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  1. Losing something one used to share with loved ones is tough. Also, I feel constrained about expressing my worldview because of where I live, the kind of folks I work with, etc. It makes me an outsider in some respects, and sometimes I like to feel as if I belong.
  2. Most of my friends are Christians. Religion almost never comes up. Are you sure you are not sabotaging your relationships with Christians? No offense intended.
  3. Thanks to all for condolences. I went back to work today because it seemed easier than staying home. It still hasn't hit me. It wasn't a big surprise. Dad has been going downhill for weeks. Diagnosed with Alzheimers in Oct., moved to memory unit in Nov, fell and broke hip in Jan, then just got weaker and weaker... Dad died real hard. The last week he didn't speak a single intelligible word, never seemed fully awake, wouldn't make eye contact, never left the bed, which had to have rails to keep him in.. When he was animated, he had the look of a frightened animal. He writhed and moaned a lot. He made one nurse throw her back out when he rolled out before we got the rail bed. He bit another when she moved him to prevent bed sores. Bit her right on the tit; she showed me the impression. Hospice provided palliative care, but shit it wasn't enough. No one would let an animal go through that, but a person has to. If I ever get that diagnosis, I hope I go straight home, set my affairs in order, and blow my head off. Sorry for the downer, but I can't talk about this in person right now, so I do it here. Service Saturday. Younger daughter will go straight to prom after, then off to college next fall. *sigh* I'm just not that comfortable with changes of this magnitude.
  4. My dad died this morning. All I felt was relief, but I left school anyway. I figured helping Mom with the arrangements would be better than risking an emotional breakdown at school. Anyway, got through all that and still nothing. I think it will happen sometime, though. I just hope I'm alone when it does. I wish it were the weekend.
  5. I figure that gay people find out they are gay instead of choosing it. Like straight people do, and, I presume, bisexual people.
  6. I like books, especially old ones. I like the way they smell. I like the feel of my fingers on the page.
  7. How many of you still celebrate Christmas? I mean decorations and all. I love my Jesus-free Christmas and always have. The baby Jesus was always the lamest part of the holiday, and once I kicked his ass to the curb my Christmas spirit has increased ten-fold. Yes, I have a tree, Yes, I put up lights. Yes, I decorate the mantle. I even have a freaking yule log. I play the holiday music, though I generally favor the secular pieces. I say "Merry Christmas" to people. Christians stole the holiday from the pagans, and now I steal it from them. My kids have always loved Christmas, but for years they had no idea what the basis of it was. Apparently, that does not matter much to kids.
  8. The doc thinks it went well. They sent me home yesterday. My body hurts so bad I can hardly move. I don't know why this procedure left me in such a state. Maybe I don't do anesthesia well or something. They gave me the weak-ass hydros, not the good one I had for shingles a few years back. But I was strong enough to shower today. In a month I have a follow-up visit and maybe we'll start to see if it worked. Doc says 70% chance. Thanks to all for good wishes. LongWayAround, your story is very encouraging, but I would so hate to go another round. This has rendered me so incapacitated that I almost wish I had expired on the table. How anyone can tolerate this pain I'll never know. Still, if I'm running a 5K in a year it will be well worth it.
  9. Anyone here ever had one to fix a-fib? I'm doing this tomorrow A.M. and I am a bit nervous. I can't go on with the condition, though. I have to do something because it is affecting my ability to do my job.
  10. Did someone suggest that Islam was not hostile to religious freedom? LOL. Who are these straw men?
  11. When the Santa myth was exploded, God was collateral damage. I didn't have much faith anyway, since God was invisible and didn't talk to me; he was practically nonexistent. At least Santa left presents and appeared in department stores, though the number and fakeness of Santas raised suspicions. But when the parents came clean about Santa it was all over but the residual fear. I was about six I guess. By twelve or thirteen the maybe-I'm-wrong fear was gone. I mentioned something once about not believing in front of my mother and quickly learned that was something I should keep to myself. That's what I have done, more or less, in the forty years since. But Mom and Dad know. Everybody knows, but I don't think they talk about it.
  12. Donal Lunny and Andy Irvine, "The Blacksmith" Killer.
  13. If you feel the need to say "I am not ashamed" of your faith you probably are ashamed or sense that you should be.