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  1. You make a very valid point about a God who wouldn't want you to seek truth in all places, including secular sources, as being suspicious. Christianity has deep irony at its foundation, certainly in the way you describe it, and in the way it presents itself as "seeking truth", and especially in the ways it self-insulates by preemptively accusing non-believers of doing the very things that believers do. You made me think of a video. Don't click it, it will make you throw up in your mouth, but it is a good example of Christians in action with deep irony. Seriously if you do click it, promise you won't watch more than 2 minutes. I think this point is marred by the christian mindset. Street preachers, when I push them, say that without a belief in Jesus they would do horrible things. A facebook post I put out gave similar results. Christians believe they will be bad without God. It is an important mechanism of mind hijacking. Fortunately, as it turns out, ex-Christians are f**king awesome people. Take for example this forum
  2. True story. It really does make more sense when you're not trying to force pieces together that don't fit. There is a journal entry I put in part 5 that said "The best example I could set was to keep following God even when my life made no sense." It is very unfortunate how Christianity takes the best parts of you in the service of preserving itself, even at the expense of the person preserving it. Thanks so much. I wrestled for months with the words of this video. Like you and others said, some things about being an ex-Christian are very difficult to articulate. So there is a mega church down the street from my brother's house. Every Sunday morning they wake him up with their ridiculous bass which aids in their mechanical emotional exploitation. I spontaneously went into the megachurch one evening, politely at first, but then couldn't ignore how awful they were and I told them how I felt about them... and they asked me to leave. But they tried using the "Jesus changed my life" line in that moment, and the only response I had was, well, what I put in the video. Thanks, don't forget it's true <3 Thanks for your words about the video. You really described my hopes in making it, so it means a lot. Did you share it on FB? I think (hope) it is more accessible for Christians than the crass but highly entertaining atheist memes. Promise about the coffee!!
  3. I live in Massachusetts now, and yes, Kingston/Alex Bay is nicer in summer . Big hugs back
  4. Perhaps a way you could do this on facebook, rather than say anything about yourself (which can get messy), is post this last video I made and just ask your friends how they feel about it. That might help them talk about it in a way that is non-threatening, opening more meaningful conversation, since I am a stranger to them. I shared this with an extended family member who is in campus ministry. He let it roll like water off a duck's back, saying that the speaker was "too much info feelings" which are "fleeting" (which is clearly why the speaker lost his faith!) and that "answers for all of the questions he posed are easy to find" (hence, the speaker should not have lost his faith and is obviously not trying hard enough). Gawd. We just can't win. But then I must remember that I was just like him and would have said exactly the same things. What a conundrum! What! After all of that, that was his response? I'm sorry, that is so frustrating. And I have to remember it's not his fault. That's what I remind myself when I confront street preachers who say the same sh-t that I used to say, and if I tell them that I used to say that sh-t, they don't believe me. I really meant what I said in the video about an idea hijacking our emotional architecture. The reactive, emotional side of me wants to get your extended family member on skype with me so he can tell me, unflinchingly, that the reason I don't enjoy the same relationship with Jesus that he has, the reason I am not a Christian, despite everything I did to try to remain a Christian, is because my sincerity wasn't sincere enough, my understanding wasn't smart enough, in other words, I did it wrong. I hate that the Jesus belief so badly wrecks people's brains that it makes them feel justified in making such a disgusting assertion to preserve their own self-integrity.
  5. I already made a separate thread for this, but I just wanted to make sure you guys had a chance to see the last video.
  6. Thank you everyone for all of your words. It means a lot to hear the ways it moved you or helped you. That is as much as I could hope for with this video.
  7. Perhaps a way you could do this on facebook, rather than say anything about yourself (which can get messy), is post this last video I made and just ask your friends how they feel about it. That might help them talk about it in a way that is non-threatening, opening more meaningful conversation, since I am a stranger to them.
  8. Dear ex-c, I finally finished this series. Love and internet hugs, Eli
  9. I have most of the last video done. I've had a super hard time with making this one. I'm close. I won't give up I promise.
  10. Woah these coming out letters are fantastic! I want to hear how it goes for you. I wrote one last year not to a general audience, but to a friend who is deeply in the ministry, so it has a different feel than a refutation to Christianity, if you're interested it's here http://www.ex-christ...sionary-friend/
  11. I really love this line. It connects a lot with why I named my YT page after a fox, which will make sense with the next video. Glad you made it here.
  12. my favorite part of your story is how you titled it
  13. I've been writing part 6, it's the last part. It is taking longer than I wanted it to but I have to let this one take its time.
  14. When wrestling with how to tell this story, something I've really hoped for is that others could understand themselves better by watching the videos, so it means a lot to hear you give that voice. You know something that is amazing about what you said above "I get it" - no one, in my 4 year long deconversion, ever said those words to me. So in the limited ways I can on a forum like this, I see you too. The shattered early 20's guy in the video is not who I am now. Letting go of Jesus is not magic and doesn't make everything ok, but it is the beginning of embracing yourself and a story that is so much more beautiful than Jesus. If you require evidence that I am ok now, you can check out my non-religion youtube I don't have any contact with Liam, and I haven't for years.
  15. One of my best friends from high school, when we were 19 he had his first manic episode (he was later diagnosed bipolar), and during it he believed God had told him to marry this girl, so he went to her house and wouldn't leave and he got arrested. They put him in jail where he saw visions of demons. 10 years later he's still a Christian, but medicated. It was a bad scene, social delusion and personal delusion combined like waves in phase and amplified. But is actually a reflection of how people might act if they really believed Christianity was true.
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