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  1. Yea, they may mean well but I wouldn't give them another cent either. I think it is laughable that people will actually beg others for money to support them to go to colleges in the US and spread the 'gospel'. I mean if you're going to beg for money to be a missionary, at least go to a third world country and build houses or dig wells or something.
  2. Wow, this topic caught my eye. Back in the early 80's I was involved in CCC in Hawaii (where I grew up). I became involved with them at my college because I was lonely and this nice lady sat down with me out of the blue and talked to me and invited me to the group (found out later it's what she was paid to do). Later I worked at a Christian bookstore that hired a few CCC kids that had come to Hawaii for a summer mission. These kids were all very upper middle class and all gorgeous!. I befriended a few of the girls. They were having the time of their lives in beautiful Hawaii -- getting su
  3. Hey there fellow Washingtonian! How's it going?

  4. LOL, I will keep my eye out for the old guys passing out condoms! From what I hear the concept of 'gifting' does not apply strictly to material things but it a state of mind where you put others first and give of yourself -- helping your neighbor with a smile. Kinda reminds me of the joys of church fellowship, but without all the crap that goes along with church. We shall see.
  5. I know what you mean -- I'm in IT also -- and not very artsy fartsy, either. We are going with a hospitality camp that passes out wine and chocolate. We have paid to be a part of this camp. We are arriving mid-week, so will be bringing fresh produce to contribute to the camp. So if you want to go -- find a camp to be a part of!!
  6. Nope, haven't been to Rainbow festival. Never been to anything like this, so it will be an adventure. We are staying with a hospitality camp called the Lost Penguins. I'll give a report when we return.
  7. It's a wild and crazy week long camp in the Nevada desert: http://www.burningman.com/
  8. My husband and I are going to Burning Man for the first time this year!! Any other ex-C's going? Would love to meet up!
  9. Thanks, Comet. Yes, flesh and blood comfort is much more satisfying when you are in need and/or scared. This whole experience has brought my daughter and I closer, so in that respect it has been good. She is struggling less these days and soon will be back to college where apparently she doesn't have the problem.
  10. Favorite ex-verses: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose, Romans 8:28 [so fake comforting to hear] Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Phil 4:4 [turn those frowns upside down] I think I felt if I memorized and repeated positive, uplifting words maybe someday I would feel something other than despair and depression at my repressed, unhappy life spent trying to be something I wasn't and never could be.
  11. Thanks everybody for your continued support. My daughter was doing better for a while there, but it appears she has had a setback. I've had to sleep with her the past 2 nights. I'm even starting to hear bumps in the night. But, never fear, I am standing firm in guiding her that her fears are baseless and have an explanation in human psychology. Prior to our setback, she even confessed that she felt there was a connection to the bad dreams and drinking too much (she is 19 after all). Oh well, it is a bit touching to have to sleep with and comfort your grown child. It's been years since I
  12. I can relate to this too. The 'little christian in me' manifests in guilt most often. I should do this, I shouldn't do this. It seems to be a constant effort to push the guilt aside and assert my freedom from that crap. I sometimes don't even know what the 'real me' is, because for so many years I was trying to fit the xtian mold.
  13. Not only do I wish my children were that bright, but I wish I were that bright! You must be very proud of your son! I wish I had turned on my bullshit detector before I had spent a lifetime having dung thrown my way.
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