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  1. Which god? Every (nasty) god has to punish the people that believe in the other gods. The cool ones of course don't need to punish anyone, but it's hard to get a lot of followers if you are a fun god. I've at times bouts of doubts about important things in my life. Time to reflect! However, gods, no. I miss however so now and then the touch with my spiritual and even artistic side. I've to think about how I lost touch.
  2. is looking for the best way to stay every other two months in the USA doing research...

  3. Much fun in discovering the world. At www.edge.org you can view sessions of talented people discussing science and religion. If you're scientifically inclined, you can read Dawkins, Sagan, Penrose, Hofstadter, Gould, Davies. As some oil to start up your rusted engines.
  4. Hi Toe, yes, of course that's true. But we remain those little, easy to hurt, big eyed, hairless animals. It's virtually impossible to figure something out rationally or intellectually while your feeling says no. You, as a woman, actually knows that much better than I do. It's indeed a fallacy, called Argumentum ad Consequentiam (appeal to consequences of a belief). This is a very general fallacy and actually IMHO the mother of a lot of others. Why does someone not question a tiny rule/law of his/her doctrine? That's because of the (supposed) consequences, that the whole belief system would collapse in that case. What you mention, I see as a subspecie of Argumentum ad Consequentiam, namely the Argumentum ad Baculum (out of fear). However, opponents could very well think that you're commiting also the fallacy ad Consequentiam (namely wishful thinking). They would argue: "Although you know the consequences (hell), you think they aren't true, because you don't like them!" It's your belief that your belief(s) should have no consequences.
  5. Delve into the mysery of mankind. Force yourself to look at misformed babies and ask yourself what they have done, what their parents have commited for cruel crimes to deserve such thing. Realize yourself what black corners on this scary world god doesn't care one fart about. Think about hell once, twice, thrice, think it through. Swallow every drop of sweat that falls from the bodies in this bottomless pitt. Realize yourself all the psychological tricks that are hidden in christianity. The overwhelming feelings of conversion, of commitment, of realizing that a superpower offers himself on the altar of your sins for another or the same superpower. Tremendous scale. And that collapses into one human mind, yours, emotional, psychological, human. Do you oversee all the forces that push and pull you from here to there? Investigate into detail what exactly of which prophecies did come true. What is suspect, what not? Read liberal xians from all flavours. If you actually are "afraid" that xianity is attractive to you, you should be aware that it evolved into many subspecies. Study pseudoscience. It helped me a lot to try to debunk Velikovsky, Von Däniken, YEC (young earth creationism) or other material.
  6. Welcome Cat! Your story moved me. I'm motivated again to live life to its fullest! What the heck! We took the red pill. Confronted with ourselves out of the matrix. It's like is written in this essay: How do I pursue truth!
  7. Ah... Relax! Do you want something to drink? Cognac? Cigar?
  8. Wow! That's not what I understand as conservative. Do they only wear boots? Anyway, welcome on the forums!
  9. Sometimes I feel so young. I only experienced this first paragraph and deconverted. And I feel privileged... Enjoy your time overhere. Start writing docs to be able to express your feelings without the usual rotten discussions in which arguments so often can not be properly expressed. Thoughts on (electronic) paper are worth hunderd times more. The difference seems that thoughts that are written on paper seem more often to be thought. And the verbal utterances of my opponents are more like quantum fluctuations in their brains.
  10. That can be the case. That's not true. Relatively they give not much. I gave you the numbers!
  11. Aha! I got the number from an article in Onze Wereld (Our World). That used the World Values Survey data. I checked it and you're right. Cool access database on that site! The amount of churchgoers (weekly and more often) approaches 14% [1999]. So the amount of believers is still higher. The amount of believers is even 45%! By the way, homosexuality can always be 'justified' according to 47,4% of us, the Dutch. Nice map: The Inglehart Values Map. The article in Onze Wereld was quite interesting. The more religious a country the less money they give to aid developing countries. They also had some figures about how much a civilian gives individually and indirectly by taxes (per day in $ cent). Country: Gouvernmental donations - Private donations Denmark: 89 c - 1 c Japan: 19 c - 1 c Holland: 67 c - 5 c USA: 15 c - 6 c The USA gouvernment is stingy, that's sure.
  12. You are right. I used to live in the province Zuid-Holland (South Holland). That's of course in the west of the Netherlands. ;-) The green area on this map [Encarta]. In this area live mainly 'secular people', except for the cities in which more and more moslems make their living. Only on the islands in the southwest (that belong to Zeeland (Sealand) except for the island of my parents: the only 'green' island) there are many calvinists. Remains of the huguenots that came from French when they were persecuted. In the middle of Holland there is a small strip of land where evangelical people live. So, we do also have a Dutch equivalent for the 'biblical belt'. There is also a protestant newspaper called Reformatorisch Dagblad (Reformed Daily Newspaper) and the churches overhere do have some bonds with churches in Canada and some reformed churches in the USA. The majority of the people overhere are no church goers and don't even believe in a god. But it's still more religious than Danmark or Sweden. There the percentage of believers falls beneath the 10%, in Holland it's somewhere between 15% and 20%, if I do remember it well. So, I'm happy that I don't live in an environment like you do in the USA. Where it does have social advantages to be xian. It's already difficult enough at times to have many xian friends. I would hate it when also strangers would expect me to defend my atheism. Usually it's so boring and quite embarrassing to discover how much effort people make to see through theories or belief systems they don't adhere themselves. "None at all", is often my conclusion. And that's a pity.
  13. I will try to add coherent posts - if I have them - to my blog.
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