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  1. I apologize if anything I said sounded arrogant/prideful. I am not from a very religious family, only believer actually....so all that theology never set well with me. But now as my walk with Christ is getting deeper, I see a need for more. I want to better understand what I believe in. I understand that this comes with a possible price tag, I could very well lose my faith along the way. So far, it has strengthened it, because God is opening up doors that were previously closed to me. So we shall see. I want my faith to be tested and proven true. It is time. I have to study really hard though.
  2. I would like to go to the University of Oxford to earn a Ph.D in Theology. It will not be easy, I am going to have to speak to an academic counselor and work out a path and a plan of how someone in my situation can get there. I would love to go to one of the top Universities and study the Bible and the one thing I love the most: GOD It really would not get any better than that, for me anyway. I want to understand more, learn, and spread the gospel....especially to those religious folks out there who know everything, but do not know Jesus Christ Himself. It is my heart's desire to be th
  3. Well I do not have 50K for a Masters Degree...so I thought this would be the next best thing for ME. I do not have student debt and I would like to keep it that way. It was just a thought, and I wanted to share it for anyone that is interested. If not, no worries.
  4. Hey, you never know, there might be people who are passing by here who see this as something valuable and might start studying. There are a lot of guests here and people that are anonymous too. You never really know
  5. I do not think it is spamming, since it is something related to what we are talking about here.
  6. I am interested in learning more about Christianity, it's origins, and things like that. I came across Nations University which is a FREE University Online. I already have my undergraduate done, so naturally I am going for my Masters in Divinity Degree now. I think there is a fee of $250/yr, and that is it. Here is a list of courses I will be taking. Some of them are really interesting. I am posting this for anyone who is interested in learning more. That is why we are here, to learn more. Maybe it will help someone who is struggling. http://www.nationsu.org/ Here are some of the c
  7. From what I can see, some people here are still Christians..or maybe they are on the fence. The song moved me, so maybe it will move someone else too. You never know. I felt compelled to share it. I think I am allowed to post in the Lion's Den like this. Never underestimate the power of music.
  8. Hi Guys, Have not been on here for a while. I wanted to share a song that my church played last week during worship. I felt the Holy Spirit move so intensely during this song. I know it is not just the song, but it is an amazing song. It always brings me closer to God each time I hear it. It is almost 13 minutes long, so brace yourself. It starts off slow, but it speeds up, I promise. I just thought maybe some of you would benefit from listening to it. It really takes you to new places. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose
  9. Well yeah, this is because I have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. It is something that is real to me and the relationship changes and grows like every other relationship we may have in our lives.
  10. Well like I said before, I am trying to work through things myself, so I will not try to pretend that I have all the answers. I have been introduced to the Apostolic faith recently, that of course teaches that there are not three separate entities in the God Head, but rather that they are one. I am just starting to research it and figure it out if this is true. The Apostolic faith of course comes from the Apostles of the Bible and they claim to have some answers. They say that the further you get from the Apostles and what they teach, the more you move away from the TRUTH. I am still looking i
  11. Margee, I really want to address you because I saw your post in the Testimonies Section of the forum about "Desperate Prayers." I actually just saw it today, so sorry for my late response. You know I cannot post there, so here it goes. First I wanted to say sorry if my post offended you in anyway or made you angry or anything. Those were not my intentions. I understand that this is a site for Ex-Christians, and this is a place for you all to meet and support one another. I see a lot of that here, and I actually think it is great. That is the reason I am not posting a lot here since I a
  12. Well I have been on this board on and off, struggling with my faith, doctrine and everything in between. Lately I have really REALLY been reaching out to Him and crying out from the depths of my soul for direction, vision and purpose. But mostly I have been really asking for more of HIM. See I drifted away from Him, ended up doing things I wish I never did, and just became a total train wreck. Now I am starting to feel and sense His presence again. I feel so humbled, and I feel His love again. Not that He stopped loving me, but I just stopped believing that He loved me. He's real, and He is al
  13. Jay, I want to draw near to God to hear His voice too.
  14. Another thing, I see some people here get caught up on the different denominations...and what is right and wrong. It does not matter in my opinion. It is about Jesus, not the denomination and doctrine. When I start to think about how many different Christian denominations there are, I get lost too. But when I see Jesus and His face, all things start to become more clear. It is about Jesus, not the doctrine. If we look to Him, He will give us what we need to understand those things that are so foggy. The minute I took my eyes off the Lord, I was filled with doubt and confusion. When I keep my m
  15. Where do you see God in the Old Testament declaring that a king messiah would die, be raised from the dead in three days, and require two trips (separated by thousands of years) to accomplish what he failed to do the irst time? Well, Isaac for example. He was going to sacrifice his only son to God. That is a TYPE of Christ.
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