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    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    I've got family with schizophrenia.... these days there is good medication available. (providing coverage of course)

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    That's totally hilarious. (I'd call it a Trumpian statement lol) The only way to 'fall with us' is to use your head (judgement) and not be a sheep. Think of it as falling into a bubbly Jacuzzi.

    Blue Pill or Red Pill?

    If you can equate leaving your sect/religion to taking a red pill as per the 'Matrix' movie, it definitely shows the level of indoctrination and brainwashing you were subject to. I've heard of Jehovah witness/Scientology family members being totally cut off when they leave the sect. That kind of pressure could force you to reconsider and take the blue pill to get your old life and family back. These guys have to rebuild a social structure from scratch if they don't want to take the blue pill... obviously not easy and definitely heart breaking. This doesn't only apply to sects/religions, it also applies radically divided democratic systems where 'fake news' biased medias like 'Fox' attach themselves to a political party feeding a belief system that sucks up any hope of critical thinking. If you watch 'shit propaganda' Fox News .... no way in hell you can watch CNN. It's all about due diligence and the masses obviously don't have the energy to do their homework (or they don't give a shit).
  4. Happy New Imp... Year :)



  6. Need a new Forum: Trump Topics ;)

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    2. REBOOT


      Skin flakes?... more like Moose droppings LOL

    3. duderonomy



      You fiddle while Canada goes down the toilet. Have you put your own 'leader' under the same microscope as the one you put Trump under? 

    4. REBOOT


      Trudeau and Hero.... like they rhyme lol

  7. I'm feeling the love Rattled by President Donald Trump's increasing frustration with the staff guidance he's getting and by the administration's unforced errors, White House officials are desperately hoping the president's first foreign trip beginning on Friday offers a chance to reboot what's become a damaging narrative. REBOOT is here lol

    Multiverse: One Universe or Many?

    Multi-verse... It's an interesting theory speculating that this universe with it's laws of physics supporting sentient life forms is the result of a collision between parallel branes within a bulk (hyperspace). It's also some kind of patch solution that would allow cosmic equations to work. But then we still don't know what dark matter is...(84.5% of total mass) This multiverse theory might be premature and might be totally blown away once we know more about dark matter and energy. Is knowledge of 15% of our own universe enough to speculate about dimensions outside of it ?
  9. If you want to commit suicide and attract attention to a cause, that's probably the way to do it there lol ... (or the guy has mental issues... maybe ?)
  10. You're talking about the 'Parti Quebecois' of the 80's where the language police would do it's rounds. In 2017 we've got Second Cup like the rest of the planet
  11. Too bad the kid can't choose her own name ... at least when the kids at school beat you up because of your name, you own it. What Georgia is telling the world: Our state is Islamophobic and designating 'Allah' as the last name of your daughter puts the safety of your child at risk in our environment. Good point... it's already costing millions to taxpayers trying to ensure the safety of Donald John Trump and his family.
  12. Airlines have a new choice now when they need space on a fully booked flight for their staff... pay up or lose $255 million off your market capitalization and your reputation. Apparently a maximum of 1300$ could have been offered but they decided to stop at 800$ for the inconvenience. American airline CEO re-accommodated Dr. Dao a vietnamese immigrant ... disgusting event and they can probably kiss their profits goodbye with this foul stunt. Obviously expect a million dollar lawsuit from Dr. Dao.
  13. REBOOT


    Oklahoma... that's near Kansas isn't it ? Now I know where the Wizard of Oz got it's inspiration LMAO "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."