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    I am an ex-Christian who was badly damaged as a teenager by doctrines such as hell and went through a terrible time as a result of my Christian upbringing. Currently, I am an academic in a well-known English University, and am writing a book on my experiences of Christianity.

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  1. Sorry, should be 'the money these people would have received' above.
  2. I should also say that I've now finished conducting interviews so I no longer need people to get in touch with me. A massive thanks to everyone who wrote to me, and to those who did interviews. Many people also refused payment and the money these people received will be donated to ExChristian.net.
  3. Thanks for letting people know this. I hope that this issue is now resolved to everyone's satisfaction. Sorry once again for not being clearer, and please email me if you have any more questions.
  4. Jeremy - if you email me I'm happy to share with you my name, all the articles I've written and will even send you some sample chapters from my book. I just hope that you respect the fact that, like lots of people on Ex-C net, I'm a little nervous about divulging my identity online. Hope you understand but, like I said, I'm happy to share with anyone who emails me. Stryper - This research is going to be part of a book on ex-Christians and their experiences that I'm writing. The quality of the data one obtains if one conducts research interviews is far richer than merely reading the accounts that are posted online - that's why I'm conducting interviews. The book is a bit different from normal atheist books in that rather than examining Christianity's truth claims it looks at the psychological effects of Christianity. With regards to my activism, I participate as a writer (I've written aricles for national British newspapers), a speaker (I've spoken at atheist conferences) and soon (I hope) with my book. Like I said, happy to send you full details if you email.
  5. I didn't check this thread, as I just thought people would write to the email address given. I was just alerted to this thread by stryper's email. Again very sorry about that, and the lack of initial explanation.
  6. Hi all, James Smith here author of the book. First let me apologize for not being clearer about my goals with this – I can understand why there are these concerns. Apologies also for not responding to responses to the original post sooner – I should have checked for responses sooner. I’m a young British writer who is an ex-evangelical and is currently writing a book on exChristians and their experiences. I hope that the book will be released in 2014. I am a sociologist, an activist in the international atheist movement, and have written newspaper articles on Christianity. I have not written a book before, but believe I have a solid enough background with research/activism to do this. The reason that this project has been conducted under a pseudonym is because I don’t wish (for the moment) for certain friends and family members to know about it. I think that many people on this site will understand this secrecy issue. I will be happy to reveal more about my real identity and the work that I have done/and am doing to anyone who emails me. Regarding the $10 issue, I only offered this because I wanted more volunteers. I am not rich, and just wanted to try and offer something to attract people. Many other studies offer volunteers a similar sum of money for participation. As for the inference that I wanted people’s paypals details for ulterior motives, I can assure you that the only information I have received from people is their Paypal email address. I have merely used this information to make the $10 payment and (as someone else pointed out) in any case could not do anything fraudulent with this information even if I wanted to. Many of the study’s participants in the event refused the money, and I will shortly make a donation to ex-Christian.net on their behalf. Once again, very sorry for not responding to these concerns. I hope that I have now convinced you that this is legitimate and that this matter is cleared up to everyone’s satisfaction. James
  7. Hello all, My name is James Smith and I’m writing a book on ex-Christians and their experiences. The book looks at the negative emotional, intellectual and mental consequences of Christianity, and will hopefully be finished by the start of next year. As part of my research for this book, I am looking to carry out a series of research interviews with ex-Christians. The interviews will take about 30-45 minutes, will be conducted by Skype or phone, and will ask about interviewees' experience with Christianity and moral, intellectual and sexual guilt. The interviews will be completely private and anonymous; pseudonyms will be assigned to participants in the book. I will also pay interviewees $10 – however interviewees will have to have a PayPal account in order to be paid. If you are interested in participating or would simply like more information, please get in touch at exchristiantestimonies@hotmail.co.uk James Smith
  8. Just want to say a big thank you to those who have emailed me so far. Would love to hear from others. James
  9. Many thanks to everyone who has submitted to me so far! Would love to hear from others too.... James
  10. Dear all, First of all, I'd like to say how inspired I have been to hear the stories of all the people on these boards. I too had a dreadful time with christianity and it is amazing to hear the stories of others who have been through exactly the same thing as me when for years I thought that I was alone. As the title of the post suggests, I am writing a book on ex-Christians and their stories and testimonies. I work for a famous English University as a researcher in public policy normally, but am actually writing this book in my spare time given the terrible experiences that I had with Christianity and the evangelical/pentecostal movement in particular. The book itself will deal with topics such as the fear of hell, problems Christians have reconciling their faith with science, the indoctrination of children, and the many abusive practices that occur in pentecostal churches. I have previously advertised the book on ex-christian.net and you can find more details about the book here: http://new.exchristian.net/2010/07/ex-christian-experiences-book.html As part of the research for this book, I am looking to acquire testimonies from ex-Christians. I would therefore be immensely grateful if readers of this forum would be kind enough to send me details of their experiences. Further, if people would be willing to let me use their testimonies and they are listed in the testimonials part of the site then I would also be very grateful if individuals could merely email me giving me permission to do this and provide a link to their testimony. All emails will be treated strictly confidentially and, if included in the book, pseudonyms will be used for the individuals concerned. The address testimonies should be sent to is, Exchristiantestimonies@hotmail.co.uk For individuals willing to help me, I would be pleased to share more details of the project, and to keep them updated concerning the progress of the book. James Smith
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