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  1. Same here. Rightard violence, hatred, and crimes are way ahead and the trend is clearly one of growth. But listen to our "quality media" journaille and politicians and all you hear is about supposed leftist violence. Where you just cannot possibly deny that an act of violence was driven by fascist scum, they desperately claim "but we don't know for sure this was motivated by racism/antisemitism/whatever!!!!!!!!!" and act like that seals the deal. You know, as if violence would be, like, okay as long as it's not by official certified neofascists. Like, yeah, a horde of native Germans literally hunted some dark-skinned people all across downtown, but we don't know the hunters were nazis so all is fine. They literally said that, and are still saying that. Or, in cases where it's crystal clear that we have bona fide rightard terror networks in Germany (like the goo' ol' NSU scandal), they deny all the evidence, and if those pesky citizens keep pushing for an investigation they go Kennedy - declaring all the surviving files (literally all the files they couldn't destroy in time before the investigation started) to be off limits for 150 years. And then they wonder why we don't believe them a single fucking word. Yup Germany is a faithful, obedient satrapy of the Imperial States of America, where any and all danger can only possibly come from the left. I hate my country so much whenever I get reminded of this.
  2. Reports in the media on disasters of whatever kind where they almost all report like "...konnten lebend geborgen werden" (could be recovered alive) or where the stretchers to transport the patients are called "Bahre" in German. "bergen" in German refers to the recovery of corpses. Everyone still alive is getting rescued ("retten"), and the stretcher for transporting corpses is a "Bahre", for the living it's called "Trage". Leftover from my time in the German St. John's ambulance. Also, nonsensical figures of speech that are not explainable in any way other than someone having taught them as somehow cool. Like, a user calls me at work and starts every sentence with "Genau" ("right"), no matter whether they're actually agreeing with what I just said or not. Or people starting their call with "Ich rufe an, ich möchte..." ("I'm calling, I want to..."). Yeah right I hear that you're calling you dimwit. If at least they said "Ich rufe an weil ich..." (I'm calling because I...)...
  3. Science is good for answering to "how did it all come to be?". Religion is good for answering to "WHY did it come to be?". As long as people keep wondering WHY we'll always have religion of some kind. I sure hope it won't be any abrahamic religion for much longer though.
  4. Like a flat-earther trying to convince a hollow-earther of the error of his heretic belief eh? I must be a terrible person too. Don't fight it unless you know you're hurting someone
  5. Well of course it's beyond pesky to issue a statement to the press or somesuch every time a nutjob ran amok again but... well... the alternative is to get lumped in with the loonies so whacha gonna do. See the association of German Asatruar I'm a member of. Every time some rightard asshole did something disgusting and made it look like Asatruar = fascist fuckface, our press liaison sighs and writes yet another press statement. But who'd have thunk... it mostly works. We stay out of the "these are all nazis!!!111!!!!!111!!!!eleven!!!!!oneoneone!!!!!!!" headlines most of the time. Can't be that hard for other groups to do the same can it?
  6. Goes for everyone doesn't it? If you're identifying as X (whatever X may be... muslim, conservative, feminist or whathaveyou), others overhype X to beyond insane level, and you stay silent about the bullshit the fanatics do or say, you do not get to complain about how the rest of the world misunderstands X so so much. Case closed. Now if everyone would comply with this simple rule... hey I can dream can't I?
  7. That certainly was a problem for me too. Took me some time too.
  8. Are you a conspiracy theorist? Dunno. Normally the telltale sign of a Conspiracy (of 911 "truth", Apollo hoax or similar scale, in contrast to conspiracies like, say, Watergate back in the day) is that countless people would need to be in the know and not blow the whistle... which is what makes Conspiracies insane. Doesn't seem to me like your assumption is built on an army of collaborators. I'd think it's possible. I also think though that claims of the kind "they were warned", without any context, are dangerous. The US got warned of the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor too, that's a fact as far as I know. But what the PH Conspiracy nutjobs like to "forget" is that they got warnings of about 3 metric fucktons of allegedly planned attacks. How could they have known which one was the true one? It's always easy to know it all after the fact. I say, let's wait a while and see what decent investigation can turn up.
  9. On the other hand, people Know Exactly(TM) that Notre Dame was burned down by the left-green filth (orig. German "Linksgrünversiffte") to make room for a new mosque... you know, for the new rulers who have already conquered all of Europe. *cough cough*
  10. Gotta say... they nailed it perfectly. (can't embed the video so click and laugh) https://www.facebook.com/Ostfriesland/videos/996585490541065/
  11. Some leftist violence happens yes. It's totally dwarfed by rightard violence though. And while genuine leftists are called "extremists" and treated accordingly for things that a few decades ago would have been considered total democratic mainstream, our police et al have been caught with their hands deep deep in the brown cookie jar several times in recent years. The best-known scandal of this kind was the NSU affair. Check out Wikipedia or such for NSU (National Socialist Underground)... just be warned, you may well feel a sudden urge to lose your lunch. In-group bias among police officers certainly happens and is to be expected (not a tolerable thing but cops are humans too). But here we're talking about a very specific political bias.
  12. Indeed there is no (okay let's allow some wiggle room here, very little) leftist terrorism in the western world currently. Which is exactly the point. Over here at least, the government vocally condemns the far right any chance it gets... while by its actions, or better by its inactions, supporting it. Same for the media. It's long been said that our government, police, intelligence et al is "blind on the right eye". A horde of fascist POS's can play literal manhunt with/against a small group of unarmed harmless dark-skinned refugees over in the Eastern parts of the country and police will be all "we didn't have the manpower to do anything, besides, we don't know whether this had a fascist background". Oh right, so it's okay threaten "non-aryan-looking" people with violence, torture and death if you're not doing it for racist reasons eh? But have just a handful of people on the street for a leftist cause and suddenly at least a hundred cops will be there to watch their every actions, armed to the teeth. If that's not the (nonverbal, granting you that) message of "only the left is a danger" while more and more fascist networks are discovered in police, the infamous "office for protection of the constitution", even the fucking army... then what is? And that's not even counting the biased reporting of the media who keep doing everything they can to create the impression that there's a fucking deluge of leftist violence et al happening every day while the actual statistics show the opposite.
  13. Nothing to see here. Move on. Terrorism always comes from the political left, and only from the left. Just like our government keeps telling us. The same government that... umm... err... I said move on! Nothing to see here! Linky to Aunt Google's translation of German article
  14. A fun fact I stumbled over some time ago: Back in WW2, you can't say the Nazis conquered Denmark, because to conquer you need to have fought. Denmark had so little military, they could just march in. But when the nazi orders to Denmark to round up their Jews came... they just calmly showed Adolf the finger... ...and the entire nazi war and genocide machine was just "Uh... umm... well... what now?". Just the little act of courage, from an occupied nation that they could have punished brutally, threw them totally off the tracks. "Show us you actually got balls you nazis"... and they had none. Risky thing of course but damn if that's not a nice illustration that sometimes all it takes is indeed just courage...
  15. To be fair, lots of Europe itself has also been conquered once by the people who now live there. Depending on how far exactly we want to go back into the past, probably most of us all around the world are conquerors who don't really belong there. Just saying.
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