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  1. Thanks for all the responses. I have been in counselling and I am still in counselling. The one thing that has come out of it is that I hold on to constructs very dogmatically and that I have a lot of fear. How do I accept myelf. I hear it a lot but dont know exactly how to do it. I have spent all my life not accepting myself. I understand the concept of the false mask: pretending to be some thing that I am not.
  2. I struggle with the belief of being unworthy (inherently). My theory is that I got the belief from my Christian upbringing; my family environment growing up and that I accepted that belief as true. I have asked myself what would it take for me to be worthy and I have been unable to come up with an answer. I have accomplished a lot of things in my life that many people have praised me for. I know intellectually that I have accomplished a lot of things but I won’t say that I am proud of them. I know that some of these things have given me an “advantage” compared to some people. However I don’t like comparing myself to others. I would like to be in a place where I can be content with whom I am without comparing myself to others. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have gained a lot of things on the outside but in the inside I have a lot of conflict. With this belief running in my mind, I often do not take action on things that I want (that is when I know what I want. I usually live in a state of indecision/passivity). What suggestions do you have to change or let go of this belief? An interesting thing happened to me the other day. I had been to work and out in public without knowing that there was a huge stain on the back of my shirt. After someone pointed it out to me I became self-conscious and started trying to hide it. I tried to fight the urge to hide it but I hide it any way. I think my belief of unworthiness is like the stain on the shirt. It was after I was told about it and then behaved in ways reflecting what I was told that the belief was established in my mind. How do I “unknow” this belief if it is false? I behave as if it was true but I don’t have reasons for why it is true (apart from religion and other experiences that I had which I interpreted as proof of the belief). I don’t find the belief constructive in that it creates conflict in my mind between what I want and what I think I can have/do. How do I come up with a more constructive belief?
  3. Can you elaborate and explain what you mean by channelling?
  4. What are your thoughts on the fact that the mom had the same "gift" which her daughter then claiims. The lady told me that when she started hearing the voices her mom walked her through the process. I remember her saying something along the lines of them praying to make sure that they voices she was hearing were from "good spirits/angels" as opposed to the "bad" ones.
  5. The individual in question did not have this "gift" all her life. She told me that her mom also had this "gift" and that before her mom died they got a message that god wanted the "gift" to remain in the family after which she started to hear from angels. She has attributed some of her messages to be from angels such as Sachiel. She does not appear to have a mental condition or any other apparent “questionable” behaviors. At the end of the day I do not know if this person is making this whole thing up. The thing that bothers me is that she gives medical advice, career advice among other things to others. Once I point blank I asked her if she really does hear from angels. She told me that she really does. I asked her if she was worried that due to the messages she supposedly got from angles that she could be affecting the live of people who took actions based on the things she said. She told me that she does not care as long as she is doing god's will.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has ever had any experience with someone (who happens to be a Christian) who claims to be able to get messages from angels. Somewhat like an oracle where the person presents a situation to “angels” and then supposedly gets a response back from one or multiple angles concerning the situation presented/ question asked. I would like to know if anyone on here used to be able to do this or knows of someone that claims to have this "gift". What are your thoughts/experiences about what is going on?
  7. Does anyone have any advice/insight on how to overcome sexual shame originating from the belief of equating avoidance of sexuality (or in general relationships with the other sex) with purity?
  8. Could you expand on this? I don’t understand the point you are trying to make?
  9. Thanks everyone for the book ideas and suggestions. Mling thanks for the above
  10. I am weary of dream interpretation. When I was younger I was able to control what I dreamed about by thinking about whatever it was that I wanted to dream about just before going to bed.
  11. No, I dont. How do I go about valuing myself. The lessons I have learned about valuing oneself are along the lines of: value yourself = pride (that is what caused the devil to be ejected from heaven) value yourself/your thoughts = arrogance
  12. I was wondering anyone knows of any resources that teach or provide things to consider when making one’s own personal values and “moral code”? I am looking for succinct information that can help me to decide on ways of conducting myself that does not involve religion. Up to this point in my life, everything to a certain degree has been done out of fear. I did “good” not because I thought I was doing “good” but to avoid judgement. Most of what I have found has being “think for yourself”. It is hard to think for yourself and make decisions when one does not know what one’s values are. I am trying to find out what it is that I value and why do I value them.
  13. Could current Christians/believers please comment on this. I would like to get the opinion of someone who currently speaks in tongues or goes to a congregation where it is practiced. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply. I have searched a lot on the internet but I could just found "new age" type people claiming to be able to speaking with angels not Christians. However I do know of someone (a Christian) who claims to communicate with angels and whom people go to on a regular basis to get guidance. (Almost like an oracle.) I have heard some of the messages that this individual has "received" - sometimes they can be vague and other times they can be very precise (sometimes shockingly). However I am skeptical about the whole thing - I wonder if it is just an extreme case of cold reading. However the interesting thing is the this person doesn't need to see the person with the request to be able to present the situation to the "angels" for guidance. Sometimes the person receives the request by phone, email or through a third party who is concerned for someone else. Your thoughts, experiences will be appreciated
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