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  1. With all of the centuries-old wealthy and powerful old-world families that have been purported to head the illuminati, how the hell did Jay-Z and Beyoncé rise to the top in just 20 or so short years of fame?
  2. Something tells me this judge may have a name or two in his little black book he may not want revealed...
  3. Maybe they'll claim that the reason why the infestation occurred was people weren't providing enough financially to the church. Give til it hurts, folks!
  4. We have a friend who had a stroke several years ago, but happily made a full recovery. While she was in the hospital, one of her family members made a crack that the reason why she had a stroke was due to her being a lesbian. I don't know why this kind of stuff still surprises me, but it does.
  5. Yep, beat me to it. Funny how Scandinavian Jesus is the image that devine miracle produces.
  6. Even worse is when someone says "bless you" after you sneeze, and you look like a dick if you don't sweetly say "why thank you." Once back in high school I got "blessed" in class, I didn't say thank you, and the girl sitting behind the "blesser" whispered indignantly to her friend (loud enough for me to hear), "he didn't say thank you!"
  7. I look at it this way--Jews believed a messiah would be descended from David, so when someone came along that was sufficiently messiah-like in their minds, they contrive a biography after the fact that shows that lineage. Voila, prophesy fulfilled. Never mind that a man fathered by God shouldn't have any human paternal lineage to speak of.
  8. How I pose this to Christians: Even if (just for the sake of argument) the horrendous monstrous acts of the OT god *were* part of the old covenant and are no longer valid or acceptable, how can you explain the fact that those horrendous monstrous acts were *ever* acceptable back then? This is unconscionable behavior no matter what century we're living in. Of course, they try and explain it with answers like "God's ways are not our ways" "you have to be imbued with the Holy Spirit to understand", etc etc blah blah blah.
  9. This is my body (twirl or slurp?) This is my blood (marinara or tomato basil?)
  10. Many times it's due to the fact they know they don't have a strong case, so they drown everyone with volumes of nonsense that is both rambling and unreadable. Knowing full well no one will slog through it, they bank on the high probability that people will be impressed with the sheer size of the dissertation and assume the authors know what they're going on about.
  11. Tribal religions like Judaism and Christianity are big on the "chosen people" mentality, so it's not surprising that "unchosen people" are the result. Given this, there is little problem in accepting the idea of superior and inferior people in both the eyes of man and god.
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