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  1. Damn tootin' Brother and most of them are smarter than men so don't be actin' all cool around here...... Get your shit together and start acting like your god would want you too. Man up. You're 'brilliance' looks stupid. (hug)
  2. Hi Mrjukes. I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad right now. Take your time. I want you to know how much I understand what you are going through so I will post my testimony that I posted when I first arrived here at Ex. I hope you will understand that this letter I wrote speaks for many, many new people who come here. We understand what you are going through. Take your time. Do a lot of research. There are hundreds and hundreds of articles that our intelligent folk have presented to us as to why the bible is such a fuck up. It's not that it doesn't contain some points of wisdom from the ancient
  3. Ya got a way's to go sweetie....... I gotcha beat cause my god is a god of love and hugs......so I'm closer than you.... Love and hugs to all of you .....
  4. Awesome Steviejay. I just pinned this for all newcomers coming to Ex-c. Thank you for the time you put in to this post. Fantastic.
  5. Hi lost. I'm so happy to see you back at EXC but I am so, so sorry that you are here under such sad circumstances. I am so sorry to hear of the death of your very special man friend. Sudden death is like the biggest punch in the stomach that one can ever experience. Don't be too surprised if your mind is in a bit of trauma shock. Honey, lots of people get involved in what can be a messy relationship. We are all human. You had some things that you shared together that were special. These are what I call the bittersweet relationships. Whether these relationships are right or wrong, y
  6. Margee

    Need help

    I believe that I got all that information from this site: https://www.evilbible.com/ Hope that helps!!
  7. I'm 5 foot honey. You hold him down and I'll punch his face in. You must never phuck around with a short, cranky woman...especially the ones that looks like sweethearts.....
  8. @freshstart A huge ((hug)) honey. Get as much rest as you can during this..... and thank you so much for helping in this horrendous situation.
  9. I went to Walmart the other day (yes Walmart!! Lol) to see if we could get a better deal on groceries and it wasn't any different than any other time I have been there. I haven't been out there for over 5 weeks. People were bumping into each other, cranky, ('specially hubby! Lol) some with masks, some others without. They certainly did not count how many were in this store. We will never go back. Our province (community) experienced Canada's greatest mass shooting a couple of weeks ago and they will be looking into if the lockdown set him off. It paralyzed us all. We are lucky no
  10. @TheRedneckProfessor Here is the civil war we are experiencing in our community and it goes right along with Dave's excellent message. I think this list was meant to be funny, but it's not.It's exactly the messages they (the experts) give us from day to day because they don't really know. It causes a lot of dissension among the people. Great article @webmdave. Thanks. In case you were wondering... Here are the official Coronavirus guidelines: 1. Basically, you can't leave the house for any reason, but if you have to, then you can. 2. Masks are useless, b
  11. OMG Dave I was just going to write this out!! It's perfect for me. All my customers are gone right now and I don't miss them one bit. I love them, but I don't miss them. I've had 45 years of socializing and I could care less if I ever seen any of them. But I love them. (Still feeling guilty after all these years for feeling this way ) So quarinteening for me has been such a nice break.... no people, no lipstick, daytime housedress and nighttime P'J's.....no bra for the last 6 weeks! Going for walks everyday with no traffic to fight, getting a few things done around the ole' shack, researching
  12. Welcome to ex-c IAMFORTRUTH. So good to have you here. \You are in the right spot. We understand everything you are going through. Keep reading and posting all your questions. Someone is always here to help you. Looking forward to hearing more from you!
