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  1. Dave, if you're honest with your efforts... you'll realize that separating religion from politics is futile. This site is swimming in the deepest hypocrisy and is effectively consistent with christian faith. I mean... just wake up. WTF.
  2. Well yeah... it's a 'no-brainer' that you can kiss the separation of church and state goodbye in the bible belt. If you're an ex-christian in those states you can always use your god-given right to bear arms and keep these half-brained MAGA zealots away. Best recipe to break up the US of A... try pushing those fine christian values to blue states with supreme court backing. Good luck McConnell.
  3. Boggles the mind.... Mitch 'the grim reaper' McConnell has been stacking up the courts with extremely conservative judges.... How does this make your day or... help your new status? I'd say... the Lord acts in mysterious ways LMAO.
  4. Mexico is not Vietnam. Should you be faced with a massive migration problem, occupation of parts of the Mexican or Guatemala state to stabilize them is a bare minimum. A stupid wall won’t do it... hint: they’ll come by boat lol
  5. Actually if the situation grows worse in Mexico, invasion becomes an option if you can and if it's in the best interest of both countries. A covert invasion doesn't have to be permanent. Seems like a humane option to me if it's done within Geneva convention norms. When guns and murders prime over order you'd be a criminal not to do anything. When large volumes of population start spilling into your country you need to quickly identify the causes of these migrations and take action if you can. Walls are a stupid no-brainer reflex (not to mention... racist).
  6. One solution could be to temporarily invade Mexico and Guatemala before the shit fire spreads north. That's pretty scary recent data you got there... these guys are losing control big time. GM / Ford... could still have plants there..... There would be no Mexico problem anymore. If you look on the map, a much smaller wall could be built between Guatemala and Honduras Tons of hotels in Riviera Maya... Belize is fairly stable. You might want to invade Canada too, since we're freeloading.
  7. Trump is neither a democrat or a republican. He's a wannabe dictator with a republican stamp on his forehead. Could democrats choose such a persona as their leader ? With all these check boxes ticked you really need to ask yourself.... what the hell happened
  8. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=freeloading A person who is a freeloading is a person who is basically using you -- most often for a place to live/room and board: a place to stay permanetly if they can or just to crash if necessary; a free meal ticket; drugs; clothing; transportation; entertainment, and money-- basically whatever they can get their greedy lil paws on. If at some point you become obsolte or unusable to the freeloader they will usally find another host body (usually a wealthier one) to feed off of. Freeloading requires one to be extremely manipulative and kniving. To freeload you have to be extremely manipulative and kniving.... thus requires higher intelligence lol. How you've tolerated that freeloading all these years amazes me LMAO
  9. According to Trumpy, NATO is freeloading. Looks like the rest of the planet is freeloading off the USA LMAO. Why not let Putin invade the Baltic's and the rest of Ukraine? He took Crimea with no resistance. As in life, it takes a disaster to wake up the purse. Meanwhile, if you can freeload.... you freeload. You never did mind, until now lol.
  10. Why do you need so much military again ?... just knock a trillion off the budget and you'd have tons of social programs. Hopefully some fine programs treating mental illness... thus reducing the need for guns and those monthly horror scenes in shopping malls and schools. But then your gun lobby would kick in the door screaming.
  11. With better info.... you don't. Reagan made some mistakes.... but I'd take him a billion times over the T guy. (It's amazing that the T guy makes that moron GW look good in retrospect).
  12. Maybe you should stop buying drugs from those 'shithole' (as per Trump) countries and let shithole dictators like Saddam Hussein manage their shit populations.... and maybe get better quality bullshit info from the CIA before you invade.
  13. Unemployed means you might be a victim of globalization, robotics, or whatever... might have voted Trump to improve your situation. Perhaps blaming foreigners like Trump. I'd say Trump offered solutions that could help you (and many others) financially to get you to retirement age. In other words, Trump was a quick, return to the past, fix... regardless of the potential planetary damage. You'd fit in the group that sees change as a menace instead of a challenge while not realizing that protectionism is the worst reflex in a global village. ... Just an opinion lol
  14. Yeah.... deep disappointment they must be feeling. They didn't understand that we live in a global village while Trump lives in fantasy New York. They didn't understand that he wanted to create his own swamp with his own peeps. They maybe never read historical precedent for this type of populism. (Heil... you know who) They understood that his supremacist and distorted version of capitalism had roots in a post WWII fantasy land that privileged a white elite. Making america great again means reversing 40 years of social progress and tolerance. In the end Trump is a quick road back to a cold war. But this time its dictator vs dictator.
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