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  1. For me, speacking personally, reason is the primary reason(not to be redundant) why I could never be a Christian. The Bible is just too contradictory for me to take seriously. Probably a 'faith' issue. But I'd rather trust my own eyes than the words of bronze-age politicians. It also seems, to me, very very odd to base your deconversion just on emotions. I read a post by Cerise that said she wouldn't care if she was given absolute proof that her faith was false, she would have held onto it if her emotions told her to. That actually scares me. How could you keep believing if you have be
  2. It's always seemed to me that the atheists and apostates on this forum have the deepest sort of faith I've seen. Faith in Truth. Very good thread Thurisaz. Excellent thought... Merlin
  3. This thread is in response to the dozens of "Instant-Quiz Conversion Kits" I have seen sprout up over the internet. Either it's a flash applet asking if you have EVER sinned in you WHOLE LIFE, or it's a cute little web page saying that the misguided atheists don't really understand their own beliefs, or that they need to understand that they were just hurt by da baaad people, not the True Christians. Well... time for the quiz-takers to fire back. Question One: Have you taken a thourough understanding of your own Bible? Many "Christians" are woefully ignorant of their own holy texts and
  4. You will be deeply missed... however I couldn't be happier for you. Loren said it best, moving on is what this place is *for*. So hold your head high... you have overcome much. A big hug to you,... may the road rise to meet your feet. Come by and tell us how you're doing sometime! Merlin
  5. Well I told you this before, but you look great. I'm flattered you shared it with us! Hope all is well with you, Merlin
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