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  1. On the other hand, people Know Exactly(TM) that Notre Dame was burned down by the left-green filth (orig. German "Linksgrünversiffte") to make room for a new mosque... you know, for the new rulers who have already conquered all of Europe. *cough cough*
  2. Gotta say... they nailed it perfectly. (can't embed the video so click and laugh)
  3. Some leftist violence happens yes. It's totally dwarfed by rightard violence though. And while genuine leftists are called "extremists" and treated accordingly for things that a few decades ago would have been considered total democratic mainstream, our police et al have been caught with their hands deep deep in the brown cookie jar several times in recent years. The best-known scandal of this kind was the NSU affair. Check out Wikipedia or such for NSU (National Socialist Underground)... just be warned, you may well feel a sudden urge to lose your lunch. In-group bias among police officers certainly happens and is to be expected (not a tolerable thing but cops are humans too). But here we're talking about a very specific political bias.
  4. Indeed there is no (okay let's allow some wiggle room here, very little) leftist terrorism in the western world currently. Which is exactly the point. Over here at least, the government vocally condemns the far right any chance it gets... while by its actions, or better by its inactions, supporting it. Same for the media. It's long been said that our government, police, intelligence et al is "blind on the right eye". A horde of fascist POS's can play literal manhunt with/against a small group of unarmed harmless dark-skinned refugees over in the Eastern parts of the country and police will be all "we didn't have the manpower to do anything, besides, we don't know whether this had a fascist background". Oh right, so it's okay threaten "non-aryan-looking" people with violence, torture and death if you're not doing it for racist reasons eh? But have just a handful of people on the street for a leftist cause and suddenly at least a hundred cops will be there to watch their every actions, armed to the teeth. If that's not the (nonverbal, granting you that) message of "only the left is a danger" while more and more fascist networks are discovered in police, the infamous "office for protection of the constitution", even the fucking army... then what is? And that's not even counting the biased reporting of the media who keep doing everything they can to create the impression that there's a fucking deluge of leftist violence et al happening every day while the actual statistics show the opposite.
  5. Nothing to see here. Move on. Terrorism always comes from the political left, and only from the left. Just like our government keeps telling us. The same government that... umm... err... I said move on! Nothing to see here! Linky to Aunt Google's translation of German article
  6. A fun fact I stumbled over some time ago: Back in WW2, you can't say the Nazis conquered Denmark, because to conquer you need to have fought. Denmark had so little military, they could just march in. But when the nazi orders to Denmark to round up their Jews came... they just calmly showed Adolf the finger... ...and the entire nazi war and genocide machine was just "Uh... umm... well... what now?". Just the little act of courage, from an occupied nation that they could have punished brutally, threw them totally off the tracks. "Show us you actually got balls you nazis"... and they had none. Risky thing of course but damn if that's not a nice illustration that sometimes all it takes is indeed just courage...
  7. To be fair, lots of Europe itself has also been conquered once by the people who now live there. Depending on how far exactly we want to go back into the past, probably most of us all around the world are conquerors who don't really belong there. Just saying.
  8. Late to the thread, please forgive me for not reading through all of it considering how many postings there are in here... ...but to the original statement: My opinion is a definite yes. Of course not all in what you could call the SJW crowd are insane fanatics but there's definitely a significant part of nutjobs in there, and they dominate the public perception of their entire movements. That is partly because the moderates aren't even trying to fight that impression, and partly because the journaille care 0 % for facts and 143 % for their own profit, hence "news" with maximal shock value. Feminism is a prime example of that (though certainly not the only one), with the hate and bigotry of their most insane nutjobs totally dominating their public image, and (usually) no resistance to that at all from the moderates. Sidenote on the infamous fascism checklist: Seems quite legit to me. Of course one can argue about the exact definition of "fascism", so yes, substituting "authoritarian" (or maybe "autocratic", to a degree) might be a good idea here. I guess the main problem in this age is that there's no even halfway neutral authority anymore that all the sides and factions feel they can respect. Politicians, scientists, media... we've learned the hard way there are liars and idiots among all of them, and as our insane species always focuses on the bad ones, it creates the impression that Mulder was right. Trust no one (besides yourself, only that the human potential for self-deception is also near-unlimited... life sucks). Welcome to the era of filter bubbles everywhere. Quite possibly the most insane era in human history.
