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  1. I 99.9% have rheumatoid arthrits. would it be a betrayal if I sought a naturopathic approach to this?

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    2. rjn


      Eat more veggies (perhaps cutting down on meat if you eat a lot of it, especially processed meat), regardless of what diet you'll opt for. Marijuana might (don't take my word for it) alleviate you of some pain btw, but of course I'm not advocating THAT ;)

    3. florduh
    4. Dhampir


      rjn, I'm virtually immune to that stuff, unfortunately.

  2. Y'know Buffetphan, not that it matters, but after all these years I finally realized what your name means.
  3. I just remember the referenced South Park episode, and how Emmanuel Lewis was on the committee for changes to dictionary definitions and taking the whole episode to realize why.
  4. I think I may be really sick, people. Scared to death, don't know how to process it...

  5. when is the hit parade going to be OVER for me? Just one thing after another!

  6. We do have similar views. I have said myself that if I were gay (enough to like dudes), I'd feel this way toward men. Like I said, I don't hate women as people, or even in the conventional sense of the term. I just mistrust women from a psycho-social standpoint. I mistrust the intentions of women that seem interested, and I don't trust myself to handle the ones I find interesting properly. It hasn't happened often, but I feel threatened by women that are prone to anger, because I don't want to be lashed out against physically, as I've seen so many women do as though they had a right to. In
  7. I was told to post here that my home state has double the population of New Zealand.
  8. To my original point, I would very much appreciate if anger directed toward me were with regard to the totality of my statements. At least some of our misunderstanding comes from a failure to take it all in, or a refusal to consider that the entire sentence was relevant to those last 3 words. To Orbit: It seems rather clear from your continued reiteration of the same point that you did not read a word of what I have written here. That's fine. You do, however, abdicate any position of understanding if you fail to do so. I have psychiatric assistance, which I have reminded you of 3 times now
  9. interestingly, the darkest of my experiences with women mostly didn't happen to me directly. I just absorbed and perhaps erroneously concluded things about what I saw.
  10. See-- THAT'S what I was expecting. I was admitting I have a problem of perception. "Hi, my name's Dhampir, and I'm a hater-holic" essentially. But I was at fault for handling the subsequent approach. I should have made this thread first, then went from there.
  11. 2 things further. I am a believer in the idea that the content (and context) of one's words should outweigh their nature. I am aware of course that this is not always possible or reasonable. But look at the title, and more importantly, the status update that led to this. The whole sentence I gave should tell you that there is more to this than a misogynistic, directly personal loathing for the person of any female. If it does not, I apologize but I must again stress my disappointment in the steadfast refusal of some to consider that there may be a 2nd context under which those words could be v
  12. After a debacle of a chatroom session following a status update with those words, I am moved, by demand apparently, and necessity, to start a thread here. I think this may be my first ever Collosseum thread. Those that remember me from before might recall that I ocassionally succumb to my neuroses, typically regarding social anxiety. That said, I felt that the import of those words there in the title (edit: I changed the title. Please refer to the status update.) needed not only to be said out loud by me, but to be discussed, even if said discussion revolves around my being taken to task for t
  13. In a laundry list of neuroses, this one comes closest to the surface: I think I hate women.

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    2. Orbit


      hate for anything isn't healthy. you should probably seek professional help.


    3. Dhampir


      I can't figure out how to deal with the fact that we are not equals, and I can't imagine any gender specific relationships that don't require it.

    4. Dhampir


      Like I said, I don't hate women as people at all. and I use the term to try to be honest with myself. I want to be an equal with a woman, but this society does not allow it, and it kills me. Also, try not to throw around that "seek professional help" talisman so carelessly.

  14. First of all, CyberRaiden, being black CAN be hidden, it's called "passing", a practice not frequently engaged in anymore, but one which some saw as vital to prosperity, among those that could in fact pass. You might say that passing only worked for a small percentage of the black population, but even for those, discovery of their blackness, at a time when being black was as bad as being gay, was detrimental. Some gay people CAN hide that they have homosexual interests, but others cannot hide that they do. They need to be able to take advantage of the provisions set aside for couples in the la
  15. Micro evolution is untenable without the eventual progression to macro evolution. Why? First there's no established or even hinted at limit to shifts in allele frequencies, or heritable beneficial mutations. There'd at least be 1 study somewhere that says that allele frequency begins to shift back toward the median after what appears to be an absolute limit has been reached. Also, mutations are a thing that happens. Second, the evidence indicates that 99% of all species that have existed are extinct now. The only way there would still be life at all, is if extinction didn't follow evolution in
  16. Net Neutrality struck down...

  17. In reference to an answer given on page one: I thought Bonobos WERE chimps, of a different classification?
  18. Looks like net neutrality might really be in danger...

  19. 3900 left to pay on a car with a bad trans and numerous other issues. I have GOT to get rid of this thing. How?

    1. Blake


      Sometimes you have to take a loss, unfortunately. Cars with transmission problems are hard to get rid of for a price that's satisfying to us in any way. Unless maybe you're happy with someone offering more than it's weight in metal, vs. taking it to the crusher.


      Good luck though. I hope you get it all straightened out.

    2. hereticzero


      I'll trade you a Ford van that gets 8 blocks to the gallon.

  20. pathology has thus far been ruled out, although it seemed like a rather quick dismissal. not bad news so far.
  21. I'm sorry, I actually meant something completely separate from the anxiety and depression, which btw, aren't helping things.
  22. As it says. Far as I'm concerned, the "IF" has been mostly ruled out, it is only the "WHAT" that has to be determined. I'm scared. As scared as I've ever been.
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