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  1. consider yourself lucky
  2. theoretically in psalms 3 scores and 10. thats 70 years old. 33yo is untimely death. maybe the average mortality rate due to infant deaths etc, but normal average shld be 80. NO?
  3. pratt

    5 Dead Sea Scolls Found to be Fake

    the fragments may be real but jesus is not
  4. pratt

    I believe in Jesus again

    Dude you don’t believe, be careful i get hexes thrown at you.
  5. pratt

    Funny Pics Thread Part 4: Electric Boogaloo

    simply means service
  6. pratt

    I believe in Jesus again

    i hve all the proof Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 Infinity Wars 2018
  7. pratt

    I believe in Jesus again

    you probably have 1 opportunity to walk the street of gold once then you get stuck in the pews to sing hallelu fucking lah for eternity
  8. probably a TRUE CHRISTIAN is one who is already dead and still believing in jesus. until you are dead and in jesus arms or bosoms, you are NEVER a christian
  9. pratt

    Healed broken leg?

    snapped in half and able to move around in crutches within 2 days? wow
  10. who what is a christian?
  11. pratt

    Did Jesus Exist?

    using bible to prove bible stories don’t make sense. using bible to disprove bible also don’t make sense. jesus or joshua is a common name. there was/is jesus/joshua 2500 years ago till even today. historical jesus sure have. jesus a teacher/preacher sure have BIBLICAL JESUS very unlikely and cannot be bothered
  12. pratt


    i am in singapore you can be a buddhist/christian/catholic/atheist or join any religion that is legal. JW is illegal becoz it disallows followers bear arms other than that, no restriction. family/social and peers pressure is there for sure
  13. pratt

    Is Christian debate dead?

    the bible has been dissected many times over. you can only beat the dead horse that many times until something new findings comes along. another fossil another scientific discovery and another crazy fuck comes along with another crazy idea (probably evolved from another old idea)
  14. pratt

    Why do I have to endre this crap

    he threatened us with jesus crap and we put a pic of head in ass and he finds it offensive?
  15. pratt

    Pleasing aroma to God?

    god probably loves lamb chop grilled to perfection he prefers human toasted