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    Oxytocin, dopamine, brains, words, poetry, rhythm, movement, authenticity, kissing, skating, wine and beer.
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    dance, read, love, worry, recover, repeat.

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    Ceiling Cat is the One True Pussy. Meowmen.
  1. Hi :)

    1. openpalm45


      Hello, fg. :) I was just facebook creeping you! ;)

    2. foolish girl

      foolish girl

      Oh yeah? find out anything good? lol...

    3. foolish girl

      foolish girl

      I was gonna post "Creeeeepy" on your wall, but your settings don't permit it. But there. I stalked you back ;) You are such a movie star in that profile picture!

  2. Pssst! :) :)

    1. foolish girl

      foolish girl

      Hello Darling one. :)

    2. asanerman


      When will the time come for "catching up?"

  3. Hey there, beautiful!

    1. foolish girl

      foolish girl

      DAW...That is so nice. Hello Sweet Monkey :0

  4. Psssst! Hey there!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. hereticzero
    3. London


      Pssst! <hands foolish girl an icy beverage w/umbrella>

    4. foolish girl

      foolish girl

      :) You Guuuuyyyssss.....


  5. Oooooo, a *new to me* feature. I have ZERO warning points! lol, so, HA!

    1. florduh


      The night is young.

    2. ilovemybrain


      I'm warnin' you...don't push my buttons.

    3. ilovemybrain


      How do you get warning points? And are you and Monkey gonna compete for those, too?

  6. :X

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. foolish girl

      foolish girl

      huh huh ...OK, I guess....erm...:/ ....*runs away!*

    3. MagickMonkey


      Dammit, dude, you ran her off! Now you have to love me long time!

    4. MagickMonkey


      Hehehe, screw that, I want the Not-So-Foolish One! I want to hug her and squeeze her and stuff!

  7. =O The Monkey Messiah was a BIG OL BABY! I'll let his daddy tell you how big. :) But everyone is doing well.xoxo

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    2. Foxy Methoxy

      Foxy Methoxy

      My mom sought out the healing powers of many a televangelist and dubious revivalist to heal her bladder problems caused by my difficult 48 hour delivery. She's only 5'3" and petite. Wasn't built for it at all.

    3. MagickMonkey


      Well, kudos to your mom for enduring that!

    4. MagickMonkey


      Btw, I almost forgot. Thanks for all the kind comments, folks. You people ROCK!!

  8. So, when people are mad sometimes they say "Suck my dick!"...how come "fiddle my clit" never caught on?

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    2. mymistake


      Yeah, there are some ladies who can't use that one either because the answer would always be "sure!"

    3. foolish girl

      foolish girl

      And THAT aint bad!

    4. MagickMonkey


      This might encourage some of us to make chicks mad just for the invitation. hehe

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