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  1. blueheron

    We're All Going To Hell

    I have had that favorited on youtube for a while. Love it!
  2. blueheron

    Brother Jeff Preaches Matthew 16

    You really nailed that "Glory!" at the end. Just what I remember from revival services. So glad I never have to go to another one of those!
  3. blueheron

    Any Women?

    Another couple X chromosomes here. Edited to add - Atheist as well.
  4. blueheron

    Those Crazy Fucked Up Christian T-shirts!

    I had several in my 20s when still xian, but most were worn to church functions anyway. I had two from Answers in Genesis. One had an illustration of the days of creation with bible verses. Another had whales and sea creatures and verses. It seems I also had the "no pain, no gain" with jesus all bloody, but I forget. I don't think I actually got around to wearing that one. I had a couple others over time, including one I bought from a mission trip I think they went or will go into a yard sale. How embarrasing to have worn those!
  5. blueheron

    Question About Sex With Conjoined Twins

    If they share the same genitals, is it a form of rape if one twin doesn't want sex with the other's bf? BTW, I'm not being funny with my questions, it's just that when I see or hear about conjoined twins, I do wonder things.
  6. blueheron

    Is There An Afterlife?

    This is something I have thought about a lot, and I don't think there is an afterlife. I love life. I agree with a lot of what people have said though, such as one lifetime isn't enough to explore the universe. It would be nice on some level to still exist as "Me" and enjoy loved ones and being unbounded by space and time to study the things that were always so far away before. On the other hand, immortality also seems like a drag as well. And does *every* creature have this? Why are we special? Are there going to be zillions of mosquitoes in the afterlife? What about all of our ancestors through evolution? Eternal life also somehow makes this life "cheapened". Part of what makes this life so special (sacred?) is that this is it. It also really takes the pressure off in a lot of ways to just be human with all the flaws and experiences. And also that when I have been put under for surgical procedures, I have absolutely no awareness, even less than deep sleep, I feel, because there is no sensory input at all like you sometimes get when you are asleep. For example, have you ever fallen asleep with the TV on, and something on the show ends up in your dream? My DH has done this when he has fallen asleep on the couch while I'm watching something. Only to wake up and tell me he had a bad dream involving the show. Well, when under general anesthesia, I have no sensory input whatsoever. I don't even know I exist. The surgical team could cut me up in 100 pieces and I would never feel it or know the difference. I don't know I'm unconscious until I have been awakened. I have always said it is just like before you were born. I think that is what death is like. I do agree with what someone said about the influences we had being passed on as a way to live on after death. At any rate, I chose No for is there an afterlife. And No for fear of death, because we don't exist.
  7. blueheron

    Mary And Joseph On The Maury Show

    Ha!! That was just like that lame-brained show, hehe.
  8. blueheron

    Question About Sex With Conjoined Twins

    I don't know, but I have wondered such things as how they manage their intimate relationships, among other things.
  9. omfg, that is so ridiculously funny! He is so "outraged" over men who pee sitting down. What a thing to rant about over and over. "This is what it's coming to" lol. And "That's what's wrong with America!" Well, I don't deny there are things wrong here, but I can't believe I overlooked that men who sit down are the main problem! And he said the Prez probably pees sitting down. Don't fundies love Bushy? What do you call it when someone is obsessed with the functions of elimination? He has it!
  10. blueheron

    Living In The Babble Belt

    This post has me laughing so much. I don't live in the south, so there aren't too many confederate flags, but I could show homes that are just as pathetic. For example, there are some people who put signs in their yard of the ten commandments or giant crosses.
  11. blueheron

