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  1. Hi, sorry but I don't post here much anymore. I'm still a heathen. I just haven't got much time in my life with a full-time permanent job, and I'm also going back to get my MBA this fall on a part-time basis.

  2. Mmmm, I like your god.

  3. Been watching Stargate Atlantis season 5.

  4. I think it's up to you if you want to tell them. However, be aware that since you are not legally an adult yet, your family can and probably will restrict a lot of what you can do as a result. You may find yourself grounded or punished in other ways. If you are really trying to lay low and not confront your mom, you might want to wait until you are out of your family's house before announcing to them you are not a Christian anymore. Also keep in mind you do not have to tell them; it is mainly the Christian meme that requires broadcasting to the entire world your religious beliefs. Your beliefs are your own business.
  5. Hey there, I too am a Star Trek fan and I am a member of Starfleet, the International Fan Association. Welcome to the site!
  6. Welcome! Pull up a seat and have some chocolate!
  7. *Hugs* Glad to hear things are improving. I don't know if you're doing any sort of writing or art, but both of those are both things that have helped me. There are some free programs online if you don't want to do actual drawing/painting. Also cooking from scratch can be therapeutic, baking especially. Exercising can be therapeutic too, even if it's just taking a long walk.
  8. I think the problem is that people want something to believe in. They want a security blanket/teddy bear to comfort them when someone they know dies. They want an authoritative figure in their lives to tell them that everything will be all right in the end and that they will see that person again someday. They want to be comforted. Christianity provides that, as long as you are willing to do the mental gymnastics to ignore the ugly stuff too. Atheism does not provide that. The best you can tell someone is that someday, their loved ones will become stardust. (Ok, granted it won't be for awhile, but still...) The most effective lies tend to have the most beautiful appearances in life. Christianity is an effective lie for most people. They believe it. It's probably one of the most ingenious lies ever invented in human history.
  9. I think most people do it for social acceptance, because to wear an "Atheist" label openly is to be outcast. If there wasn't so much outright prejudice against Atheists and other non-Christian groups, I think more people would be comfortable with at least admitting they were Agnostic or Deist.
  10. Yeah, I was a liberal Christian towards the end of my belief for a few years until I realized I was being intellectually dishonest. So it does happen.
  11. 1. I generally celebrate Christmas with my family and don't make a big deal of it because it is the one time of year we all get together. Easter I don't usually celebrate other than a family dinner. 2. As for outing, I haven't told many. I don't trust certain relatives with that information. 3. We are a society that believes, for the most part, in letting people live their lives as they see fit. There is also no way, nor would it really be ethical, to punish people for their beliefs if they don't wear them on their sleeves. And people generally don't care to challenge status quos if they aren't being harmed by it. In a world where we have to work 40+ hours a week, and most come home exhausted, there isn't time for much else. 4. I don't have children -- if I did, I'd make sure they know I love them no matter what.
  12. I have liberal Christian friends. As long as they do not shove their religion down my throat, I see no reason to treat them differently than I would any other human being. Treating them like a fundy would make me no better than a religious fundy.
  13. Exactly. Choice of words matters a lot in internet forums because words are all we have to go by. I was trying to offer suggestions that might be actually cheaper and less of a legal hassle than getting a prescription drug because you sounded like you were buying it, perhaps off the internet, without a prescription -- as people do these days especially when desperate. I apologize if you think I was accusing you -- but your choice of words made it sound that way. It was not only that phrase but you did say you didn't have a doctor or a psychiatrist:
  14. I would agree that you should get a doctor's prescription for any medication you are taking. Not doing so could lead to big problems with cops and such. I would suggest looking into govt. programs to get you the medical care that you need. There are also herbs, like St. John's Wart and Kava Kava, that are not illegal to take and you don't need prescriptions for them. However these generally are for more mild to moderate depression/anxiety conditions. Also I find aromatherapy works for me -- Lavender specifically. And chamomile tea helps a bit too. I've also found that an herbal and multi-vitamin combination called Amoryn helps some, especially when I get severe PMDD symptoms and want to just curl up in a ball and die. This happens once a month like clockwork. I can't wait until I get menopause.
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