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  1. was looking at some topics in christforums. he would close the thread whenever he sees fit and have his last word. but then again, he is the OWNER of the website and definitely canjolly do whatever he likes. also, someone in his forum did ask this question. davidtaylorjr replied to Goth Explorer's topic in Political Debate My bigger question is why was there a woman in the pulpit to begin with?
  2. after seeing his reply to my questions, this william guy has ZERO sincerity, and his christforums is a joke. i try not to be rude, but he can go and fuck himself for all i care
  3. what have we tried and failed? NOTHING fake faith? Faith in ????? Not speculation of what monergism means to us means you cannot explain yourself or need not explain yourself or simply cannot explain yourself. Great Commission? been there done that but all for nothing
  4. Monergism as in Monergism is the view within Christian theology which holds that God works through the Holy Spirit to bring about the salvation of an individual through spiritual regeneration, regardless of the individual's cooperation. It is most often associated with Calvinism (such as Presbyterianism and the Dutch Reformed Church) and its doctrine of irresistible grace, and particularly with historical doctrinal differences between Calvinism and Arminianism. This position contrasts with Arminian synergism, the belief that God and individuals cooperate to bring individuals salvation. wow. exC doomed from beginning
  5. being bad or good or abusive or whatever has no bearings on one’s belief. there are bad christians atheists muslims buddhists hindus and such aboluyely nothing to do with one’s leanings
  6. all things work together blah blah blah it is good that we got no access faithless people pray through it or just too cheapskate to pay to secure the website or just too ignorant and thought god would manage the website when he is obviously not free telling trump to build the border wall
  7. theoretically in psalms 3 scores and 10. thats 70 years old. 33yo is untimely death. maybe the average mortality rate due to infant deaths etc, but normal average shld be 80. NO?
  8. Dude you don’t believe, be careful i get hexes thrown at you. https://mashable.com/article/witches-hex-kavanaugh/?utm_cid=mash-com-fb-main-link#8DMUMhYvD9qk
  9. i hve all the proof Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 Infinity Wars 2018
  10. you probably have 1 opportunity to walk the street of gold once then you get stuck in the pews to sing hallelu fucking lah for eternity
  11. probably a TRUE CHRISTIAN is one who is already dead and still believing in jesus. until you are dead and in jesus arms or bosoms, you are NEVER a christian
  12. snapped in half and able to move around in crutches within 2 days? wow
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