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  1. Looking at my own life experience I can say with conviction: That's not government-specific, it's a trait that all large organizations have in common - whether governmental, government-run, or private.
  2. Depends on how you see it. If he does a lot of disgusting things openly that others at least hide a little, is that... relative to the other options... a personal distaste on my side? If you say yes, then, well... then you say yes. And you seem to be right, probably not much sense in us trying to debate our points of view.
  3. Ah yes I guess you're right. Both points are not specifically Trump-related. I do think though that Trump's the first one who does that shit in-your-face, not even trying to hide it. Which, I'll admit, could be considered a good thing. In a way.
  4. A single nation having a more powerful military than the next (insert number >5 here) nations combined is only acceptable if that nation uses its military only for the common good, say, for a United Nations like they should be. Not just the USA as a whole have failed doing that, Agent Orange is even proud of it. And that's just one example of him presenting himself as asshole supreme. He's not a politician. He has no vision except for "I WANT MORE!!!". He's welcome to wish that for himself in his own place. He has no business wishing that, or rather working toward it in reality,
  5. And out of this entire thread, which I skimmed but did not read in every single detail. this is the part I can most get behind of (without any fear I overlooked something important). Kudos to you man. *off soapbox* Thank you for your attention.
  6. This observing Kraut sees several candidates with some good ideas and concepts, and tentatively (because he's unlikely to know all the important stuff about all the candidates) would probably support Bernie if he could. And he'd definitely rather die than support the sock puppet of the elites (Biden). Just his 2 cents.
  7. So many options... ...well I'll pick two. Two groups really. Scifi: Two of the good old BattleTech novel trilogies, the "Blood of Kerensky" one (Lethal heritage, Blood legacy, Lost destiny) and the "Jade Phoenix" one (Way of the Clans, Bloodname, Falcon Guard). Fascinated with both the artificially-created society of the Clans, and the coming of age of the next generation of interstellar leaders in the first trilogy. Gritty fantasy: Andrzej Sapkowski's "Witcher" books, all eight of them (a rather recent addition to my library). Very down-to-earth world, char
  8. Just how ironic would it have been if all that "holy" water had iced the roads, leading to traffic deaths?
  9. So it's been out for three days now, who besides me has watched it all through already?
  10. The Netflix gang already gave fans several reasons to do that I mean, come on... making Ciri a standard blue-eyed blonde is non-canon but a minor change. Triss as brunette will feel like violation to many but is actually how she's described in the books, in contrast to the games that made her a redhead. But look at Cahir. Or Eithne. Cahir. The star of Ciri's nightmares for years, the "black knight with wings on his helmet". "Silver-eyed Eithne". Minor characters, yes. The Netflix version won't hurt the show. But for a
  11. And that (emphasis mine) also bears repeating. Yes some are talking shit on both sides, but that's not proof that the entire topic is bullshit.
  12. You find the cow card in Brunwich, in the attic of a barn. Nothing pointing to it, no quest, no nothing. Card is an in-joke referring to one of CDPR's anti-exploit measures. In case you don't know, in early versions of the game you could just kill the cows in White Orchard over and over again and sell their hides. Now... you can do that twice. After the third time the Bovine Defence Force appears (a level 34 or such Chort) and tears you apart. The cow card does the same. It has strengh 0 but when it gets removed from the playing field the BDF takes its place and levels the en
  13. Heard about Dec 20th previously already. And from what can be seen already, the Ciri complaint remains the only valid one. Unless one only knows the Witcher world from the games and whines about Triss no longer being a redhead. Cashgrab has begun already; book store at Brunswick station had the entire main story books for sale, all with stickers "A Netflix original". Got them all, very lovely-made and sooner or later I'd have bought them all anyway so why not get it over with
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