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  1. Thank you for the sentiment. But I don't really feel like dealing with censorship and coddling people that believe in superstition.

  2. Why? So Antlerman can circle overhead waiting to ban me?

  3. Nah, don't feel like enduring the scrutiny. Can find me in SL though.

  4. Yeah, imagine that. More squashing of dissent and censorship. I'm in SL. Feel free to find me there.

  5. No, don't think I'll be coming back. Hell it looks like they even deleted my good bye thread. Figures.

  6. Oh she's beet the same for a while now.

  7. Christians are obsessed with finding guilt in sex and not just the same-sex variety. Even on this very forum we have prudes that are supposedly over the Christian faith that get their little ears offended by sex talk.
  8. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-online-archive-brings-the-ancient-maya-city-of-chichen-itza-to-scholars-desktops-114501344.html http://www.mayaskies.net/supplement/ The first-ever 3D recording of a Maya site, voted part of the 'New Seven Wonders of the World' EMERYVILLE, Calif., Jan. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- This week a new archaeological data archive and web-based collaborative learning tool launches to provide researchers, educators, filmmakers and digital heritage enthusiasts with the most complete data to date of any ancient Maya site. The archive centerpiece is a priceless 3D record of the ancient Maya city of Chichen Itza, recently voted one of the "New Seven Wonders of the World" by an eponymous Swiss-based foundation(i). Computer visualization researchers at the Institute for the Study and Integration of Graphical Heritage Techniques(ii) (INSIGHT) generated the open source archaeological data archive on site in the Yucatan, through the use of 3D laser scanning equipment and digital photographs(iii). The INSIGHT team then synthesized raw data into 3D computer models of the site today; the team also visualized the site as it may have looked in the past(iv), paying meticulous attention to texture and light. Their data and tools are now available online at www.mayaskies.net. "This is the first time 3D documentation has been completed on this scale for any site in ancient Mesoamerica, and includes its most important museum objects," said INSIGHT Director Kevin Cain. Mayaskies.net builds on research completed for Chabot Space and Science Center's(v) Tales of the Maya Skies(vi), a full-dome planetarium production showcasing the astronomical achievements of the ancient Maya. Funded by the National Science Foundation and Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Maya Skies yielded highly precise digital visualizations of buildings and objects in Chichen Itza. The interdisciplinary project also resulted in new research findings for both the archaeology and computer graphics fields(vii). "Working with archaeological data this way can change the way we look at the sites themselves," Mr. Cain notes. "Eduardo Perez (INAH head at Chichen Itza at the time of the field work) described the experience of viewing Chichen reliefs in 3D on the computer as 'seeing them for the first time'. That's a wonderful testament to the inherent power of computer visualization."
  9. But...but...the earth is only 6000 years old! http://www.english.globalarabnetwork.com/201101258782/Travel/archaeologists-650-babylonian-cuneiform-tablets-documents-8000-years-of-syrias-history.html Syria (Hasaka) – Archaeological discoveries in the Tell Lilan site located 120 km northeast of Hasaka indicate to the historic significance of the site which dates back to the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. The site is located on one of the important ancient trade routes linking Cappadocia, Ashur and Anatolia principalities. Excavations that have been carried out in various sectors in the site since 1978 show that the area was settled for the first time during the middle of the 6th millennium BC and continued until the late 1800's BC. Expeditions uncovered pottery dating back to the Halaf period (6500–5500 BC) and the Ubaid period (6500-3800 BC), in addition to bell-shaped jars dating back to the Uruk period (4000-3100 BC). Excavations uncovered an important human settlement dating back to the era of Nineveh. Pottery, serrated yellow cups, pedestals of colored statues, and cookware were discovered at the settlement. The site covered 15 hectares during the first half of the 3rd millennium BC, and later witnessed a sudden boom in terms of population and civilized development during the middle of the 3rd millennium BC. During this era, a wall and a defensive system were established to protect the expanding housing areas, transforming the site from a tiny village to a city covering 90 hectares. A temple was uncovered in the northeast side of the site. Its most distinct characteristics are its facades, twisting and ornate pillars, and a central hall surrounded by chambers on the eastern and western sides. Pottery, tablets and cylindrical seals bearing cuneiforms were found in the temple. The castle found in the lower area of the site contained an archive of 650 cuneiform tablets written in the old Babylonian dialect, with the texts including administrative and economic texts, political messages and treaties that shed light on developments in the area following the fall of the city of Mari (circa 1759 BC). According to texts found in Tel Lilan and other sites, the city was given the name Shubat Enlil which means "Home of Enlil" (Enlil being an ancient god) by Assyrian king Shamshi-Adad I. Before that, it was known as Shekhna, and this name was used again after the death of Shamshi-Adad I in 1776 BC. The city was destroyed by king Samsu-iluna of Babylon in 1728, and remained unoccupied since then.
  10. The military certainly has good and bad points to it. While Christianity is sometimes pushed, it isn't really all that much different than the rest of society pushing it. Also consider it is generally a young population. In many ways it is like being surrounded with a bunch of people at college I'd imagine. People out on their own for the first time, raising hell and having fun. One thing to consider beyond the free schooling is that you also have a steady job, and as I understand, Doctors/Dentists in the military rack up experience faster than civilian counterparts. As a dentist you might still have to deploy but you would definitely be "in the rear with the gear".