    About Having Kids And Grandkids And Stuff

    Before we adopted, I felt the same way. There seemed to be this invisible pressure from society about having kids, or at least from friends w/kids and my M-I-L. I just could never see why anybody would have kids, I am not the maternal type. When I was about 30, I began to change a bit on it, not about having my own kids - babies, but just having a child in our lives. We have adopted an older child, internationally, and it has worked out great for us. Some might think we were selfish to choose exactly how we wanted children to fit into our life, but for us, an older child was the only way to go. I am not the maternal type, and do not want a baby, toddler, etc. Our son is a great kid who is adding a lot of fun to our lives. With an older child, I still have the independence I did before, and we haven't noticed that he is expensive, lol. Maybe this is yet to come, I don't know. The only big expense in our lives is the house payment. We only have 6 more years with him before he will graduate and so I realize I want to get all the fun in with him that I can. Then he will slowly ease into his own life, which will be his to conduct. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for not having kids. And the same goes for the ones who have more than 2 or 3 kids. We are adopting one more and that will be it. But this children issue is so personal and each situation is different. Enjoy your life as it's your own.
  12. blueheron

    First Unbelieving Christmas

    I can relate to what you are going through. I am still mulling these things over too, it really takes the brain time to rewire after years of indoctrination. Occasionally there may always be a surge of what you described, even after decades, which seems normal too. I am pretty much a closet unbeliever, which is necessary for my personal situation. My DH knows and one friend, although I think she chooses to not believe in my unbelief (lol). I love the holidays and can enjoy them as fun breaks in normal routine to eat, laugh and play with family and friends. I don't need to be religious to partake of the cultural holidays we have. Each person decides for themselves what they will and will not do with the "religious" holidays. It sounds like you have as well. And we can reserve the right to change our minds on what we will do and not do in the future with them. I too feel a bit helpless at times when I ponder that there is no Dad in the sky to look over me and my loved ones. That after death, that is the end. That my family that has gone on before and those of us (and all of us will die someday) will just be no more when we die. I know it won't matter to me once it happens, but sometimes while still living I can't say I enjoy the idea of it. I think it's worse for me when I think of loved ones such as parents, who will no longer exist for me to hope to see again "someday" in a spiritual realm. Maybe some of us think too much, too deeply, but if that's how we are that's how we are, lol. There are things that make so much more sense now that I know there is no god or afterlife. I love not being accountable to a spiritual dictator about my thoughts, feelings, words and actions. I am free to be human without judgment. But again, sometimes there is that helplessness about nobody watching out for me on the roads when I set out in the car, or any other time. But you know, even with all the prayer in the world, bad things can and still do happen. We always just chalked it up to "It's god's will", or "god said no" ect. I am rambling on now, but just know you aren't alone and what you are experiencing is normal. I feel it does get better like everything else. It's a process.
  13. blueheron

    The Fear Of Hell

    [quote name= Mortal sins (like missing Mass on Sundays intentionally) sent you straight to everlasting fire. What an effective system the catholic church set up to scare people and keep them in slavery! There are a few websites I looked at when I was a christian and was fed up with the overwhelming fear of hell. I went looking online and found these sites: So by the time I deconverted, I had already lost the fear of hell in the first place from the studies I did on the matter. hell is just a made-up mythology to keep people chained in fear to christianity. Fear of hell has ruined the lives of good people, I am sure, especially those who had no alternative information like we do with the internet now. Only on rare occasion do I get any sort of flashback to the old teaching but it is quickly dispelled by using the logical, rational mind and reading science and the christianity/jesus debunking sites. Nobody should have to worry about the christian hell anymore than they should worry about the hell that other religions worry about. Here is a wikipedia article about the hells of many religions. It's pretty interesting. For example, did you know you can get special hell money to spend in the Chinese hell? Here is a test to find out which level of Dante's hell one would wind up in: (I landed in the 6th level which is the City of Dis, a place for heretics) There is even a map of the Greek underworld so a fellow can get around on his own without asking for directions! When you can joke about hell (let's face it, we are taught it is the most serious thing imaginable), you are probably well on your way to recovery from the indoctrination, lol.
  14. blueheron

    The Ridiculous Rapture

    Haha, same with me! It was so loud. I kept clicking on the "Hallelooyah" Jesus and the raptured guy repeatedly while the music played - then it almost sounded like the revival services I remember!