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  1. Thank you for the sentiment. But I don't really feel like dealing with censorship and coddling people that believe in superstition.

  2. I agree with Xerces, would love to see you back again! :)

  3. A lot of the tension has died off, bird came back and made a post apologizing. Nobody really touches the spirituality forum except the deists. I thought your posts were pretty funny, its your decision though.

  4. Why? So Antlerman can circle overhead waiting to ban me?

  5. Come back to the forums :[[[[[[[['['[[

  6. Nah, don't feel like enduring the scrutiny. Can find me in SL though.

  7. Sigh...Vix please come back!! We miss you around here. I miss you heaps. I liked your advice and straightforward manner.

  8. Yeah, imagine that. More squashing of dissent and censorship. I'm in SL. Feel free to find me there.

  9. I think your thread got deleted because it started to go silly with others ranting, I dunno. They deleted all the chat threads. Well I will miss you, despite our differences I really admired you and saw you as a mentor. Take care and be well. come back if you ever want to reconnect :))

  10. No, don't think I'll be coming back. Hell it looks like they even deleted my good bye thread. Figures.

  11. Vixy, I cannot believe you have left us all like this. Surely you have to be missing us all already. We miss you!! come baaaaack.

  12. I see you got another warning for being open and stating your opinion honestly. For what it's worth, I enjoy your posts and I agree with you.

  13. Oh she's beet the same for a while now.

  14. I just noticed what Ms Kitteh was doing in your avatar :P (either that or you changed it recently :D)

  15. Christians are obsessed with finding guilt in sex and not just the same-sex variety. Even on this very forum we have prudes that are supposedly over the Christian faith that get their little ears offended by sex talk.
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