  11. Victor Tango to Phoenix, mission change. You are to infiltrate to the kitchen and swipe the communal wine.
  12. Well maybe if an extreme S&M snuff film appeals?
  13. Yep, easy to make your work of fiction fit a prophecy if you already have heard the prophecy.
  14. Actually, if a deity existed it would exist no matter what we thought of it, right? Why would a deity have to be good and loving to exist? Why couldn’t a deity be evil? An evil diety doesn't deserve worship, even if it existed. It would deserve loathing and scorn.
  15. There is now an online database available with thousands of documents from 1093-1286. http://www.pasthorizons.com/index.php/archives/01/2011/medieval-scots-document-sources-now-available-online http://www.poms.ac.uk/index.html The most comprehensive database ever compiled of any European kingdom’s inhabitants in the central Middle Ages has now been published online thanks to a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The multi-faceted database contains information on every person mentioned in more than 6,000 documents from Scotland between 1093 and 1286. It shows not only who they were, but gives an insight into how they related to each other as individuals, as different parts of society, and as Gaels and non-Gaels. Professor Dauvit Broun, the Principal Investigator, University of Glasgow said: “The database will allow scholars across the world as well as anyone with an interest in Scottish history to study the people of a mediaeval kingdom in unprecedented detail.” He went onto say, “The project focuses on the 12th and 13th centuries as this is the period when ‘Scotland’ and the ‘Scots’ first began to mean what it does today. By the end of this period it seems to have been taken for granted by the king’s subjects that the kingdom consisted of a single country whose inhabitants were a single people: the Scots. But this contrasts with the beginning of this period when the king was thought of as ruling a number of regions and peoples. The project focuses on the 12th and 13th centuries, as this is the period when ‘Scotland’ and the ‘Scots’ first began to mean what it does today. “The way Scotland and Scots came to be so radically redefined in this period cannot be explained simply by the deeds of powerful men. Its secret lies in the history of the people at large who created this new identity for themselves and that is what makes this period so fascinating to study. The ‘paradox’ is that, at the same time, Scotland was becoming more English, with Government, church, economy, law, language and culture became much closer to England than before. However, the result was not simply an extension of England in the north. Instead, this new identity was connected umbilically to a self-conscious awareness of Scotland’s status as an independent kingdom.” The database – located at www.poms.ac.uk – has been produced by the Glasgow-led AHRC-funded project, ‘The Paradox of Medieval Scotland, 1093-1286’ which also includes researchers from Edinburgh and King’s College, London. The success of the project has attracted further funding from the AHRC for a new three year collaborative project – with researchers from Lancaster, Edinburgh and King’s College, London – developing the database to study cross-border society and Scottish independence during the years 1216–1314. The project focuses on the period beginning with the failure of Alexander II’s short-lived revival of a ‘Scoto-Northumbrian realm’ in 1216-17, and ending with the formal abolition of cross-border landholding by Robert I in November 1314 following his victory at Bannockburn.
  16. Reading the Bible and studying the history of Christianity were the prime reasons for ditching Christardery.
  17. An alternative version of David and Goliath to the one above. Once upon a time there was this young man named David. David was a shepherd. Now watching the sheep was pretty dull so to while the time away he practiced with his sling. He got really good at it and even managed to kill a lion and bear with it who tried to eat his sheep. About this time there was a giant of a man named Goliath who was an enemy of David's people. He scared the crap out of the King and his soldiers. No one wanted to fight this giant man. David volunteered to fight the giant since he had a belt buckle that said Gott Mit Uns on it. That means it said "God is with us", just like the Germans would wear in WW2. Anyway, the day came for the two to fight and Goliath taunted the Jews about their fighting ability. David strode out to confront Goliath. Goliath thought he would make short work of the young David. But David took aim and sent his sling stone into the giant man's skull, shattering bone and spraying blood everywhere. He then took a sword and cut the fallen man's head off as a boastful and disgusting war trophy. It was said David was heard taunting the dead man, "Only a fool brings a sword to a sling fight...." Clearly the God belt buckle didn't matter much when David had already managed to kill a bear and a lion, both quicker and tougher targets than a lumbering man. The end.
  18. Waiting for divine inspiration to defeat the evil doers in league with Satan.
  19. I've read some testimonies a while ago, but you're right that it would be good to read the threads again. But for right now let me ask you this: IF somehow you came to see that science did not stand in the way of a belief in God, would you believe? I know I asked you for your top reason, but now I'm asking if it is your only reason. Image that this problem of science were removed ... would there be other reasons you couldn't believe? Why did you want to believe in God and an afterlife? Was it maybe because you grew up believing? Why did you ever have the idea that God and an afterlife existed? Even if I could believe in a diety, why would I pick that disgustingly evil, barbaric, misogynist bible god? Your diabolical imaginary friend is nothing but the blackest of darkness and one of the most vile deities ever to be invented.
  20. An abusive relationship isn't much of a relationship worth having if you ask me. Being bullied or intimidated into going to church and worshiping their evil god is abuse in my opinion.
  21. It is amazing that humans have such a capacity for self delusion to believe in such absurdities, and yet, we do all the time.
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