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  1. No, I have never raised any kids. You got me. I'm sure you did an excellent job. However I find the implications of your philosophy at the extremes you've defined to be disturbing. Yes, physical contact is what's prosecuted because tangible evidence of it can be produced. But you're missing the point. I'm saying sexual abuse (and we can agree to call it a form of physical abuse; I don't need to hold on to that) is treated as a terrible crime in the first place because of the psychological factors involved. To say that the law must intervene in cases of sexual abuse is to say that the law
  2. That's just ridiculous. If the physical component is all that matters, then every sexual act ever was an instance of assault. What's going to be affecting the child for years after the fact was the breach of trust, the mishandling of authority, the social stigma ... not the plain fact that a certain piece of flesh was touched by another. You mentally damage a kid, that's what makes you a monster. I'm not impressed by your authoritarian attempt to stigmatize me and tell me to just deal with it. Your views make no logical sense and the country is finally outgrowing them. I'm glad that minds
  3. You and I fundamentally disagree on the power of the state. Funny, back in the days of the Soviet Union and other Marxist nations, if you disagreed with the state and they didn't like you, they would have you classified as crazy to put you in an institution. I am not willing to give any more power over to the state then what I as an individual has. My daughter was home schooled and went to private school. She got a ACT of 30. I don't need the state telling me shit. If the state asserts it has that kind of power, I would counsel such parents to get their kids the hell out of that state.
  4. If you think this little holy war is an inevitability and there's no way to ease him into respecting what he'll see as a hellbound family, and you can't ask your wife to cut him off, I'd keep quiet. That kid is getting old enough to start having long lasting memories and having her around strife and a stressed out dad is *probably* worse than anything your FiL's church might do at this point. Maybe in a couple years you can start telling her that god is an imaginary friend that grandpa takes really, really seriously and you just want her to play along. At least you have the home field
  5. The state. They have and should have that power. Is that what you're trying to get out of me? A proper education is determined by the amount and quality of knowledge and skills the state defines as necessary for an individual to have a reasonable likelihood of obtaining gainful employment and/or higher education, to have a satisfactory knowledge of civics, to maintain positive civil relationships with others, and generally to be a productive member of society. A child has been verbally abused if a person with relevant credentials interviews the child and finds signs of such abuse acco
  6. I don't think it's so much a question of who has charge of the kids as it is what their rights are as people. I hold it as a basic right that everyone is given a chance to be properly educated so they can function in society, which increases their chance of survival. The parents in this case were encroaching on that right. Why is physical harm the exception? WHO defines what a "Proper Education" is? Show me where it says in the US Constitution where there is a "RIGHT to an education"? It may say it in a state constitution or two, but remember, there is freedom of religion in the
  7. ... who were all holding up signs bearing neither of those qualities, I'm sure.
  8. I don't think it's so much a question of who has charge of the kids as it is what their rights are as people. I hold it as a basic right that everyone is given a chance to be properly educated so they can function in society, which increases their chance of survival. The parents in this case were encroaching on that right. Why is physical harm the exception?
  9. It's interesting for me to think that I was actually deconverting the whole time. Little by little as I grew up I started going through changes and experiences that may have had to happen leading up to it. But basically it happened when I was 25. A friend had converted to Calvinism and I was really put off by how quickly he accepted the concept that god just "chose" certain people and left the rest of us with no hope, or that Jesus didn't die for everyone, just him and a small number of people lucky enough to be part of the club and agree with him on enough things. I was pretty disgusted
  10. I've been away from this board for a while, and this is my first time seeing you ... But what I take from your posts here is that you are putting too much value in "knowing" if what the bible says is true or if the devil exists or whatever it is you're trying to figure out. And I say that because those things are technically impossible to prove. We can point you to contradictions in the bible, logical arguments against the Christian god, and everything else, but nobody has undeniable evidence of those things pro or con. So you have to accept the next best thing, which is to ask w
  11. You know, I've been away from these boards for a while but I just happened to stop by because of something that's been on my mind lately ... (And, if you don't want it on yours, you might not want to read this. Fair warning.) I was at my uncle's house yesterday and we were talking about seeing more coyotes in the area. He brought up a recent story of a small dog that was dragged off into the bushes and eaten by a coyote somewhere in the neighborhood. People in the houses nearby could hear a horrible scream and could tell the dog was being tormented. Coyotes don't kill their prey before
  12. I honestly never got why it was such a big deal. I hated other Christians for giving the rest of us a bad name by using "sin" as an excuse to be hateful when the bible says we've all sinned and can't pass judgment. However, I did recognize it as sin and against god's will to the extent I felt the bible required. And simply for that, I was called a bigot, which I took great exception to. I was on the fence about supporting gay marriage, but leaned against it on the grounds that I thought marriage was in part a way of gaining the community's approval of a union, and as part of that communit
  13. Don't bother. There might be a magic string of words hidden in the English language that could make him question himself, but in all likelihood you won't hit it and you'll just make the problem worse. I'm sorry to say just smile and nod, but that's all you can do. Not only do I agree with you that it sounds like he's just parroting what he's been told, but the writing pattern looks very cobbled and inconsistent to me; like he just reached for talking points the whole time and mashed them into this one paragraph instead of thinking it through to make a cogent point. So yeah. It's
  14. It's just awful that people have to be responsible for what comes out of their own mouth.
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