fear of the unknown. It was my rational mind that became engaged from the perspective of reason that led me to the truth. The truth that the God of the bible was nothing more than a compilation of man's delusion of what a god would be like if he was god himself.
  5. No again. atheism isn't "believing" there is no God. atheism is without belief in God. It is without theism. Therefore, atheism is not a religion. To clarify the context in which I said "sure", the whole statement reads, "Do atheists believe there is no God? Sure. In the same sense as believing the entertainer Madonna is not the President of the United States, we believe that there is no persuasive evidence to support claims of a supernatural, omniscient deity that watches over mankind as defined by Christian doctrine. " I was illustrating the different uses of the word "believe". Sorry if I misunderstood ya bro. I see what you are saying. Thanks for clarifying.
  6. No. Atheism is the absense of belief in God(s) No again. atheism isn't "believing" there is no God. atheism is without belief in God. It is without theism. Therefore, atheism is not a religion.
  7. To demand that an atheist prove the non-existence of God is to miss the point. It is totally unfair for you to demand the atheist to disprove a God that has never been proven to exist. Therefore, it is your responsiblity to prove Gods existence not for the non-believer to disprove it. Has the existence of square triangles ever been disproved? Of course not. Square triangles have never been proved in the first place, therefore to disprove them would be a total absurdity. You theists blow my mind everytime you attempt to reverse the burden of proof argument on the skeptics and unbelievers but just a cop out on your part; you know you are unable to prove gods existence because you are just as skeptical and doubtful about it 's existence and you know it.
  8. Yea I have checked out some of those essays/articles, they are very interesting. Actually my real name is Jim, sometimes I go by James. I've been engaging in discussions with fundies at a xtain board for the past couple of years and I think I'm almost at the point of burn out with those folks. It's a refreshing change in here though. Jim note: btw, I was wondering if there is a way to keep track my posts/threads that I start in this forum? I haven't noticed anything like that yet. I'd appreciate it if you can steer me in the right direction or if there is such a feature here.
  9. Thanks guys for the nice friendly welcome. I especially like the female avatar selections here.
  10. I de-converted or went apostate from fundamentalist Xtianity a couple of years ago because I finally came to the conclusion that the god of the bible is nothing more than an imaginary entity that was invented by humans who surrendered their minds to ignorance and didn't have the intellectual capacity to know any better. But I guess we can't blame them. Just how would we react if we never saw a bolt of lightening before? Wouldn't we too invent a God? The sad thing about god belief is, people today still surrender their minds to the same ignorance, isn't that a real kick in the ass? I find it quite mind bobbling to say the least. you'd think people in modern times today would apply a little more intellectual honesty and critical thought to the point where they would come to their senses and reject such craziness as seen in the bible. I don't really want to go into a long rant about my loss of faith and deconversion, so I'll just touch on some of the hilites about my paridigm shift and walking away from fundamentalism and eventually on to agnositicism to atheism. To make a long story short, a couple years ago I started to read a lot of essays from atheists and freethinkers from the web that I found very interesting and I was amazed at how much sense they expressed about why religion, Chrisitianity and god belief was so bogus and rediculous. I also read a few deconversion stories from other believers who lost their faith in the bible and Christianity and it got me to thinking a little more critically about why I believed in all this shit in the bible. In my mind I knew I was starting to think more like an unbeliever and it brought me to the point where I would actually challenge my fellow Christians by asking them questions. As time went on I knew I was either an agnostic or an atheist. In fact even after I realized I was an atheist I didn't even like the idea of identifying myself as such. I remained in the closet for some time until I finally had to come out with it because I felt like I was living the life of something that I was not. Anyway, that's more or less the condensed version of my loss of faith for now. No need to bore everyone with too many details. In short it was the tool of reason and critical thought that brought me to my senses about following a belief system that was based on primitive mythology, fables and fairy tales. That said, leaving Christianity was like being let out of the prision of, mental captivity, mind control and religious indoctrination. I couldn't think of a username when registering here right off so I started to think about famous atheists of the past who's writtings I like to read, so I chose Edward Abbey. I like these quotes in particular by him that I find not only true but humorous as well: "God is a sound people make when they are too tired to think anymore." Not sure if that is the exact quote but it's close. But here is another one of my favorites by him: "Whatever we cannot easily understand we call God; this saves much wear and tear on the brain tissues" I'm thrilled to actually find a website with former Christians who have experienced the same or similar things that I have while they were believers and eventually walked away from theism. I think I'm going to like it here. Thanks for having me. We all need to encourage one another as we enter into the real world of reason and logic once again. It's not easy being an atheist in this God soaked society we live in. Especially in the bible belt that I live in.
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