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  1. I probably need some school books. all i did was get in trouble and not do anything. I thought i did not really need any of the junk they teach. I wish i could go back in time and talk to myself.
  2. I started a club called The Free Thinking Hippies. gonna be groovy man lol

  3. I am not sure if i am having a technical problem or what but, when i click on the clubs tab i just see announcement that clubs exist. How do you make a club? How do you find one?
  4. I decided to look up my old testamonie. i been here since 2005 damn. I think one day I am gonna stroll down memory lane of my life. I love how everything is still here and this place is still kicking. I got a good lap top that forums work well, on so, I will be here again

  5. You need to make some positive affirmations and invent a knew God in your head. Oh, that Calvin will still be around saying that but, just let him bellow and try to laugh at him.
  6. I am glad to hear listening and being a friend helps. I really did not know what to say. All I had was religious mumbo jumbo that i used to tell some people but, God failed him severly and I knew that would be a terrible insult. How could i say"i will pray for you" or "God loves you" or "God has a plan for us and suffering makes us stronger" I was in ever religion known to man but, nothing I could think of could go with this.
  7. I probably, should read a history of everything and see the documentary. I will study more and read that when i feel ready
  8. Where the universe came from, evolution, people's history and Some science verses religion stuff
  9. I want to understand science but, my brain just can't comprehend it. One thousand letter word i never heard of leads to another and having google too look ever word up is kind of annoying. I am just a simply country boy in a christian town that did not teach me much to begin with. Just wondering.
  10. I think I felt the greatest joy when I realized the God I was talking with and giving me joy was myself. The inner guidance I recieved was never a God it was me. The first time I became Atheist I felt i was missing something I dunno how to explain it. I went back to being Eclectic exploring ever religion and new age thing I could find. I started talking to a Satanist friend and really pondering Atheism and that thought came back. I told her and She said"But, all this time you been worshiping yourself..that God friend of yours is you" These comments are wonderful they really help. Yea, my God is my brain and I am not sure why but, it brings me great comfort.
  11. I am glad your mom accepted you and you are in a good relationship. I understand you taking guidance from the bible I do that as well as other religions. There is good advice and As a Atheist you can ignore the spiritual mumbo jumbo. Glad to have you here
  12. This reminds me along time ago of a chat friend I had he was a good friend that i lost contact with. one night he was depressed and did not want to say anything at first. He started to come out and he was raped as a kid repeatedly by a decon who his mom made him live with. I was angry this could happen to him and Shit he was a christian kid...Why wont God even protect his own children. He decided to write about it too his friends on the group at the time and We decided to go to Christian debate group and ask why God let him go through this. I am glad you had this place and could write it...I think it was therapy for him and He needed to release his hurt and anger. I wish I knew what to say...I did not really know what to say to him and remembering it I told him...He said"You are helping alot by just listening to me.." Thing is no one he knew in town would listen so, he never got to release his feelings. My friend was the turning point for me in my deconversion. Imagine believing so strongly in a helpful God and Having such a good friend say that. I have read news articles, met people in these situations, and Now, I think were the hell is God....I am glad you are here I know it will help you.
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