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  1. I haven't been here in forever! Hi everybody!

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    2. Lilith666


      And nice to meet you! (I joined in 2012, so we may not have run into each other before.)

    3. LogicalFallacy


      Hi, nice meeting you. Welcome back.

    4. Volt


      I was never a very frequent poster, just a big ole lurker, but it's nice to see this place is still active!

  2. Hi, all! I've always held an interest in mythology of all kinds, especially when I was a kid and into the Greek stories. Right now I'm working on a personal writing project that focuses on the Christian and Germanic inspirations in a certain video game... But then I realized I know next to nothing about Christian stories or theology! I decided to ask here since I don't want to accidentally stumble upon apologist books, I just want to read about it in an objective way. Does anyone know of any books out there that simply explain Christian theology and/or mythological-type stuff (angels, etc)? Th
  3. Thanks! I mostly just lurk around here, but even then it's not as often as I used to. Religion was not really a major part of my childhood at all, but I thought I'd just share the important parts here.
  4. When I was a young kid, I'm not sure if I ever truly "believed" in my family's religion (Christianity), but rather I thought that everyone knew about God and Jesus and all that, because that's just how it was in our world. My parents believe in God, but didn't really FORCE it on us, and we never went to church. The most Christianity that I got was when I went to my grandparents' house and my grandmother told me Bible stories before bed. I now consider myself very lucky to have been raised with minimal religion in my life, but at the time I didn't know. However, I have ALWAYS found the attitude
  5. The service at my grandmother's funeral was all about Jesus and hardly at all about her. sigh. She wasn't even a hardcore Christian or anything; according to Mom, she had a sort of blend of Christian (from moving to America) and Buddhist (from her life in Thailand and Laos) beliefs.

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    2. Volt


      Thanks, and yeah. Most of the service was in Laos (the language), so I didn't understand most of it, but my mom had the same complaints that i did, so I'm assuming that they didn't discuss her much in Laos either. This is probably the only time I've been thankful that I don't speak the language. The only portion about her in English was the very small speech by my uncle. It would've been great to discuss her life, considering her, my grandfather, and my mom and aunt an...

    3. Volt


      *and uncles were refugees.

    4. xliar


      what a shame. They could've completely left out the religous shit and had a fascinating, real life story about her and her family. Perhaps someday you'll make that story happen.

  6. I don't stop by to read that often anymore, but exC is still refreshing, as always.

    1. Margee


      Hi volt! good to have to here! Stay awhile? *hug*

    2. Volt


      Hi there! I should step in more often!

  7. Hi there! Nice Sayaka! ouo/

  8. lol we never said grace. I was at my cousin's house once, though, when I was 7 or 8, and I was just going to town on the eggs n bacon, when all of a sudden they started saying grace... I didn't know what I was supposed to do
  9. Have you ever tried to argue your point with a devout CHristian, but end up "losing" because their arguments make so little sense that you become speechless? :P

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    2. hereticzero


      or you get the christian that likes to quote-mine famous people like Einstein to try and claim they secretly believed in god (usually meaning the god of the babble.)

    3. SillyString


      I know what you mean, but most of the time for me, they're the ones that shrug their shoulders and say, "we don't have all the answers, you just need to have faith". Bahhhhhhhhhhhh

    4. Volt


      It drives me crazy XD !

  10. Talked to my mom about stuff today. We agree on so many things :3

    1. asanerman


      Volt, bringing yourself "up to date" with your Mom is good! All family members have a history with each other. Sometimes things have occurred in the past that never got talked about, leaving old hurts and fantasies still around. Give yourself permission to finish unfinished business! Please remember that any invitation to "finish unfinished business" is open to acceptance as well as rejection.

  11. : I've never actually sat and read any of the Bible. I felt like it a few minutes ago, and flipped through Revelations. It sounds like some intense fantasy movie, what with all the angels and dragons and stuff o_o

    1. Brother Jeff

      Brother Jeff

      Not to mention the talking animals and the crowds of magically undead folks.


      The Bible alternates between hilarious absurdity and shocking violence and immorality, with a little bit of sane "good stuff" mixed in. The small amounts of "good stuff" is what believers hear in church. The rest of the Bible is generally devoutly ignored.

  12. One guy, the student president I think, led a quick prayer with the class right before the graduation ceremony the other day. I didn't really care.
  13. Another excuse I hate is "Well, science doesn't explain it, so it's God." >.>

    1. JadedAtheist


      God of the gaps, always there when you need him.

  14. I just heard my mom saying that sometimes she wonders if there actually is a god, because of all the bad things that happen to people. Interesting!

  15. the rapture was awesome

  16. I am now a high school graduate. Yeah! XD

  17. Graduation tonight! w00t!!

  18. Man i love that song I also like people on youtube.... They're fun~
  19. One of my best friends was trying to witness to me today....at Chuck E Cheese x__x

  20. : I really hate the "it's not a religion, it's a relationship" crap o__o They're all like "Of course religion is not the real thing, you have to have a personal relationship with God!' and it's just like ahhhhhhh how can you even think such a silly thing

    1. Foxy Methoxy

      Foxy Methoxy

      What they mean when they say that is "I'm not delusional. I just have no attachment to reality."

    2. NaturalMary63


      Yep - they're trying to whitewash something with a negative connotation by rebranding it with something viewed more positively. But they're missing the point that neither has any basis in reality.

    3. Fuego


      Funny that their relationship with the all-knowing one continually yields no useful information beside "Stop that sinning" and "Don't question me".

  21. May 21 is the day after my graduation, and the day we're having my sister's birthday party I wonder how silly believers in it will feel when it doesn't happen......
  22. One thing that I seriously disapprove of is when people use scripture to oppress or bully others. It's just another example of how some Christians believe that their holy book and ideology is superior to every other holy book or alternate ideology. How come theirs has to be right? What makes other people's beliefs invalid compared to theirs? It is so frustrating. Just writing because someone very close to me is having issues with friends over her sexuality... The friends believe it's wrong “because the Bible said so.” Who cares if the Bible says it? You should have enough sense to see p
  23. "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong; they are weak but he is strong... A little full of yourself aren't you, Jesus? Of COURSE they're weak, they're just kids! And you're a...big giant." ~Dad

    1. asanerman


      Are you insinuating that "hop-a-long-Jesus" music sucks! Come on!

    2. NaturalMary63


      I wonder and haven't looked it up... does the Bible say that Jesus loves me? Really?

  24. My dad was talking about how if he was Jesus, he'd feed people Poptarts instead of bread and fish, and have pizza and hotdogs at the last supper :P

    1. Margee


      Volt - Don't forget the

      ice-cream for dessert!


    2. Petunia


      Cake and cookies too! Yum!

    3. asanerman


      I'm sure he would have stopped delivery of the Jimmy Jones cocktails. OUCH

  25. Volt


    I was awake on my computer with lights out last night when the Easter Bunny came...but I didn't know that. I left to go to the bathroom at around 1am and saw my Easter gift early. I felt like a traitor or something lol Facebook feed is abound with Christian status updates, and I saw a truck today that someone had written "Follow Jesus Lord" and "John 3:16" on the back of it. Well then. Here I am, saying that I don't need a blood sacrifice or a god or anything like that to be a good person and feel good about myself. EASTER IS ABOUT EGGS SILLY
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