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  1. Fwee, no one is saying that there aren't underground gardens or hidden Martians. Or hot Martian chicks that look like Rhonda Rousey (wearing post apocalyptic mini-togas) that will come out of the caves at night and drag unsuspecting miners into their underground lairs in order to make sex slaves out of them so they can re-populate their planet, OK? If there is running surface water there though, it gets us one step closer to finding out. Death by snu snu!
  2. The Lord provided them all with Doc Martens.
  3. Actually, Neanderthals buried their dead at least 50,000 years ago, but this species appears to be much older. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/12/131216-la-chapelle-neanderthal-burials-graves/ Indeed. And also appear to have used jewelry and various dyes. For many decades Neanderthals were synonymous with your typical club carrying "cave-man" when in actuality they were just as intelligent as their peers. Our understanding of them, their culture, and ways of life has really only taken off recently. Before that people just assumed they were stupid because they died out.
  4. What's interesting is the burial chamber. This suggests that they had some manner of ritual and were capable of symbolic thought. For decades, the convention was that only modern humans demonstrated this ability. Obviously, that isn't the case.
  5. Exactly. There are those who think that stashing away a few boxes of MRE's and some camo and they'll be all set for the nuclear apocalypse. If shit goes to hell in a handbasket there's not much prep to do for that. HOWEVER, preparing for natural disasters, civil unrest, protests, extreme weather is very prudent. Having extra food and water on hand, ways to filter water, extra candles, batteries, backup ways to cook/prepare food, a garden, a ready to go bug out bag if a fire or earthquake comes bearing down, a planned meeting area, a way to defend yourself or home, etc...that's just being smart. Edit: A good basic resource from of all places...FEMA - http://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/7877
  6. I forget, wasn't it Allied and Russian forces who liberated all the death camps? Or did the sitting Pope at the time personally liberate all the Jews?
  7. And start doing crossover episodes with all the Gold shows on the History Channel.
  8. Eye for an eye. Boat him out far enough and let him drown like his daughter did.
  9. People who get upset about hunting but still eat meat from the grocery store need to take a long look at their priorities. Notice, I said hunting. What this dipshit does isn't hunting. He pays expensive guides to take him to fenced in preserves where he is babysat until something comes along. No, he's definitely no hunter. Just an idiot with too much money.
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