  13. So true, they are trying so hard to move fast. The rebelling that is going to start happening (Which is already has) is going to mess the system up that they want to eventually wean us into. I think we're in for some real dumb stuff with the revolutions. I also believe we will get a total lockdown before this is over (because we have people who won't follow directions and take this seriously here) and I have prepared for it. Our Premier tells us everyday how we will slowly open things while we still maintain distance and move on from there. For instance, we got word last night that our campgro
  14. Goodpoint @TruthSeeker0. As I've been researching the best I can, I have found out that the main cause of the virus attacking certain people (age does not matter) who are compromised.(That would aslo include dear little babies) The list goes on. Everything from Cancer, obesity, diabetes heart problems, malnutrition from eating all junk food, etc. A lot of folk will have to be isolated. I even heard one doctor of health say that America (Although I would stick Canada in this category also!) has the absolute worst eating habits (mostly the young generation) and that if their bodies are not wel
  15. Agreed Dan. I have tried so hard to find some reliable sites and scientific papers on this virus but i think you are right. We will find out later what we should/could have done but I know they are doing their best. Nobody was prepared for this. We only had weeks to move fast. My heart bleeds for all the deaths. We had 3 more from our nursing homes today. Actually, the nursing homes and staff are taking the biggest hits. The others that have been tested for covid seem to be doing fine and many are recovering in the hospitols.. I don't care if they are in their 80', 90's, they were
  16. There are so many opinions about the testing. And how this could have been done in a more 'mannerly' way as to keep the work forces open. I listened to Dr. David L. Katz last night (who I found through the link above) and he was wonderful to listen to. No conspiracies whatsoever. He made total sense to me but I know many would disagree. I liked what he had to say. He also mentions the testing in the video. Have a listen when you get time. I would love to hear your opinion.
  17. Tell me what your opinion is?
  18. If you poke around on this site you will find tons of information, including the testing. They started stats around March 14th and update every day. Enough links to keep you going all day. Very interesting. This site will show you that hundreds and hundreds of people were ready to die of the smog alone in Italy. My husband and I are very interested in the tests (and all the false positives and the positives who don't get any symptoms at all) and the numbers of people who are actually dying of this virus by ITSELF (Or is it because they have 2-3 terrible underlying health conditions which wea
  19. Zen, Welcome to Ex-c. So glad you are here with us! Here is a letter I wrote a few years ago for people like you hun. Hope it helps a little. Stay safe and strong! (hug)
  20. Prick. I would have come around that counter and kicked him in the nuts. Try not to worry hon. Glad you were wearing a mask. At least this gives you some protection from idiots. I'm quite sure your boss is going to understand this. You try to relax as best you can. You do not want those stress hormones running all through your body. So breathe slow honey. We got you. Keep us posted. Big (hug)
  21. @MOHO First of all I don't have any money to hide in my backyard unless I steal from the line of credit. Lol We are the 'regular' people just above what they call the poverty line. Neither of us make much money. But we are managing to make ends meet and have been for a long time and I am very grateful for that. But my hubby is losing hours. I'm not working right now. What will happen to the people who are in the same situation? Bankruptcy? What happens when we can't make the everyday and monthly payments? It is so expensive to live. We live where we need fuel to warm our homes fo
  22. So sit back and do nothing? Can you elaborate a bit? I would love to hear the longer version if you don't mind. I feel calm right now. Just trying to look out for the future. And I promise not to take all the beans and rice.
  23. I wanted to ask you all a silly question. I watched the ''1929 depression'' last night (I was totally in the right frame of mind for this) and I can see how everything changed in the world within a week. I wanted to watch this. I needed to watch this. It was like finally getting the guts up to see what the bible really was about no matter how hard it was going to be. So I really wanted to see what happened in the 1929 depression. I did not get depressed. I watched with just 'observation'. I know that the 1929 was to do with the stock market crash but I can see similarities in this particular c
  24. Yes, Thanks @TruthSeeker0 for the great reminder of what we can control and what we can't. @older...I find the greatest amount of people who are not practicing the distancing are more the younger ones. At least from around here, those are my observations. And you know what? When I was young (especially when I was religious) I didn't give a shit about what was going on in the world because 1. I was a self-centred brat and only cared about what was going on in my little world and family. 2. I was protected by god and he had the 'plan' for the world so I didn't worry too much.
  25. I just had the best talk to my doctor over the phone. I have been going to him for 23 years and he knows all about my anxiety. First he told me that sleep was very important because the body recoups through restorative sleep. So 6-8 hours. And rest and relax. Do some meditation to calm the body down (which I have been doing for a long time) He wants me to dance in my living-room, play my favorite music, do a hobby, spring clean, go for walks and only turn the news on twice (if I absolutely had to) once in the morning and once at night to get caught up with what's happening. And th
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