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  1. Another couple X chromosomes here. Edited to add - Atheist as well.
  2. I had several in my 20s when still xian, but most were worn to church functions anyway. I had two from Answers in Genesis. One had an illustration of the days of creation with bible verses. Another had whales and sea creatures and verses. It seems I also had the "no pain, no gain" with jesus all bloody, but I forget. I don't think I actually got around to wearing that one. I had a couple others over time, including one I bought from a mission trip I think they went or will go into a yard sale. How embarrasing to have worn those!
  3. This is something I have thought about a lot, and I don't think there is an afterlife. I love life. I agree with a lot of what people have said though, such as one lifetime isn't enough to explore the universe. It would be nice on some level to still exist as "Me" and enjoy loved ones and being unbounded by space and time to study the things that were always so far away before. On the other hand, immortality also seems like a drag as well. And does *every* creature have this? Why are we special? Are there going to be zillions of mosquitoes in the afterlife? What about all of
  4. Before we adopted, I felt the same way. There seemed to be this invisible pressure from society about having kids, or at least from friends w/kids and my M-I-L. I just could never see why anybody would have kids, I am not the maternal type. When I was about 30, I began to change a bit on it, not about having my own kids - babies, but just having a child in our lives. We have adopted an older child, internationally, and it has worked out great for us. Some might think we were selfish to choose exactly how we wanted children to fit into our life, but for us, an older child was the only w
  5. I can relate to what you are going through. I am still mulling these things over too, it really takes the brain time to rewire after years of indoctrination. Occasionally there may always be a surge of what you described, even after decades, which seems normal too. I am pretty much a closet unbeliever, which is necessary for my personal situation. My DH knows and one friend, although I think she chooses to not believe in my unbelief (lol). I love the holidays and can enjoy them as fun breaks in normal routine to eat, laugh and play with family and friends. I don't need to be religious
  6. [quote name= Mortal sins (like missing Mass on Sundays intentionally) sent you straight to everlasting fire. What an effective system the catholic church set up to scare people and keep them in slavery! There are a few websites I looked at when I was a christian and was fed up with the overwhelming fear of hell. I went looking online and found these sites: http://www.what-the-hell-is-hell.com/ http://www.tentmaker.org/ http://www.christian-universalism.com/ So by the time I deconverted, I had already lost the fear of hell in the first place from the studies I did on the
  7. Well, once the wall of christianity began to tumble, it quickly fell down with full force into a pile of useless rubble. The baby steps that started me toward thinking for myself, would have been the "doctrine" of eternal security, and later universalism. I had gone through years of trying to make sense of all the contradictory and confusing stuff in the bible, and just to be sure where I really "stood". Well, once I woke up from the Matrix, I realized how unreal christianity was. I went through cycles for a while of atheism and then back to some kind of belief. For example, a b
  8. Out of xianity at age 31, but wavered back and forth about there being some kind of god/afterlife, etc. until recently, and I'm 34 now.
  9. http://www.livescience.com/history/top10_i...nt_designs.html
  10. I thought this was interesting because I never heard of it before. Whether any of it is true or not, it does show how the myth plays out in different cultures. I'd post the articles but here's the link instead so you can see the pics too: http://metropolis.co.jp/tokyotravel/tokyoj...antravelinc.htm
  11. DH and I grew up in xian homes. I was usually very involved in it, but it caused me lots of torment. I guess that was an early sign that even my child's logical brain couldn't make sense of a lot of that crap. Happily, I am not directly responsible for the conversion of anyone, except I figure I did play a role in my husband's conversion. But I had thought he was xian all that time. And then when I caught the creation evangelism bug and started talking about it all the time, how there was "solid evidence to back up our faith", kind of crap, I guess it caused him to get serious about
  12. I have a nearly opposite view now on many things. As an xian, I was mostly the fundy, kind of right wing opinion on things. I take things very casually. If I say, "Thank the lawd!" or "Hallelujah!", I consider it just a familiar expression, such as "Cool!" I know I'm not going to be led back into religion, so I don't worry if there are still some things stuck in there. The exception would be something harmful, something that could cause obsession, infringe on others, etc. Things like that I would definitely want to purge.
  13. I've been out of xianity for a little over a year, but I don't mind most xmas music. It was a magical, happy part of my life growing up. I like certain renditions that I heard growing up, certain albums, etc. that my parents had. I don't dwell on the lyrics. In fact, maybe I should just get more instrumental xmas music. Sometimes for fun, I make substitutions as I sing along, such as, "We wish you a Merry Mithras, We wish you a Merry Mithras!" or similar.
  14. At first, I noticed it does seem weird at times to not pray when you or someone is in desperate need. It can make you feel like there is SOMETHING you can do but you're not doing it. It can seem strange to feel like there is nobody in control outside of yourself to ask for help. In my personal experience since leaving xianity, and during my atheist period, things get done whether or not I pray. I mean, things in my life still worked out whether I'd prayed over it or not. Farmers and food processors still provided the food at the grocery store and a job with income still paid for t
  15. I actually have read some xtian marriage books that recommend praying together before sex.
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