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  1. It's a good thing I did not marry a believer. I would not have attended church with her. I go to church for weddings, funerals, and the odd christening. Also, I would have actively undermined any attempt by my wife or in-laws to indoctrinate my children.
  2. Fox knows its readers need an enemy to chew on. Caleb Parke is the one currently assigned to get Fox readers fired up on God's behalf. That assignment used to belong to the inimitable Todd Starnes.
  3. My "you" was intended as a generic you; I was not giving you the business. Sorry it came off that way.
  4. We took down the mantel stuff because we had a big rainstorm and the roof leaks there. The tree stays up until we take the family Christmas photo, which usually happens by mid-January. Then we have to box up the ornaments. Then I take the tree to my friend's yard where it will be eaten by goats. Traditions are a burden, but if it makes my family happy I can do it.
  5. 2019 was almost as risky. The 19 could be turned into 1997 for example. I'm not worried. If this is all you have to worry about...
  6. I'm looking forward to death, but I think it will be so wonderful I will save it for the last.
  7. Fortunately, my current cat is not a psycho climber cat. But she does enjoy drinking the tree water, as does my old beagle.
  8. I know the word "Christmas" is not secular. Neither is the word "holiday" if you're a stickler. Nonetheless, that is what I call my solstice revelry, because my parents called it that and my changes to their observation of it have been minimal. All I did was remove Jesus. You'd be surprised how much Christmas is left when you leave out the annoying baby and wise men and talking animals. Food, lights, music, tree, candy, holly. mistletoe, Santa elves, reindeer, presents, parties...one could go on and on. We really keep Christmas at my house. We go to a tree farm to
  9. Taxation to promote religion would be intolerable to me. Excessive taxation would be intolerable to me, but I'm pretty sure that I would tolerate more taxation than you would. I support a progressive tax structure like we had pre-Reagan. I have no problem with secular government altruism. Christians do not have a monopoly on altruism.
  10. My money gets "seized" for things I would not spend it on. You are subject to the same phenomenon.
  11. I don't get all this fear of socialism. It's not going to kill you for poor people to get healthcare.
  12. I'm doing well, mostly. It's been an eventful year. The highlights are prostate surgery, retirement, and a trip to Africa. You can see my Africa photos on Facebook with a side of Ro-bear humor. No photos for those other things. I follow you on Facebook. I want to be like you when I grow up.
  13. I just tell people I'm an atheist. I don't care if some consider the term pejorative. I'm too old to worry about what other people think. People need to know we are here,
  14. Losing something one used to share with loved ones is tough. Also, I feel constrained about expressing my worldview because of where I live, the kind of folks I work with, etc. It makes me an outsider in some respects, and sometimes I like to feel as if I belong.
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