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    Learning how to be an ex-Christian and be comfortable with it!
    This is my 'Please Forgive Me' letter - It is my testimony and I hope it helps someone....You'll have to copy and paste.
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    Hi! I've come to you for a little help. I was a 'Fundi' for 30 years. I took the bible literally. The more I studied, the more questions I had. I became known as the 'pastors worst nightmare'. I asked too many questions. They (the church) continued to tell me just to have faith. It's been 3 years since I've gone to church. Nobody knows how I feel. How do you tell your friends and family that you don't believe anymore?

    It's been a long time coming. It all started when I read Charles Templeton's book,''Farewell To God-My Reasons For Rejecting Christianity''.(He was Billy Grahams dearest friend) His book answered just about every question that I ever asked when I belonged to the church, but they would not answer because they couldn't. I even went as far as having 3 phone conversations with Charles before he died and he sent me his autographed book.

    I have bargained, begged, cried, screamed and 'prayed' for God to give me the 'sign' that 'he' exists and it has not happened. I have prayed to 'him' in agony I've said to 'him', 'Don't you see, you're ready to lose me, don't you care'? I have gone as far as leaving letters to 'him' under my pillow (to reveal himself to me in a dream) so 'he' could see how sincere I am! How's that for being crazy?

    Sincere is what I have been! And I'm darn angry now!

    I started to study websites like 'evil' and 'Why God won't heal amputees?' I have dabbled with the law of attraction, psychics, astrology, energy fields, and every new age 'thing' a person could try to find a faith that might be more reliable than the christian god.

    If I ever even dreamt that I would be writing this letter.... The girl who studied her bible for years - I would have told you that the devil had complete control of me! I tried and tried and tried to make sense of this for all these years. I have heard horror stories of 'suffering' even within our own community of the church (let alone the whole world) and I always asked this God ; ''Why-Why-Why, can't you do something?? Can you not see what's happening down here? Can't you see how cruel nature can be? Don't you see what all these 'Holy Books' are doing to people down here? Can't you see the rapes, murders - the insanity of it all?''

    How does one deal with the pain of no God? My search is almost over - but - what now? So I don't believe in God anymore.... What now? How does one deal with this? I've read that some of you are 'free'. I don't feel that way. No afterlife - no seeing my only sister who died 13 years ago - no seeing mom or dad? No reward for trying to be so good all these years? How does one deal with this 'Dark Night of The Soul''?

    Thank you so much. Sincerely, Margee

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  1. Margee

    Feeling sucked back into Christianity

    You'll find the other 3 parts when you click the link on you-tube. Carlton is still into spirituality but he still will show you the knowledge of why the bible is man-made. He basically has changed so much in the past few years, he only mentions jesus very little now. This testimony is when he first started to question the bible. He is still involved in the doctrine of ''all inclusive'' and believes in a ''source power'' but it's not that bad..... much better concept than literal christianity.
  2. Margee

    Feeling sucked back into Christianity

    ExPCA, I think I have watched just about every you-tube on these Ex-preachers and why they left christianity. They have studied history and the bible myths like no others. Start to watch some of these.They will help you immensely. And of course, we have our very own Bible scholars right here on ex-c who have put in a tremendous amount of time researching the bible to actually become comfortable with the rejection of christianity. Look some of these guys up. Do not watch the debates. They will only confuse you. Just watch their very own testimonies of why they ended up rejecting the religion of christianity. Hope this helps. Dan Barker, Jerry Dewitt, Charles Templeton (who was Billy Grahams' best friend), Bart Campolo, John Shelby, Teresa MacBain, Carlton Pearson (who doesn't even preach Jesus anymore in his ''all inclusive'' doctrine), Anthony Pinn, Andrew Johnson, John W. Loftus, Matt Dillahunty and many more... (hug) Here's a start...Dan Barker.....
  3. Margee

    Iron Horse-Michael C.

    My sincere condolences on the loss of your dad, Adam. It's never easy losing those we love. Best to all of your family. I am not a debater but your dads' name, 'Ironhorse' was popular. He will be missed on Ex-c. Thank you for letting us know. Big ((hug))
  4. Margee

    Hello fellow heathens!

