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  1. I 99.9% have rheumatoid arthrits. would it be a betrayal if I sought a naturopathic approach to this?

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    2. rjn


      Eat more veggies (perhaps cutting down on meat if you eat a lot of it, especially processed meat), regardless of what diet you'll opt for. Marijuana might (don't take my word for it) alleviate you of some pain btw, but of course I'm not advocating THAT ;)

    3. florduh
    4. Dhampir


      rjn, I'm virtually immune to that stuff, unfortunately.

  2. I think I may be really sick, people. Scared to death, don't know how to process it...

  3. when is the hit parade going to be OVER for me? Just one thing after another!

  4. I was told to post here that my home state has double the population of New Zealand.
  5. In a laundry list of neuroses, this one comes closest to the surface: I think I hate women.

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    2. Orbit


      hate for anything isn't healthy. you should probably seek professional help.


    3. Dhampir


      I can't figure out how to deal with the fact that we are not equals, and I can't imagine any gender specific relationships that don't require it.

    4. Dhampir


      Like I said, I don't hate women as people at all. and I use the term to try to be honest with myself. I want to be an equal with a woman, but this society does not allow it, and it kills me. Also, try not to throw around that "seek professional help" talisman so carelessly.

  6. Net Neutrality struck down...

  7. Looks like net neutrality might really be in danger...

  8. 3900 left to pay on a car with a bad trans and numerous other issues. I have GOT to get rid of this thing. How?

    1. Blake


      Sometimes you have to take a loss, unfortunately. Cars with transmission problems are hard to get rid of for a price that's satisfying to us in any way. Unless maybe you're happy with someone offering more than it's weight in metal, vs. taking it to the crusher.


      Good luck though. I hope you get it all straightened out.

    2. hereticzero


      I'll trade you a Ford van that gets 8 blocks to the gallon.

  9. seems almost certain that I am very very sick, and GODDAMMIT I won't get the test till monday! Can't sleep. Terrified.

    1. ficino


      Hang in there, Dhampir. Peace.

  10. my sister died one year ago today

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    2. milesaway


      so sorry for your loss! :(

    3. Blake


      I'm very sorry. :(

    4. Margee


      I remember this from last year Dhampir and I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing a little better. I remember the first year mark for me when my sister died. It was still surreal that she actually died. It does get a little easier the second year. Huge hug for you today my friend.

  11. The bs is tomorrow, and the fact that I keep having them. About ready for that to stop.

  12. I'm winding down to the end. getting past time for this bs to stop. nuther beer.

    1. crazyguy123


      What is the bs? Is it Christianity creeping back in?

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