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  1. Hello God! Just stoping by to say Hi again.. I miss seeing you post, I know you're busy.. hope all is well! :D

  2. Wow, that was long, but it made many good points. Couldn't agree with you more on how Xtianity uses self-hatred to control people. Anyway, congrats on freeing yourself from that crappy death cult!
  3. ROFL!! Actually, it was me! I scarfed up the domain minutes after I made the post. I've wanted to do it for years but never had the time. Actually, I still don't have the time but after making it public, I wanted to grab it before anybody else did. It makes me laugh almost as much as the bunny with pancake on head! If anybody wants to help out or has any suggestions, I'm open to them. Basically, I want to make it an extremely tongue-in-cheek website where "believers" believe that god is an evil demon who consumes people's souls unless they spread the false message of a loving god and entrap more souls so that it can get more to eat. Those who manage to get enough converts are spared from having their souls eaten. Cool!
  4. Hello SLM, and welcome! What the others said! Congratulate yourself on leaving the death cult, and leave the past in the past. What's important now is to live life to the fullest. I wish you the best in your continuing journey!
  5. Welcome, Zetetic! Congrats on escaping the death cult! Incidentally, it looks like someone's already beaten you to the www.godeatspeople.org domain, although he or she isn't doing much with it at the moment. Sounds like a great place for a religious satire site, though! Anyway, glad to have you on board!
  6. Hello Japedo,

    Nice to hear from you. I've been getting busy again, so I haven't been on this site that much. Hope everything is going well!

    - Arnel

  7. God just droping in to say Hi!! :D

  8. Welcome Scarlett! Congratulations on making your way out of the Jebus death cult. I, too, regret my years in Xtian captivity, but then at least I got out, as did you. For that, we can be grateful - a lot of folks who get sucked into the Xtian dungeon never make it out. Here's to being free at last!
  9. Welcome Mikefight! I hope you continue to hang out with us here, as there are many here who have been through what you are going through. It's a shame that your wife automatically assumes the worst in you; if you were to snoop around a little, you'd find the xtians among the worst when it comes to cheating on their spouses. Their religion allows them to cheat, then pray for forgiveness and act as if nothing happened. More b.s. from a religion that is full of it. Anyway, it's always good to meet another escapee from the christian death cult on this board. Make yourself at home!
  10. Hello ZJAMB, Sorry to see how much hell fundamentalism has caused for you and your family. However, I am glad that you have managed to free your mind from it and move on as much as you have. I wish you the best of luck in loosening the clutches of your fundy parents on your children. Oh, and welcome to ExC!
  11. Welcome, DQ! While I'm sure your deconversion wasn't easy, I'm glad it came to you relatively painlessly. (At least, that's the impression I got when I read your story.) Religions stopped making sense to me a long time ago, so I'm with you there. Anyway, welcome to the board!
  12. I can't advise you, but welcome to the forums anyway!
  13. Welcome Pegasus_Voyager, Your story was heartbreaking. I hope that things are better for you these days. I'm not surprised to see xtians attach you for your mental illness; they cannot handle anything that deligitimizes their cult. It's still a shame, though. Anyway, welcome to the board!
  14. Well, I probably should have said Shamash and several other solar hero deities of the era. Shamash was probably the initial basis of the Samson myth, as Samson has a very similar name, and as Shamash and Samson are both associated with righteousness and justice. (Shamash was the Assyrian/Babylonian deity associated with righteousness, justice, and law; Samson was a Nazarite, whose religious vows supposedly made him super-holy [although Samson isn't portrayed as living up to his vows in the biblical story].) However, after accreting bits and pieces of other solar hero deity myths from neighboring peoples, the Samson myth doesn't closely resemble any of the Shamash myths that have survived to our day and age. However, the Samson myth does share many of the same motifs that you do see with sun god-type heros of the time, like Herakles/Hercules and the Tyrian god Melqart: superhuman strength, which is sometimes associated with the length of the hero's hair (often viewed symbolically as the rays of the sun); a set of trials or difficult tasks that often includes the killing of a lion; a love interest that leads to the hero's death; an association with pillars and gates; etc. There are too many parallels to suggest anything other than a pagan source for the story, sanitized by the Old Testament's editors in a way that turned this god-hero into a biblical prophet. You'll probably get the sorts of responses you've seen here. ("Waaaaaah! Their gods did it, too!")
  15. Yea, the name...but so what? Not just the name, the story archetype. Solar hero deities were very common in the ancient world - the story of Hercules was another one.
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