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  1. OMG, I can't do this any longer.....I'm laughing so hard, and trying to think of things to say, but it's impossible for me to be this dumb. It's me, Asimov.
  2. I think it's interesting, not funny. We gain more knowledge as we go along, white_raven, constantly discovering new things. If that includes re-interpreting something, then so be it. Look at Geocentrism, or Aristotle, or Newton, or even Einstein, Quantum Theory, Evolution...all are advances in knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is just the same.
  3. A major flood, not a world-wide flood. It is interesting how stories in real life tend to get exagerrated as they are told, until they become a lesson for later generations.
  4. It's an appeal to incredulity, dr_funkenstein. I find the universe to be so beautiful and well thought-out...like an amazing story, or a painting. This is what tells me that it is created by God. That is why God will reveal himself to everyone when he chooses to do so. That is the attitude of a single person. Not everyone appreciates life, Christian and Non-Christian alike.
  5. I interpret the bible the way I feel it should be interpreted. I believe the Bible is true, but not all of it is literally true. Part of learning things is to see if they are consistent with reality. Since the Flood did not happen, and is not evidenced in any way on Earth, then we must take it on faith that it is an allegory.
  6. I haven't devalued my life, or anyones life. I appreciate all of God's Creation. It's not learning just about God, funkenstein. It's learning about everything in this universe....we can only learn a little about God, he is too great for us to fully comprehend. It is not a waste to do that which I enjoy doing. You dont' think it's a waste that you will go nowhere when you die except into the ground or scattered into the wind? We have been given this life, we should do with it what makes us happy (within the bounds of morality of course).
  7. Yes, I am taking it on faith that God will not send anyone to hell who has not made a knowledgeable choice. The light of God is an inner light. It makes me happy and content.
  8. Why is my post so difficult for you to comprehend? If the flood did not happen, then God did not kill everyone in it.
  9. And that certainly is fine with me. It is rather consistent and well-defined, amazing in a way that I feel it is evidence for God. The Bible also says that the heavens scream out His name. And God created men, and men created the bible.
  10. Well, then I guess you'd see my pooper...that is, if you looked, pervert.
  11. Yes, that is quite true. I take it on faith because I feel the light of God on me and I trust Him.
  12. I did read it, it was very interesting. Pascals Wager in reverse? I do nothing of the sort. This time here is spent learning and enjoying what we have been given by God. I look forward to the future, but I don't focus on it. I do what I am commanded to do, which is to live. Oh, I'm not worried about attitudes and rudeness. I'm made of strong stuff and can take hits.
  13. To do as I am commanded, to spread the Word.
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