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  1. Hi, sorry but I don't post here much anymore. I'm still a heathen. I just haven't got much time in my life with a full-time permanent job, and I'm also going back to get my MBA this fall on a part-time basis.

  2. Mmmm, I like your god.

  3. I don't think my dad will do that unless something else happens. Perhaps the friendship can still be saved, but only if the neighbors apologize. From what it sounds like, you're probably right about the six feet thing and the judge should have known that, given his job. Aren't most court cases in small towns mundane things like traffic tickets and property disputes? My parents are playing it by ear for now. All of the other neighbors had no problem with them building a house, and it turned out beautiful. You're also right about the fence thing. If they really have that huge of a
  4. I have to rant somewhere, and I can't do it on Facebook because my parents read it. This summer, my parents tore down their cabin and built a retirement home. Both of them were forced to retire early due to the economy -- my dad in 2008 and my stepmom in 2009. Well, the neighbors, who were nice to my parents for all the years they had a cabin (10 or so) overreacted because the truck driver bringing the propane tank accidentally crossed their property line. No damage was done. Some more background: The husband is the local judge. The wife has gone through many changes in 2009, incl
  5. I poached an egg for the first time in my life. I got Julia Child's cookbook for myself after seeing the movie.
  6. Homework for my technical writing class and playing Dragon Age: Origins.
  7. I am doing homework, working on other people's web sites, cooking, and washing the dishes.
  8. Amethyst

    I'm Sorry

    So women and families should have no means of self-defense other than a cell phone to call 911 with? Cops do not always respond as quickly to calls as needed. Hence why people still end up robbed, dead, or raped in this day and age. Not to mention, the government will not always be able to protect you from everything. Look at what happened with Hurricane Katrina. It is better not to trust them blindly. Karate and other martial arts will only get you so far. If the perp has a gun, they have an advantage you do not, if you do not have one. Mace will also only get you so far. Most Mac
  9. I don't find eternal torture for a finite crime just punishment.
  10. Amethyst

    I'm Sorry

    This post is exactly why I am not Christian. Torturing billions and billions of people for all of eternity simply because they carried a religious label other than "Christian" throughout their lives is unethical. I refuse to worship an unethical being, who by the way, has never been proven to exist. There is ZERO, absolutely zero, justification for the hell doctrine. The only reason it exists in Christianity is that it is the stick in their carrot/stick control mechanism. I will not be tortured for not being perfect enough, and I don't have to be religious to avoid it, either, because
  11. IMHO, blindly trusting anyone or anything is a bad idea. I don't trust the news media 100%, and neither do I trust bloggers 100%. Human beings are inherently biased, so the news is going to be biased as well, up to a point. But I do think we should get our news from a variety of sources, in order to get a more complete picture of what's happening. I'm one of those that reads all the major U.S. news websites at least once a week. This means I read both CNN and Fox, in addition to the regular networks and my local paper. I also make it a point to read an international news site at least
  12. No, because it would be another religion and not Christianity. Also, temporary torture for carrying another religious label other than Christianity is still unethical. And any punishment > the crime is unethical. An unethical deity is not one worth spending my time or money worshipping.
  13. I don't even bother debating on Youtube...too many ignorant types posting there.
  14. Happy birthday! Hope other than the crappy gifts, that you have a good birthday. Sounds to me like your parents really don't know you and expect you to be a mini-version of themselves, which is a mistake many parents make. IMO religious or political gifts are not a good thing to give people because you never know what people's private thoughts on the subject are. As for what to get them...gift cards are generally safe since people can buy whatever they like. Perhaps they might even learn from your example. I'm personally planning on homemade gifts for Christmas this year. I on
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