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  1. pratt


    i am in singapore you can be a buddhist/christian/catholic/atheist or join any religion that is legal. JW is illegal becoz it disallows followers bear arms other than that, no restriction. family/social and peers pressure is there for sure
  2. pratt

    Is Christian debate dead?

    the bible has been dissected many times over. you can only beat the dead horse that many times until something new findings comes along. another fossil another scientific discovery and another crazy fuck comes along with another crazy idea (probably evolved from another old idea)
  3. pratt

    Why do I have to endre this crap

    he threatened us with jesus crap and we put a pic of head in ass and he finds it offensive?
  4. pratt

    Pleasing aroma to God?

    god probably loves lamb chop grilled to perfection he prefers human toasted
  5. pratt

    How do you leave the church?

    i am from singapore and used to be a methodist church member and some sirt if leader in the local church. i simply wrote in to withdraw my membership to the pastor in charge. stop attending church. “church” friends called, amd busy with something else, or meet outside church. unsubscribe church notices. have lotsa friends outside church settings. NO ISSUES
  6. pratt

    On Healings

    and the world still have amputees
  7. wonder how many here laid the fleece like gideon did??? i know i did that before. but the fleece carpet remained unchanged.
  8. pratt

    God is an alien

    i once was lost, but now am found T'was blind but now I see halleluzah
  9. pratt

    God Sighting!!

    come on. all you need 5 loaves and 2 fish
  10. the good book since in the beginning was the word he is alpha he is omega a confused book
  11. a perfect god executes an imperfect plan? how does imperfection sets in a perfect person. if an entity is perfect no blemishes and would NOT know blemishes. weird logic
  12. Bruce Van natta was set up by “supposedly” god so god may be glorified. god put van natta under the truck, cause the jack to fall, crush him almost into half, severed 5 arteries and not let him die, in hospital to wait for someone to pray for him, 9 months and many surgeries later, let us all glorify god. yup. thats a crazy batshit god he believes
  13. this guy is funny and a keeper. hardly have such a species coming our way to tell us god is real demon is real raising the dead is real amputees can grow their limbs is real heavy metal is evil is real demons can be detected and delivered is real
  14. pratt

    The weirdest thing is happening to me

    noah is a myth adam is a myth talking snake is a myth moses is a myth joshua is a myth jesus genealogy traces back to a myth. but jesus is real. holy spirit is real. scripture is real. believe and repent. if not the hell is reserved for you ex christians, eternal suffering awaits you
  15. hope all the doctors are out of jobs now amd hospitals closed in australia oh wait. there are still doctors and hospitals in australia