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  1. Like yourself, I wouldn't be comfortable placing all the blame on his PTSD. I had a friend who I feel got too much of a free pass because of his childhood for the things he done to his wife. I had a similar background to him, and I never so much as raised my voice to either of my exes. It goes without saying that a mentally healthy person doesn't do these kinds of things, but surely at some point we have to assign ownership to our actions and accept their consequences. Some people are terrible, and we don't always get to see them for what they are. Him killing his wife was all about control. I
  2. I recently hit my 30s and I've realised over the last couple years a couple things have happened. Firstly, as I keep getting older the X that marks the left simply keeps moving to the left of me and secondly, not only was the X moving to the left as I stood stationary, I myself am now moving to the right of my own accord. I'm not even that old, and I feel in general I am losing touch with what's current. It continues to be a weird transition for me; to move from the "happening crowd" to the lepers on the outskirts of society. Right now I am at an interesting crossroads politically
  3. I've got a copy of it, I'll be reading it at some point in the next few weeks. I've listened to his podcast though so I've got an idea of what he'd probably say and I don't think he's right. Some of the arguments he makes (such as interpolations of interpolations) are really really stretching it. Still, I'll read the book and see what he has to say in detail.
  4. Thanks, I still have a bit more to go. I will update the post later tonight to finish the summary (It was getting late last night so I decided to save where I was at and continue from there). If you look here this time tomorrow there'll probably be a few more paragraphs (if that is of interest to you). I'm a fan of Price. I've spent a lot of time listening to his podcast the Bible Geek, and I've listened to a few of his debates and the biggest takeaway that I have of his is that he is like a fountain of knowledge. He's read extensively and it shows. With regards to what you said. I
  5. Many years ago now I purchased this book, you can get it on Amazon here. At the time of purchase, I read about a third of it, found it fascinating and didn't touch it again. This of course changed in the last week or two as I made it my mission to go through old books of mine (and books I've always wanted to read) and begin working through them. The first of these was Price's book and it's not exactly a light read, my Kindle estimated about 15 hours reading time, and it wasn't too far off that. So, what exactly is this book about? Quite simply, Price's mission here is to go through
  6. I'm not really in this sphere, but from your first paragraph it sounds close to what I've heard pansexuality being explained as. Maybe something to look into to see if that apples to you? As for the rest of your blog. I can't imagine how hard it is to grapple with this. At least it seems like you've put a "name to the face" which I guess for you is not an insignificant part of the battle. I'm not sure if you ever meet Babylonian Dream, but he was someone else who came to the position of realization that he had gender dysphoria. If he was still around, would have been good for you t
  7. I remember watching a sociology course a few years ago, and one of the lectures discussed the study of suicide by a man called Emile Durkheim. It covered a lot of ground, but essentially what it boiled down to was that the more isolated you are, the more likely you are to commit suicide. Single people are more likely that people in a relationship, people without kids vs those with kids and so on. The lecture also discussed another finding Durkheim came across: Men commit suicide more often than women. One of the interesting things the lecturer pointed out was that men's social netw
  8. As an introvert, I tend to favour having few relationships that are deep over many that are shallow. While this is a strategy that works fine when you're younger, as you get older I've found that you still experience the attrition of friendships that you used to, but you're no longer getting new supplies. In other words, when you're younger you make and lose friends at roughly the same pace, but as you get older (especially as an introvert) you're still losing friends but not really making any new ones. It's to the point now where I don't have any friends anymore in my usual sense of the word.
  9. Far out man, the site has changed look so much. All these bells and whistles make it load so slowly for me now.. :huh:

  10. Just found out my grandmother died. I wasn't close with her but I feel bad for my mother who hadn't seen her in 30 years and never got to say goodbye. I feel bad we didn't go on the trip we planned last year.

    1. yunea


      My condolences. :(

  11. Thanks champ. I've been thinking of doing exactly that. The other day I bought new shirts and for the first time in my adult life I'm wearing 4XL shirts (around a 2-3XL in US sizes). This time last year I was barely in my 7XLs. I'm chucking all of them but one. Will also be keeping one of my pants as well for perspective. Looks like you're doing pretty well too. You have an idea of where you want to get to with your weight?
  12. Today I clocked in 129.1 kilograms. That's about 284lbs for you yanks Now, I realise this is still fat as fuck, but I was at one point 165 kilograms so I'm pretty chuffed at the moment. I still have about another 29 kilos to go until I am anywhere near a healthy weight but at least I'm past the halfway mark. As it stands now, I am lighter than I have been in years. In fact I think when I first joined ex-c, I was probably about 10 kilos heavier than I am now, to help put it into perspective. Anyways, I know I don't post often here anymore but I know I sometimes wonder how things are going
  13. I don't have a problem admitting he is an atheist if he claims to be one, it seems to me that he was fairly anti-religion so he would almost have to be an atheist instead of an agnostic. The issue I would have is people making the assumption that his worldview in the religious sense was responsible for his actions. The fact that he was xenophobic and a gun nut probably had more to do with it. (I realise that religious people may try to put forth the same argumentation which like with this guy, is really dependent on a case by case basis to determine if their beliefs promoted their behavio
  14. I think the honest answer to this question is it depends on my mood and how much I like the person. Generally I won't piss on your parade if you are friendly or at least stay out of my way.
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