  9. Dunno the legal intricacies, especially not those of US laws, but over here he'd easily be accused for not just sexual assault but (my translation - our terms here are a bit *cough cough* outdated) the crimes of fornication with dependents, and fornication with those who should have been under his protection. Don't know how all that would turn out in the end but these would in all likelihood push his punishment up quite a few notches on top of the molestation itself. If the claims are roughly correct I'd think he deserved to be hit with quite a bit more.
  10. My 2 cents: We know the "Werther effect" - that the more media report a suicide, the more others feel "inspired" to off themselves too. Suicide bombings and such aren't far from that. Also, as far as I heard (I haven't watched that sick video et al but I saw evaluations by people who are ususally damn well-informed and right) the entire thing has basically be set up as a media event (of the sickest kind). Which would mean by covering it left and right we're giving the sick bastard even more of what he wanted. Finally, for purely ethical reasons I consider it 100 % wrong to give vile beasts like that one any more than just the slightest coverage. Their victims deserve to be remembered. They do not. Punish them with erasing them from the public consciousness forever. Not that that would be possible in our era of corrupt sensationalist "if it bleeds it leads" "media"...
  11. From what I read, shooter clearly was a fascist scumbag. Now remind me please why the entire West keeps acting like the only possible danger can come from the LEFT. And sadly we'll see more of this bullshit after the bloodbath, like we do every fucking time.
  12. Have watched the first two minutes or so, gotta say, he's spot-on for all I can tell. Don't know all too much about Cortez so far, maybe she'd be a good one too or maybe she wouldn't, but looking at Agent Orange, if I was US my vote would go to Bernie. Of course we all know that will never happen. The 1 % has kicked him out of the race once, they'll do it again. They'll protect their obscene profits any way they can.
  13. Yeah that some pregnancies are stealthier than others is a given but there comes a point you just can't fucking believe it anymore...
  14. While we're at it, here's the latest example of scapegoating insanity. (Google translation of German original) Yup, according to our glorious leader, there's only one possible reason for the recent students' demonstrations for climate action - of course it's engineered by Russia you silly! What other reason could there possibly be for the youngest generation to want, you know, a world they still can live in when they're old? And yes, I did check the video linked in that article. The bankster whore indeed says this bullshit.
  15. Pretty much agreed there. But still, listening to the self-proclaimed "quality" media over here, Russia (or even more specific, Putin) is the only thing that matters in the world. Russian military is the only one that poses a threat to anyone. Russian... what's the modern word for it again, "geostrategies"?... are the only ones that should have its neighbors worried. Et cetera. Forget the Saudis and their ongoing genocide in Yemen, forget the new regimes in Turkey and South America et cetera, it's ooooooonly Russia. Evil Ivan. Indeed Russia's no better and no worse than the US, or the rest of the West for that matter. There are other enemies that should worry us just as much, but hey... those other enemies (for the moment?) bring our respective 1 %s (dirty dirty) money, so naaaah, can't possibly let the journaille play warmonger against them right? And as quite a few have pointed out over here (outside the mainstream): Just imagine the things the West blames Russia of with reversed roles. Imagine that global network of military bases was not US, but Russian. Imagine that the entirety of Europe was littered with Russian bases already. Imagine South America was the last officially (!) neutral region, as agreed upon in earlier contracts, yet still Russia expanded its influence there, one country after another, breaking one contractual obligation after another, and finally, Russia sponsored and engineered a coup in Mexico that brings a faction into power that is so extremely batshit insane that you wouldn't be shocked if they became a 2nd Pol Pot regime (didn't want to go with Stalin this time though he'd also fit in here regarding the body count). Would the US say they have a fuckton of a right to consider that a direct theat to their security? Of fucking course they would. If there was a region in Mexico close to the US border that was populated mostly by US-descendants and wanted to secede from that Mexico and join the US, would the US think that's a bad thing? Would they play along and then send troops to protect those relatives from possible aggression by the new Mexican regime? We all know the answer. But that's a different thing, according to the story the 1 % tells us. Yeah of course, because "we" only worry if "we" are the victims. As long as "we" are the perpetrators we continue on our merry way. But (supposedly) we are the good ones so we're allowed to do anything. In the name of good. Of course this game has been played before, but the sheer recklessness employed this time as it's played against a foreign nation that has no military worth speaking of except for its remaining nukes, with "us" still pushing hard for war... as far as I remember at least, this level of mindblowing madness has never before been reached in human history.