    Welcome to Ex-c Axelle! So glad you have joined us! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing more from you!
  5. Margee


    So glad you are here with us Masihi! Should be very interesting to compare the two 'Holy' books. I am glad you are up for discussion! Keep an open mind and the gang here will give you lots to think about! Welcome to Ex-c! Maybe you might want to read my testimony. It will show you why I left the christian doctrine with all its beliefs.
  6. Margee

    Do you remember Brother Jeff

    Me too! I got my ''Please Forgive Me'' letter that I wrote here all ready for the coffin! I miss Jeff but I know right now he is very happy and that means a lot for him. I'm glad he's got a little peace. I'm back into a little 'woo' myself and I really think it makes me much happier. Couldn't do Christian again....... No hell doctrines for me again!
  7. Margee

    Not sure..but I’ve had a crazy journey

    Welcome Nani! Isn't it eye-opening when you really see what is in the holy bible? Lol Glad you joined us!
  8. Margee

    Absurd things you still do

    I wish I could reach through the screen of my computer and wave a magic wand to help you out hon. Can you up and leave this town and start over somewhere else? Can you rent your house to someone else for a year or two ? Just that alone would at least start to give you some daily peace? Keep posting. There is always hope. We just have to find it. You need to find something to give you some hope.....even if it's just Ex-c for now. How bad is your disability if you don't mind talking about it? Big ((hug))
  9. Margee

    Threads being locked

    You are doomed, my friend. Why fight it? We are the power behind the Curtain and you? You are the frightened ones. And so you should be......
  10. Margee

    Threads being locked

    To pick on Skip is to pick on me.... and I am in my cranky, bitch post-menopausal state, still needing to lose 10 pounds, so you mustn't fool around with 'My' Skip/Kev/ my hero/ my main man while I am in this frame of mind!!!! Skip, I say to ban these low lying people from our using our site. They are a nuisance and I also think this thread needs to be locked. I also think that they should learn how to bow down to the higher -uppers on this site.. which are us of course. They should beg for mercy They must be punished somehow. They are trying to take us over and we must not let that happen. They are not free people and we must keep it that way. I'll meet you in the Moderators Room (which is our secret society room) so we can decide what kind of action to take on these annoying members. Keeping them from getting numbers for posts will be one way to destroy them. Bua-hahahhahahahaha You go have a nice day Skippy.
  11. Margee

    My apologies

    Glad you're OK SB! (hug)
  12. Margee

    I just feel sad about everything..

    Hi sweetie. I understand. About 4 months ago I had to practically stop reading everything on the internet and couldn't even read or respond to these threads anymore because I found it too frustrating that the world was in the shape it was. I can't stand all the sadness that people go through. One thing I have learned in my life is that you must take care of yourself and that may mean protecting yourself from all the bad news. When a member died here a few months ago I wanted to leave Ex-c. It got that bad for me. But as others have said, we cannot fix the world. And you can't fix people. You can't control what they are thinking, doing or how they are not loving you. Sometimes it's good to get away from anyone who hurts you over and over. I have had to do that to protect my heart from getting hurt. Keep yourself busy with positive things. Work. I stopped working for awhile and it was the worst thing for me. Too much time on my hands and too much time to think. So I am back working and as much as I dislike working, it is good for me. Get some positive hobbies going. Take care of you. You don't have to 'find' love. Just be who you are and someone is going to be attracted to your sensitivity. And do not let anyone ever take advantage of your sensitive nature. Get outside and walk/ exercise. Play some really upbeat music. Force yourself to do these things and you will soon start to feel a bit better hopefully. If the sadness and depression won't go away after trying to create a new life for yourself, go see your doctor. I wish you the best hun. Big (hug)
  13. Margee

    Boring Post Thread

    Nothing really...just booked a trip to Cuba yesterday......(yawn) Going broke doesn't scare me....I like living on the edge now.......
  14. I haven't got 2 clues what that 'meme' meant. That's why I posted it cause I knew it was completely confusing..... Worth a laugh eh bud?
  15. Margee

    Newbie to the exChristian world

    Hi shelley! Welcome to Ex-c ! I also felt sick like I was going to pass out the night it hit me that christianity was all a lie. What a ride. I couldn't have made it without this support group and I'm so glad you found us!! Looking forward to hearing more from you! (hug)