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  1. Which god? Every (nasty) god has to punish the people that believe in the other gods. The cool ones of course don't need to punish anyone, but it's hard to get a lot of followers if you are a fun god. I've at times bouts of doubts about important things in my life. Time to reflect! However, gods, no. I miss however so now and then the touch with my spiritual and even artistic side. I've to think about how I lost touch.
  2. Sounds like Douglas Adams to me. If you look at it from a certain distance everything is relative, which is almost the same as seeing that's all kind of funny actually, nothing to worry about. You give meaning to your own life, and to the towels around you. If you feel uncomfortable on this earth with your fellow bags-of-cells, I cannot help that. Close your eyes and think that you are specially crafted by a supernatural manufacturer, if you want. That does not make me feel very special, I have to say. Thinking that this is your last day, can be pretty enlightening indeed. And probably I will
  3. I have always been an outsider, in church. Still am. I realized today at lunch that I couldn't chitchat w.r.t. some topic (about biological farmers being mean to their animals). A better belonging person might have been able to make conversation anyway... But do I care, should you care? Make sure you are happy and everything will belong to you.
  4. Saviourmachine


    Sell everything you have and give it to the poor. Somehow some answers reek after that... But I guess if you're christian you've often to do the opposite to do something challenging, new, worth living. If you never play games, play games. If you play games, stop playing. If you are vegetarian, eat meat. If you're a meat-eater, become vegetarian. If you listen to music, have a year of silence. If you are not into music, pick a genre. If you give money to the poor, stop it. If you don't give, start. If you work all the time, take a sabbatical. If you've been lazy, start your own busi
  5. What are the pathological cases with respect to mammalians (let's constrain ourselves) that have no such a thing as free will?
  6. Whatever it is, I want it too.
  7. Irreversibility I never understood so much the attempts of physicists to include subjectivity (most obvious of course the interpretation that a - human - observer is needed to make the wave function collapse). However, that might very well be a strawman that no serious physicist actually believes. I encountered it again last weeks in "The end of certainty" by Prigogine. Nice book by the way. I'm still contemplating on the baker map where he wanted to demonstrate (macro-)irreversibility from an underlying (micro-)reversible process. If he can do that he feels he understands "the arrow of time"
  8. Another decalogue please! Makes my day
  9. As is the bible. And America until now also survived christofascism / judeofacism or whatever you wanna call it. PS: I checked it out, the term actually exists: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christofascism
  10. They don't care. They think Islam is dangerous, that is enough for them. No need to do research...
  11. Okay sweethearts... You can all come to Holland. There is a very big ANTI-ISLAM party now in Holland: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/world/europe/10271153.stm All people just like you..... Headscarf tax, burning and banning the Koran, destroying mosks. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks for the pictures. :-) Just spelling it out... I didn't believe for one moment that Obama is a Muslim. The point is that it's saddening that merely accusing someone from being a Muslim is already sufficient to sketch a picture of him as being EVIL. For me, being evil doesn't have necessarily something to do with someone's faith. My very religious parents have been together for 30 years, and I wrote them - for this occasion - a letter to tell them how much I loved them. And I gave them the biggest compliment I could imagine as an atheist: "You are good people, also when
  13. For me it's sickening that a video like the following can be a character assassination (regardless of the fact if he is a believer or not): You know, I would consider a video in which the president describes different types of meat as being so awesome much worse. With clips in which he is hunting. Or where he defends to be a so much more superior animal than all THE OTHERS... Your first post did seem to show not just disinterest/indifference for/towards Islam, I am sorry if I understood you wrong.
  14. Why are you not interested in moderate views on Islam?
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