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  1. Like yourself, I wouldn't be comfortable placing all the blame on his PTSD. I had a friend who I feel got too much of a free pass because of his childhood for the things he done to his wife. I had a similar background to him, and I never so much as raised my voice to either of my exes. It goes without saying that a mentally healthy person doesn't do these kinds of things, but surely at some point we have to assign ownership to our actions and accept their consequences. Some people are terrible, and we don't always get to see them for what they are. Him killing his wife was all about control. I
  2. At first I thought he didn't believe any of it and was just 100% a charlatan, I've come to realize it's more 50/50 after seeing him on Joe Rogan. He is crazy, but he does ham it up a bit.
  3. I think an argument could be made that it shouldn't. There's a big divide between male and female athletes, but that doesn't prevent women from competing in sports. You could argue that there's a difference between indirect and direct competition (with which I'd agree) but it's dependent I suppose on how "other" MTF are perceived. If people look at them as just another woman, perhaps it wouldn't be so much of an issue. Like I said, I'm not really into sports so I have no dog in this fight but I think doing what is "fair" here will at some point be seen more to be discrimination tha
  4. The problem is that when it comes to sports, women aren't even in the same ball park when it comes to performance. If you compare top male high school runner's with female world champions, the male high schoolers either beat, or closely match them. Serena and Venus Williams couldn't beat a rank 200 tennis player in the men's division, even despite the fact he drunk a few glasses of alcohol prior to their match. Any sort of handicap system you'd want to impose would need to be drastic enough to the point you might as well get them competing separately. The mitigating factor here is that the hor
  5. For me I think it's a pretty shitty situation to be in. There's currently not a way (that I am aware of) that'll help them be comfortable with their bodies (as in, removing their dysphoria) nor are the surgeries or hormone treatments used by them make them indistinguishable from "real" men/women (yes, some of them can "pass" but this isn't the norm) which causes them much grief as well. I feel bad for them and the situation they're in. I don't have much of an opinion when it comes to bathroom use. I don't think there's necessarily a need for gender based bathrooms anyway. When it c
  6. This seems really interesting. Hope you share it with us here
  7. The fear of hell isn't something one can drive out of them by purely reasoning over it. That's not to say it doesn't help, but it's one of those things you have to take time to process. From what you've said, Zehn it seems to me that you have 2 things which you're giving credibility to hell. The first is that you've had, and have read of others who have had supernatural experiences and the second is that you view the Bible as having some historical credibility. Before I deal with these 2 points I'll say the following: If Christianity were real, you're already fucked. If salvation i
  8. I'm not an American, so I can't really speak for perceptions there but here in Australia I think it's somewhat similar. I'm not a sociologist (or a psychologist for that matter), but I think the negativity stems from the fact that crying is perceived as a weakness of character. For example, if you have a rough time at work and it upsets you enough to cry over it then you're seen as weak as your threshold for that response is seen as being too low. The threshold for crying is basically anything around death, serious illness or your life crashing down around you. Below that, and you'
  9. For me it always seemed weird how the Bible was put together. God nowhere ever outlined how he put the Bible together and why. He didn't list the books and their purposes, and he allowed for a lot of contextual information to be lost to the ages. More bizarrely, he decided that he was going to start getting people to write letters to each other and use these letters to teach his values. Once again, he did not specify which letters were cannon. The apostles never stated which letters were inspired and it was left to the church to hopefully figure out how to separate the wheat from the tares.
  10. I recently hit my 30s and I've realised over the last couple years a couple things have happened. Firstly, as I keep getting older the X that marks the left simply keeps moving to the left of me and secondly, not only was the X moving to the left as I stood stationary, I myself am now moving to the right of my own accord. I'm not even that old, and I feel in general I am losing touch with what's current. It continues to be a weird transition for me; to move from the "happening crowd" to the lepers on the outskirts of society. Right now I am at an interesting crossroads politically
  11. The Christianity related bitterness took me a couple years. At first I didn't realise I had any, and then when I did it took a little while to process. I'd say maybe 2-3 years overall. I had a very hard time growing up, and I missed out on a lot of opportunities so I can certainly appreciate the general bitterness you feel towards life. This is still something I am working through but I am in a much better place now in my 30s than I was in my early to mid twenties. I feel some of this is simply the time you're given to process it, but it's also the opportunities that come to you in life. For e
  12. What I am referring to specifically are these verses written by Paul in Galatians 1 discussing his conversion not what was said and done in Acts: 18 Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to visit Cephas and remained with him fifteen days. 19 But I saw none of the other apostles except James the Lord's brother. He also mentions the twelve in 1st Corinthians 15. Price argues that these are interpolations and/or not to be taken literally. There's also passages where he's pissed at some of the apostles because they normally eat with the gentiles, but when James rock
  13. One thing to keep in mind with the theory of Paul not being a historical figure is that people like Price are somewhat backed into a corner over it. Once you reject a historical Jesus, it makes it very hard to reconcile that with what's written in the Pauline epistles. For example, Paul talks about meeting with other apostles (such as Peter), and the brothers of Jesus. You then have to then take a more allegorical interpretation of these topics and you have to try and take as you can of Paul out of concrete history. That said, I think it's important to read works by people like Pr
  14. I've got a copy of it, I'll be reading it at some point in the next few weeks. I've listened to his podcast though so I've got an idea of what he'd probably say and I don't think he's right. Some of the arguments he makes (such as interpolations of interpolations) are really really stretching it. Still, I'll read the book and see what he has to say in detail.
  15. Thanks, I still have a bit more to go. I will update the post later tonight to finish the summary (It was getting late last night so I decided to save where I was at and continue from there). If you look here this time tomorrow there'll probably be a few more paragraphs (if that is of interest to you). I'm a fan of Price. I've spent a lot of time listening to his podcast the Bible Geek, and I've listened to a few of his debates and the biggest takeaway that I have of his is that he is like a fountain of knowledge. He's read extensively and it shows. With regards to what you said. I
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