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  1. Thank you for the sentiment. But I don't really feel like dealing with censorship and coddling people that believe in superstition.

  2. Why? So Antlerman can circle overhead waiting to ban me?

  3. Nah, don't feel like enduring the scrutiny. Can find me in SL though.

  4. Yeah, imagine that. More squashing of dissent and censorship. I'm in SL. Feel free to find me there.

  5. No, don't think I'll be coming back. Hell it looks like they even deleted my good bye thread. Figures.

  6. Oh she's beet the same for a while now.

  7. Got myself a new PC. What a pain getting everything reloaded but oh so sweet...

    1. Dagan


      nice. you game at all? I recently upgraded to Windows 7 on the same hardware and found all my games play better now... hmm.

    2. Xerces


      is it cause of directx 11?

  8. Ugh..physical therapy sucks.....

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Darklady


      hope you are feeling better vix "hugs"

    3. Vixentrox


      thanks...first of 20 sessions...

  9. The underpants gnomes have become picture gnomes. Bow down and worship them Ramen!

    1. Xerces


      If I bow then my ass will be exposed to the picture gnomes.

  10. Is Jesus your jack-off buddy Brother Jeff?

    1. Brother Jeff

      Brother Jeff

      Yes! Amen! All the time! He's awesome under the covers. Glory!

  11. Not Korean PK62281 but a few of us have some sort of connection to Korea.

  12. BDP, it's can be a good thing too. If no one really needs you, you are pretty much free to do what you please.

  13. You know I was banned recently for 10 days for having the audacity to mock beliefs in the Spirituality section. Your turn next?

  14. Congo-rats Jabbrwokk!

  15. Blended Scotch is swill.

  16. I don't miss you in chat Christian.

  17. -resets Valks post count to 0-

  18. Welcome to the site.

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