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  1. i used to smoke 3 packs of cigarettes in 2 days and drinks like a fish on weekends. it simply takes me a heart attack and a double bypass to quit the habit. just wait, it is likely to happen when you hit 40s
  2. pratt

    Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    i do not use screen protector for my ipad and iphone, so can i teach her au naturale??? stupid f
  3. he got fame n “fortune” from back from heaven, now he may get some money for refuting he did not go heaven, confessions and jesus forgives me tour
  4. pratt

    Help Me Understand

    just wondering do you prefer she visits you anytime she wants OR you visit her anytime you want
  5. pratt

    Iron Horse-Michael C.

    condolences and sympathies to you and family
  6. pratt

    A BDSM god

    in my younger days, enjoyed a little kinky sex, nipple clamps and such. no hardcore bloody or scat stuff. just mild fun now looking at the stories of the bible, looks like yhwh gets high on himself and his creations get whipped. imagine yhwh getting orgasmic when nail hammered on hand or seeing kings and/or prophets eating shit and such. what a fuck up god
  7. pratt

    Old topic, new casualty

    if she remains christian, nothing good will come out of this relationship
  8. pratt

    Do you remember Brother Jeff

    Bro Jeff is a character by himself From what i read from his postings and rantings and such, he is struggling as far as i know hom here. i have yet to know personally people who has bipolar but have seen friends with BPD and it is real and not easy to be with. mood swings, chem imbalance and stress and other trigger points are real, and will affect their judgement at point in time and christians are always ready to nab them. wish them happy where ever they are and whatever they believe. be kind
  9. pratt

    This Site Exhausts Me

    i don’t read every single post or every rant. i read what i enjoy reading and learn from some experts here. i don’t give a hoot on gun control, feminist, libertians or whatever that is. i like the topic i read, and when it becomes bickering, i moved on till someone post something interesting there is only so much that interests me. extestimonies interest me in the past but nowadays tends to skip this section all together
  10. pratt

    One Word Game

  11. pratt

    My apologies

    no worries H, understand. take care
  12. pratt

    In your honest opinion

    all scriptures are god inspired and the passages and books are selected by human. even martin luther wants relevation be excluded in the 66 books yes scriptures maybe inspired but the human are NOT
  13. pratt

    Where do I get the power?

    serenelyblue has been here some time already it is probably time to see doc and adjust your meds
  14. pratt

    In your honest opinion

    i have a wonderful church nice christian fellowship pastors went yo wheaton and whatsnot teaching biblical stuff nobody abuses me no misappropriation of church funds and properties the church is built on the rock jesus and the story in the bible just is not true i walked away
  15. at a ripe old age of 99 finally dead hallelujah