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  1. Just how ironic would it have been if all that "holy" water had iced the roads, leading to traffic deaths?
  2. So it's been out for three days now, who besides me has watched it all through already?
  3. And that (emphasis mine) also bears repeating. Yes some are talking shit on both sides, but that's not proof that the entire topic is bullshit.
  4. You find the cow card in Brunwich, in the attic of a barn. Nothing pointing to it, no quest, no nothing. Card is an in-joke referring to one of CDPR's anti-exploit measures. In case you don't know, in early versions of the game you could just kill the cows in White Orchard over and over again and sell their hides. Now... you can do that twice. After the third time the Bovine Defence Force appears (a level 34 or such Chort) and tears you apart. The cow card does the same. It has strengh 0 but when it gets removed from the playing field the BDF takes its place and levels the enemy I prefer Northern Realms, but probably mostly because I was used to it from the very start. All the decks have their strenghts and weaknesses, depends on your preferred playstyle. Played it a bit but there's so much other stuff to play on my list. It's lovely-made. 2D top view game like back in the days but very fitting, good graphics and sound, and all battles and riddles are done via Gwent. Well a very modified Gwent compared to the 3rd game, with lots of extra bells and whistles. Very different game overall. And boy, some of those riddles are fucking hard. You tend to get special rules and a predefined deck for them, and there's usually exactly one way to win.
  5. Heard about Dec 20th previously already. And from what can be seen already, the Ciri complaint remains the only valid one. Unless one only knows the Witcher world from the games and whines about Triss no longer being a redhead. Cashgrab has begun already; book store at Brunswick station had the entire main story books for sale, all with stickers "A Netflix original". Got them all, very lovely-made and sooner or later I'd have bought them all anyway so why not get it over with
  6. Wild Hunt ist gotta be one of the best games I ever saw and played. Litmus test for the Gwent cards quest: You know where to find the cow?
  7. Frankly, I see no reason to even start discussing this topic. It's settled, and science is right. The proposed mechanism of global warming has been known for more than a century, it's plausible, the actual observations jibe with it, and (my personal litmus test) time and again I see that foundational criticism of AGW (as opposed to discussing details, which is fair) is based on willful ignorance. And just like with (for example) babblical cretinism, when two sides are at each others' throats and side A knows where side B is coming from but not vice versa, it's a damn safe bet that side A is right. In the climate disaster case side A is the scientists. Case closed, as far as I'm concerned. Unless I see some actually reasonable criticism of the topic as a whole.
  8. Standard bullshit of a Jebus Taliban member. Been there, done that. The entire underlying theory of the Jebus cult (limited to one book full of lies, contradictions and nonsense) makes no sense and is cruel by any rational means. Whatever "love" one can feel it is is not because but despite that theory, a result of psychological manipulation. Me, I don't mind the casual "bible says jesus was a good guy, let's try be a bit like him" believer; the moment someone starts denying reality because it proves the "scripture" wrong though there is only one adequate answer.
  9. Then again, we are wrecking this globe pretty well and pretty fast, so this "apocalypse" at least has a basis in fact. Of course that doesn't stop the journaille from hyping it all up until, if all you look at is the journaille, you have to think it's all bullcrap. Sadly, pretty much all the scientists agree that this shit is happening. Disagreements are mostly about details, just like with evolutionary theory. Not the nicest thing to post in here, but denying facts doesn't help anyone so...
  10. Not a thing that can be summed up in one catchy sentence but... that concept that whoever leaves the cult "never really was a christian". Nice way to shut down any doubt, providing an easy answer that jibes with the cult's doctrine. As long as you're willing to believe that you're invulnerable to reason doubt. This is 167 % defense / apologetics and -7 % logical.
  11. So, the "brilliant" reply was machine gunning eh? Yup that sounds like hoover. I've listened through his audio "seminars" years ago, out of curiosity. I'll grant him one thing, he's kind of funny. But other than that, his babble has the intellectual "quality" of any given pile of steaming stinking fecal matter. I remember that around the same time some cretinist website (AiG I think) had an extra page "Arguments we thing creationists should NOT use". If even other cretinists consider a given point bullshit it's MINDBOGGLINGLY BAD. And guess what, about 95 % on that list were hoover's talking points. Spending even half a second on his stuff (except for pointing at it and laughing) is a waste of your life.
  12. What we'll do once we're up there is another question, but yes, lava tubes are a very reasonable choice for setting up an outpost or even colony. No excavation needed (or at least not much) and quite some shelter from radiation and impacts.
  13. (Repost from one of the clubs, just now noticed that the creative stuff forum is still here. Mods feel free to delete my posting over in the club if you want to) To those who haven't seen it yet, looks quite promising. If they do this one well it can meet on eye level with GoT. My only complaint is that they made the girl a standard blue-eyed blonde. She's ashen-haired and green-eyed dammit! Then again, they balance that by giving the official female main char the violet eyes she has in the books so there's that. Guess I'll have to reactivate my old Netflix trial account
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