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  1. Thurisaz

    50+ Healing Scriptures For Cancer Patients

    Too bad there are obviously no scripchas to pray the stupid away. The OP is in urgent need of such a thing.
  2. Thurisaz

    10 commandments misunderstood.

    Christianity works one of two ways. There is no other. 1. reading the bible as a source of metaphorical wisdom... which means you are still responsible for what exactly you learn from it. 2. ignoring the fucking billions of contradictions in the bible so that you can successfully lie to yourself "I'm following it literally".
  3. Thurisaz

    10 commandments misunderstood.

    JEBUS SHOT FIRST! But yeah, pretty spot-on.
  4. Thurisaz

    10 commandments misunderstood.

    I've yet to see anyone display the ten commandments, whether in public or in private. Not the real ten commandments. What you see everywhere is, in contemporary terms, the alpha version. No one wants to even look at the final version because that one cannot possibly be called the words of any "loving" deity. You know, these commandments. Gets them every time.
  5. Thurisaz

    Hello all, glad to be here.

    Greetings from the Vaterland FE
  6. Thurisaz

    Religious experiences

    As for the Asatruar who I am... ...I started down this path the day I started reading the Poetic Edda, out of sheer curiosity. Can't describe the feeling that rolled over me before I finished the first page, but after some thinking I decided for myself that, if I ever had a religious experience/revelation in my entire life, it was at that moment. That was the day I went into downtown to get me my first Mjolnir necklace. Some years later, at work on night shift, alone in the office (risky decision it had been by the boss, we're not allowed to work all alone - what if something happens to us and no one can notice?), around 1am or so I saw there must be thunderstorm going on somewhere quite a bit south. Put call forwarding from office phone to my cell phone, went outside with my coffee mug and watched the light show for a while (just barely heard a little thunder but the lightning looked spectacular). All of a sudden I felt an urge to just raise my mug (in lieu of a horn of mead ) and went "Hail Thor, nice to see you're around tonight!... ...and a moment later, a single chain of cloud-to-cloud lightning right above my head. Then it all continued far south. Whoah. That feeling was...! Not all that spectacular maybe, but that's my story. Mostly.
  7. Thurisaz

    Hello from the UK 🇬🇧

    Greetings from the Vaterland Kat, and sorry for all the mess... I did not vote for the bankster whore, really, believe me please!
  8. Tattoo of a red rose close to her most private spots (hence only a topic during that sauna scene). Just mentioned in passing in the 3rd game, Ciri says it's a "reminder of someone very special who's dead now" (and the viking gal immediately starts to imagine a chivalric fiancee lost at sea, which Ciri says is "not exactly true"). You read the 5 books of the main story, you learn what that's all about. Like I said above, poor poor Ciri, in so many ways... let's just say that this ends pretty much the worst possible way that it can without a truly ugly breakup. By the way, sure you laughed your ass of about the last wish, not the first one? You know... the one Geralt spoke out without even realizing that he, and not Dandelion, is calling the shots? Because I sure giggled so hysterically when I read it at work today, between tickets...
  9. Oh, that said, I think Gwent is a nice minigame. They made a standalone version of it too, but that one just didn't draw me in. One does need to find out which deck and play style suits one best (Northern Kingdoms for me, spy-heavy). Can't handle the Skellige deck they introduced with Blood and Wine though. It's not bad per se, but just not my cup of tea. Except the Cerys card that is
  10. Ayup. Not entirely bug-free, but that's about the only bad thing that can be said about the game. And what game is 100 % free of bugs these days anyway so... And I so grinned when I learned that my suspicion about Ciri's tattoo (which is shortly mentioned when she's in the sauna with the viking gals) was true...
  11. Thurisaz

    Thurisaz Was Tagged in This Thread

    ...what he said...
  12. Hehe Did you get the expansions too? Especially Blood and Wine adds an entire new layer of the mesmerizing to the game. Damn that fairy tale country of Toussaint... Yes the emotional involvement is heavy. Once you find Ciri... damn I want to hug and cuddle that girl all the time, even just given what you learn about her from the game. Reading the books, the five of the main story... all the trauma and horror she went through because half the world wants her for forced political marriage and the other half wants her Elder Blood, even if they have to suck all of it out of her veins... oh and all those wonderfully hatable villains *cough* Whoreson Junior *cough*... Through now with the five main books, working my way through all the short stories. I like to do things ass-backwards.
  13. Well holy fuck. If you know the games (or at least the 3rd game, haven't really played the others), they are very close to the novels' world. Fascinating place. For those who don't know the games, imagine a largely "historical medieval" world with the bare minimum of magic, monsters and nonhuman sentients thrown in to qualify as fantasy... and very gritty and brutal. Cool reading stuff, if you're mentally and emotionally mature. Really, do keep them away from children. Far away. But if that's not a problem, do read them. Approaching the end of book 4 of 5 of the "main story" and I'm hooked. Soooo hooked.
  14. Thurisaz

    Putin. Yeah that one.

    I see you still ignore most of what I wrote.
  15. Same with the Breivik asshole back then no? I happened to be able to watch the reporting pretty much since his kid-killing spree became known. "Fun" how they were all... "...another islamist terror attack! This latest in the chain of muslim crimes against..." *pssst - looks like he's a white Norwegian, devout christia...* "...this lone madman..."