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  1. Dammit, QT - now I'm all hungry. :angry:
  2. Isn't there something in the NT about the pot not questioning the potter, 'Why have you made me thus?' I got the impression that god picks who he wants to give faith to, and damns those to unbelief against their will (or at least w/out consulting them). So which is it? Does god create us to be faithful/unfaithful, or is it our choice? And at any rate, no one chooses hell. Even if you're Pol Pot, no one wants to burn in hell for all eternity. God throws everyone in hell against their will, no matter how evil they are. Xtians, don't fool yourselves. To say 'you chose it' is just a snide, hypocritical way of saying 'you deserve it'.
  3. "Sin" in this case being any kind of critical thinking...
  4. Wham! That's it exactly, WR! Fundies like Scott are just grist for the mill. Hopefully at least a few people reading these forums will be able to avoid the mental booby-trap of xtianity that we all fell victim to. Something else to consider as well, Scott: a lot of us think that fundamentalism and religious extremism is a very, very bad thing. It retards minds, causes emotional dysfunction and advocates very questionable morality. Taken to extremes (which it often is), and you have evil in it's purest form, where human suffering, freedom, and life itself is held to be less important than serving some puerile, bronze-age religious abstraction. At it's best, religion is nonsense - at it's worst, it's deadly madness.
  5. I'm not about to go lowering myself to their level, nor is resorting to violence the way to deal with anything - although I do appreciate your.........er.......... encouragement! Well, maybe that was a little harsh. But feel free to oppose them at every turn, and maybe insult them, too. Sorry, I'm just in a really anti-fundy mood lately. It doesn't help when I hear my fellow countrymen are running around in another nation, making the US look even worse. Cripes, they're bad enough here in the States.
  6. Hi Jun, and welcome! Let me say as an American, I would be perfectly happy about you going up to one of these American evangelical dickheads and sucker-punching them right in their stupid faces. Also, tar/feathers, riding out of town on a rail, etc. Hope you Aussies are successful getting rid of these pests. Let us know how you did it if it works.
  7. Back to the OP - Ramen, you would do well to learn that nearly all of life's troubles usually begin with a girl. [ducks barrage of objects thrown at head] But just relax and wait -soon enough, another pretty little thing will come traipsing merrily along, and you can go through it all over again! Circle of life, man. But at least you got out of the stoopid xtian mindset. Life's complicated enough without all that crap on top of it.
  8. Hey, Ruby! Wow - you have come out of one of the toughest mindsets to ensnare people! I was involved in a Mennonite/charismatic church in the Lancaster PA area, and those people are brainwashed from birth. Congratulations on breaking out of that crazy world! I know it's very tough for apostates in your position, leaving an extremist group like old-order Mennonites: the cult does a fine job making you emotionally & socially dependent, which is an excellent tool for control. I've known people who were shunned completely by their own families just for switching churches, never mind expressing doubts about god! It can be tough finding your way out of all that brainwashing and conditioning, but it sounds like you're on the right path! Glad you made it here - keep it up!
  9. Hiya Darkside! Yep, the bible cannot decide itself how one gets saved. You'd think an all-powerful, all-knowing god could make it understandable for us mere humans, but apparently not... Fanaticism definitely has a negative affect on personality as well, but don't sweat it. Trust me, things will even out eventually. Freedom from religious tyranny tends to make better persons of us all, I've found. Anyway, welcome and relax!
  10. No! We're too busy promoting communism and selling drugs to schoolkids! Mu-hahaha! Sorry, helpwithfear - I couldn't resist! Seriously, no - I don't because it seems as if atheism has given me a sort of 'spirituality' I'd never considered before. Basically, it's made me realize how precious life is. I have pretty serious doubts about the afterlife. Obviously no one knows, but the fantastic claims of of most religions seem pretty ridiculous to me. So if all we have is this life and then eternal sleep, it seems to me we ought to make the most out of this one. Anyway, now that you've opened your eyes, you can start to make real decisions, instead of letting the church make them for you. Welcome!
  11. What? Risking death? Screw that, I'm re-converting! Welcome, DT! Always glad to see another apostate!
  12. I stopped attending many, many years ago, but in my case most of my friends and family were either non-believers or lukewarm at best. In fact, most of them were relieved once I stopped going to 'that crazy church' and started becoming normal again. As for my xtian 'friends' in the church, once I left I might as well have dropped off the face of the earth. Which was fine with me - I never wanted to see them again. I don't know what to tell you, ricky18. It's clear that withdrawing from church is going to have a major impact on your family/friends, so I can't really say 'Just stop going to church'. I know it's not that simple. But I would agree it's not exactly healthy or productive to keep going just to avoid conflict. It's like an alcoholic who keeps going to bars with his old drinking buddies and trying to stay sober. I think you already know what to do - it's just how and when that have you stymied. Hang in there! You too, walkon!
  13. For me, it was the entire story of Genesis - the question it brought to mind was, "How could anyone take this literally?" Even as a fervent xtian I didn't literally believe in stories of the creation, the flood, etc. I knew better. They're so obviously fables...
  14. Do we get crackers and grape juice, here? No, booze and cigarettes! Interesting ex-imony, Minstrel. Amazing how bible study and thinking often leads to deconversion, isn't it?
  15. Oh, Hans - you've quoted the single most ignored verse in the bible. Not one single xtian ever thinks that verse refers to them.
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