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  1. Thank you for the sentiment. But I don't really feel like dealing with censorship and coddling people that believe in superstition.

  2. I agree with Xerces, would love to see you back again! :)

  3. A lot of the tension has died off, bird came back and made a post apologizing. Nobody really touches the spirituality forum except the deists. I thought your posts were pretty funny, its your decision though.

  4. Why? So Antlerman can circle overhead waiting to ban me?

  5. Come back to the forums :[[[[[[[['['[[

  6. Nah, don't feel like enduring the scrutiny. Can find me in SL though.

  7. Sigh...Vix please come back!! We miss you around here. I miss you heaps. I liked your advice and straightforward manner.

  8. Yeah, imagine that. More squashing of dissent and censorship. I'm in SL. Feel free to find me there.

  9. I think your thread got deleted because it started to go silly with others ranting, I dunno. They deleted all the chat threads. Well I will miss you, despite our differences I really admired you and saw you as a mentor. Take care and be well. come back if you ever want to reconnect :))

  10. No, don't think I'll be coming back. Hell it looks like they even deleted my good bye thread. Figures.

  11. Vixy, I cannot believe you have left us all like this. Surely you have to be missing us all already. We miss you!! come baaaaack.

  12. I see you got another warning for being open and stating your opinion honestly. For what it's worth, I enjoy your posts and I agree with you.

  13. Oh she's beet the same for a while now.

  14. I just noticed what Ms Kitteh was doing in your avatar :P (either that or you changed it recently :D)

  15. A simple answer...it doesn't. One way of looking at this is...let's say that the biblical story of Jonah and the whale is not factual. Jonah was a real person, but let's say the whole whale thing is fiction. So what? It's still a good story, still instructive to us here and now, a story of God's provision and salvation. Tons of value, even if it's just a story. The Bible was written by approximately 40 different authors over multiple centuries and at locations on multiple continents. Undoubtedly it contains allegorical stories, and may contain statements that are at odds with each other. A
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