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  1. Part 1 To bornagainathiest Thanks for your Response my friend, I like your writing style and how you break things down, I can learn a lot from you, how did you end up on this site? What happened that made you who you are today? Without further adue I try to tackle some of your tough questions Science and faith don’t mix My apologies this is a hard concept for me and I struggled with it for quite some time perhaps you can shed some light, To me it seems circular, if science detects only natural then why expect it to detect supernatural and then say that only the natural exists,
  2. Looks like i have run out of time it is a little after 9pm here and i have not finished but i will post something as promised, not being finished sets me up for the domino effect, new responses and rebuttals before i can respond to the old ones. But i will do what i can. Thanks everyone for patience. Well im very sorry i could not get to everyone there was alot on my plate, i want to do part two tommorrow but not sure if i will be able to, i cannot give a timeframe at this point. If you want a fast response why dont you call me 1 800 NOL OGIC. kidding.... If you want a faster response i am
  3. what time is it where you guys are at? lol also welcome Newcomes you will have a brain to feast on 9pm tonight been rough responding to everything. i even backed all my notes on a external hard drive just i case something happenned. I got 3000words recorded probably will be about 10,000 when i finish. I sorry i cannot post any here yet because again it would create a domino effect, where i ahve new and fresh rebuttals before i got the chance to answer the old ones. Also i like to chat with people here normally to get to know one another and not necessarily always talk business, understanding p
  4. To everyone thanks for the wait, it just turned saturday got a lot going on, also to start off, im not a good debater, because well, I don’t debate, I discuss…So don’t expect a fight or argumentative spirit. Im here to engage in meaningful conversation. For each person I have split it up in categories so I can address your responses as a whole instead of statement by statement, If there is a better method please let me know, i will use it next wave of responses, I will try get pregnant with that idea and produce, water it feed it and change its Diap..................Ahem. Byyy the wayyyy..
  5. thought2much because when i dont respond people think i ran away so i give them something to eat. and i cant respond to some rejectiosn i will respond to all. But expect to see some whether im finished or not on saturday okay? later peeps
  6. THanks Ouroboros we are in the universe and people love each other : ) off to works folks, i have to go to court for simple things help some people out, ta ta See yall saturday
  7. TO everyone else, maybe this will help, i give a timeframe. By Saturday i should have something up regardless. I decided to respond every 2weeks considered me and my wifes works schedule and lack of time.
  8. simmer down dimemr down, im still here, i work 12shifts people, i will respond, i do alittle bit a day i respond on my microsoft word, because if i respond here then i got new rebuttals and rejections to answer, and it will stack infintletly like dominoes. the mroe new questiosn you keep asking me more time it will take me to respond lol. So Shhhh. Again im outnumbered, unless you one want 1 sentence responses, then i will responses. But i want feed yall some corn and mashed potatoes not couple peanuts. The only reason i respond briefl;y as i have been is to let you know im here, but again i w
  9. lol akheia can you help me understand why you are saying negative things toward me when i have not said anything negative towars you? surely you dont suggest i stay the same and never learn? to give up and remain in doubt and ignorance? nah i cant see myself doing that. I even joke around saying i cant wait to get my logic eaten for breakfeast. so its unclear where you get the notion that i speak as if i know it all. I am here for discussion and fruitful conversations. You guys taught me here to always question things, to think, to find out origins, find reasons, find whys, i never learned th
  10. Well there is one person here that knows me a bit more personally than the rest in here, trust me im not trying to play innocent you guys way too smart for that, i know it seems like i got whiskers, but again, its opinion, i am here to grow and that is the truth, im sorry if anyone feels otherwise. And its 1 vs 10plus naturally i cannot respond to all in a short time, not because i am trying to run on a site a pop quote and few lines, like a hit and run. There is no fruit in such an endeavor, and there is no humor in this... i am serious. Serious face.....i wont keep this face for long ebcaus
  11. Ouroboros, I taste like Chocolate, : ) and on the inside is liquid cherry Mmmmm....Ahem...please disregard this statement, my humor skills are as good as a South Korean Sneaker bar. My sister bought one home from the military it was horrendous. In any case I got the chance to read everyones responds, please allow me time to respond, school, work etc will slow me down and i have a lot to address here ifferent people and clarifications on my end. No time frame specified but i will try to come back soon as i can.....in the meantime i am growing a lot here, understanding different concepts,
  12. "The idea of God in no way solves the problem because it in essence says, "nothing can come from nothing, instead it comes from this deity that came from itself", attempting to close the chain of responsibility by creating a context that does not adhere to our rules. So then is that to say that the only way we could exist is if there are a different set of rules that created us? Hmm, and what part of that suggests intelligence?" God wasnt created he just always there, he is existence itself, Why? because he is the uncaused cause, if i wanted to go to barbies Mansion but before i did, i had
  13. Deva.....speaking of that, i was also given a magic book for christmas but it didnt have a spell check. Anyhoooo Akheia good to see you again too, yes perhaps my logic was eaten for breakfeast, lunch and dinner, BUT i must say just because i dont put forth a good argument doesnt make my argument nontrue. innocent people got put in jail because their lawyer couldnt present their case well, lack of a good argument doesnt nullify the possibility of something being true, furthermore, non belief does not erase existence. Spectrox good to see ya again as well, im sure girls would be all over you, t
  14. A girl came up to me at work and said did you get murdered yet? and i made a horrible jim carey impersonation of the eye brow lift, then she immediatly rephrased her question asking me if i Got Married yet?....I was like OOOOh yea, i did thanks!! it was fun had over 200 peeps and went to a disney cruise on a honeymoon, i wont go in details Soooo hows everyone been Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Im sorry i didnt get the chance to respond to everyone before i left, Ahkeia, Antlerman, Tealeaf, Centurian and many others. For the ones that cursed me out, perhaps if i knew you were Going to u
  15. i am greatly impressed my friend : ) i will try to make my last response before my time is up, i will ake sure i at least respond to this one even after my time is up it just ay tae longer simlply because i will have 5hrs left out of a 24hr day. Thank you for your responses, i will be oig a departure essage as well for all before i go. Keep it up bro you just may make me into a pancake.
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