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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqqSa9n2ZQk&feature=kp
  2. My understanding was that the writing started to keep tabs on the taxes. It was code that was kept "secret" for whatever purpose. The earliest texts were little more then Bob owes 20 sheep. Of course as is the case with anything, once the concept is out there others think of it too. It is thought that the Noah myth was actually sumerian in orgin and it was a flood of the Tigri and Euphrates. Of course there are other hypothosies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocene_Impact_Working_Group The use of money however was not new. That concept has existed for a very long time before.
  3. There is also the Exotic factor. An old college friend stated on day that a buddy of his from high school moved to miami. He was a skinny pasty white boy. Couldn't get a date in town to save his life. Goes to Miami, Hot latin girls were hanging off him. I got hit on more in Jamaica than anywhere else. Shanghi girls love American men. sometimes when you are in the culture you can see what others do from outside.
  4. I wouldn't exactly call it a translation. Peregrine is also the name of a falcon. So I....created a meaning from it that worked for me. Glad you like it
  5. http://youtu.be/Hy9Sr6Q2r_8 A black atheist documents his family about his atheism in Caton, OH.
  6. she is AWESOME! and very high energy.
  7. Ooh, Latin scholar eh? It does indeed. "Night traveller" or "night wanderer" is how I translate it. See. I saw Nyx and thought this. http://www.eve-wiki.net/index.php?title=Nyx Then when I actually looked it up. I got something more like Night Falcon or Night Hawk. Which triggered this thought. http://eve.wikia.com/wiki/Nighthawk Stupid EVEonline.
  8. Church profits are up every time we raise this arbitrary number.
  9. that is a very candid and frank piece of work Heretic. Well said.
  10. banned in less than 5 responses.
  11. I actually wonder if in 1000 years they will still say the earth is 6000 years old.
  12. well I have seen several of these guys over the short years I have been on this site. Most would've left along time ago. course most of them get banned before because they resort to name calling and personal attacks.
  13. yeah I do. I can admire it. That doesn't mean I approve or think it is wise. It has certainly been entertaining.
  14. wow. amazing. Cliff, I admire the fact that you are still around. But....geez.
  15. I believe Hermaeus Alexander would be the best EXC to ask. This seems like some obscure theology.
  16. actually looks like a rather peaceful place.
  17. Which is another excellent point in favor of humans.
  18. This post just goes to show that even in the midst of the all the BS and ancient propaganda there is some good stuff in the bible. Course that could probably be said about Mein Kampf too.
  19. Then work with me help me understand Well cliff, Ravenstar's post tries to do that. And she was actually holding back. Margee's testimonial is another great one. You will never have the exact same experience as someone else. You will never be able to experience what they have they way they did. That said, in order to get some measure of understanding, you have to drop everything you think you know. This post clearly shows you have not done that yet. I suggest you sit in the testimonials section and read about 2-3 pages of posts without commenting. That w
  20. isn't preachin all about the bling and dollar bills?
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