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  1. I had an ex-girlfriend who used to ask me that question. Wish I knew then what I know now.
  2. But you know God can curve space time and all and in God's perfect universe pi is 3 and the evil Devil makes pi here on earth such an irrational number
  3. Would you REALLY want to go to heaven anyway? A place where we can live eternally worshipping Jesus...yeah...uh huh....sure, I'll deny savoring the only existance I know for the possibility of that, yeah.....
  4. For as long as these words stand to ignite the imagination, Carlos will live and breathe.
  5. Welcome! I'm an American expat who lives in China. I've been on this board for 5 years and haven't ever posted my story.
  6. Ha I remember when my sister got married, she was an accountant for a law firm. She married a roofer and his salary was way higher than hers.
  7. Damn Legion, you said it first! Welcome, CD! Hope to be reading more of your well written posts in the future.
  8. I bet he was grumpy. ;-) That's funny on so many levels.....
  9. The first time I really thought about death without the possibility of an after life was 9 or 10 yrs old watching Cosmos on PBS. Universal entropy death scenarios always chilled me, but Sagan's unforgiving atheistic approach really brought me to wondering about no conciousness. All things are temporary is a buddhist tenet.
  10. As a matter of fact I DO consider myself the Grammar Police. Chief Detective, no other than. In the past I was both a Police Officer and an English teacher for significant periods of time, so I think that I have the qualifications. All kidding aside, that whole post was nothing but a drunken, hard edge wolf-pack's welcome. Reading with sober eyes tends to cast a new light on things that were written with a completely different intent than was really expressed. My sincerest and humblest apolologies for the offense of being a boorish clod negligently posting his hamfisted ramblings. Hope to see your posts here often, you're offbeat and funny, and a well-appreciated new character on board. I would like to extend a much warmer welcome this time, if I still reserve the honor of doing so.
  11. It should be "my family was abducted" you snot rocket. you see, family is a singular. Welcome to Dave's house, as Nivek would say. Hope you'll find yourself much wiser for it. And don't think I'll accept 'family' as a plural, cuz I won't, you squirrelly freak.
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