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  2. I feel your pain. I was a die-hard believer for 30 years, but I had nagging doubts about certain things in the bible that could not have been true as written. Searching for answers (-a whole 'nother story) eventually led me to the realization that it was ALL fake. Besides the initial loss, though, I felt a great freedom to think without the filters that previously ruined the input. Once I escaped the fishtank, I could clearly see everything both inside and out. The power and freedom is exhilarating! I deconverted while dating my Christian girlfriend, and we've since married. She still believes but not as severely as before, and she knows pretty much where I stand... Maybe your husband will eventually, uh, see the light. I hope he really starts to investigate. He actually need look no further than the Bible for proof that it's a lie. He doesn't need to visit places like this (-although it would help). Remember he gets a 10% raise when he quits tithing. BTW, I still listen to my old Parable CD. I still like a lot of the older stuff-- and some newer songs get played in our house once in a while. It doesn't bother me, just as listening to tunes about Santa and Frosty the Snowman don't bother me. Good luck!! Hang in there and keep us posted.
  3. FYI! Your inbox no longer accepts incoming mail. (It's full)...

    How else can we send you spam?

  4. TK421, why aren't you writing more posts?

  5. Hey 19. . . Welcome! Glad you could see your way clear of the mind-control. I joined the brainwashed at about your age and it was some 30 years before I saw the real light. If you are seeking a new philosophy, I submit you are already off to a good start because (apparently) you seek truth and you like helping people. Now, join me, and I will complete your training-- Oops- sorry... I slip into EmperorMode every once in a while. Welcome to the site.
  6. Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy your new-found freedom!
  7. Welcome Chris and LapDog!!
  8. Welcome Six! Glad to have you here. I encourage you to keep reading and studying what you weren't allowed to know as a Christian. The more you know the more confidence you will have.
  9. Welcome! We got your back. Great avatar-- is that you or someone from a movie???
  10. What? It says Joseph was the son of Heli-- not son-in-law. You are contorting an obvious error in order to make it fit into your predetermined set of beliefs. If God meant "son-in-law", but accidentally wrote "son", then he sucks at communicating. Are you saying that God sucks? He seems to be less almighty than I remember... Can you honestly say, with a straight face, that God intends to send 90% of all humans ever born to eternal torture because they refused to accept the story of Jesus' resurrection-- which has four different versions, plus ZERO physical, secular, or historical evidence or witnesses??? What about the 500 zombies that roamed Jerusalem after He rose? Why is there NOTHING written about them? Was Jesus illiterate? Couldn't HE write?? This isn't like an auto accident with four different inatentive witnesses-- it's more like four short-story writers each embellishing the story of the previous writer. The entire basis of your faith is as drifting sand-- shifting when blown by the winds of logic, reason, evidence, and truth.
  11. Society created laws not because some god installed a "morals code" into their brains, but by common sense. It doesn't take long for people to realize that it is in their combined best interest to make rules that create the greatest benefit for the most people, and forbid actions that hurt those among them (-unless there is a greater benefit).
  12. Welcome!! I am former AG and know a few that are so bull-headed that I can envision them getting into a fight. But I've never seen one like you described and I probably would have laughed my head off! Keep learning young padiwan. Soon your powers will be great!
  13. Maybe he's pissed because he DIDN'T marry your sister! If you post photos of her and of the woman (or guy) he's with now (-not that there's anything wrong with that), maybe we can figure out what his REAL problem is... But seriously you are probably right. When you point out errors and contradictions, you are attacking his entire world-- his faith, his saviour, his eternity, his social life, his ego, and all of his past arguments. No wonder xians react that way. They just about have to.
  14. Matthew, be strong and be patient. I know how you feel-- but keep your eye on the long term goal, not a quick fix. Be patient, do your work, and have fun without obsessing about a partner. Spend this period that you aren't looking getting prepared for the time when you are. You could do something very romantic and pick out a hot celebrity and write them love letters detailing your vision of the future with them, and how you long for them so much you patiently wait outside their house and follow them wherever they go. Women love such devotion. Okay, don't really do what I said in that last paragraph. Like Han, I married young (21) and quick (2 months after meeting), and soon regretted my haste (and lack of common sense). In my case, though, Christianity was partly to blame. I was on-fire for God and thought marrying a PK was the most Christian thing I could do-- so I did. If I would have been more patient, I would have chosen someone else.
  15. Kryten

    I am God

    Hey, get your own virgins! But make sure none of them see that they could be god, too. Unless that's your type... Wait-- yes, I think that's MY type!! Mmmm, Goddess... (I'll take Goddess for $20 Alex...) Never mind.
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