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  1. I've been thinking about the different comments in this thread.... Joshpantera wrote... Orbit wrote... And .... All these comments speak to an intentional and conscious effort in meditation. Intentional effort is required to move beyond fear. We humans take intention for granted. Because we are capable of intention, we don't think about it. But, intention is an act of Consciousness. And intention, in regards to meditation, has been studied. .... The Buddha's Brain: Neuroplasticity and Meditation was done at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
  2. Yeah ... that's what it was like when I experienced fear during the Dark Night. And it does come back. Dark Nights can come back as well...
  3. I quite recently felt that fear while meditating and just rode it through. I was glad I did. It wasn't comfortable, but it was beneficial. How was it beneficial ...just curious ... was the experience necessary to go to "another level"????
  4. There can be a fear element... And it can be hard to get beyond. Several years ago... while meditating... I felt this sinking fear well up from within me. The fear caused me to back out of the meditation... all these years later I wonder what would have happened had I persisted. But, it's hard to get beyond ...
  5. We have a lot in common. Although ... my take on it is that when we humans have these experiences we are (in a way) "knowing" this creative force ...
  6. Now - as an Atheist - how do you interpret the experience. How do you take "God" out of it?
  7. It's hard for people, who have never had such an experience, to relate. After decades of meditation, and multiple experiences, I've learned to only tell certain people. If a person doesn't have an open mind, or has never experienced anything like it, they have no way to respond... Nice - but there are untold numbers of documented mystic experiences (throughout history) that are not related to illness. Every experience I've ever had was not related to illness. Rather they paved the way for a shift in my meditation awareness and practices. They preceded a rise in my ability to meditate.
  8. Hello All: It's been years since I've participated in conversation here at Ex-C. I stopped by the Chat room tonight, for the first time in forever. During a chat, about mysticism, Orbit asked me if I'd ever had a mystic experience. Orbit asked me to describe my experience and I felt the Chat room didn't provide an ample forum for a description of a mystic experience. As a result... Orbit suggested I start this thread. So... here goes ... Firstly, I've had multiple mystic experiences. I've meditated since the age of 17, so.. I've been meditating for decades. The most prominent e
  9. Legion and Antlerman: I came across this article and thought it was very applicable to this discussion. I do not agree with everything the author says, but he hits upon the impact of world-view on societies ills, and it seemed to fit this conversation:
  10. Mysticism helps illuminate what we discover using the tools of reason, that reason alone cannot bring to bear. But mysticism is not a replacement for reason. Nor reason a replacement for mysticism. I should try to catch up on this thread I have not be following until I saw my name come flying past in here. Hey Antlerman - thanks for stopping by. You may not have been following, but your presence has still been felt.
  11. OMG ... I can't believe I signed that last post with my nickname My husband calls me Rose (I like to garden roses). He must have been talking to me as I signed off.... We agree completely. There is a drawback to just about anyting when we embrace it alone, to the exclusion of anything else. Legion - I always enjoy our discussions. You and Antlerman and so many others have given me so much to think about over the years. I am a better person because of our conversations. In Peace - OM
  12. I agree. But I still believe in doing science. This is the effort to produce explicit (communicable) understandings of nature. You and I may intuitively know what we intend when we say 'connectedness' or 'wholeness'. And please hear me. Intuition is indispensable in science, but it is not enough. In the last, we require explicit models. How about this OM? Can you share with me some analogies you might have for societies? Analogy can often point the way to understanding. Hello Legion - Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. This week is crazy, and sadly it isn't going to let up
  13. Legion - Sorry I've not answered you yet. This weekend was absolutely packed and the next few days are not going to get any better. I promise I'll come back on Thursday, and give you a decent response.
  14. Legion - I do think reductionism is an inappropriate way of analyzing Human societies. From my own perspective, the most productive way to analyze a human culture is to analyze what that collective culture "sees when it looks in the mirror". Humans act out what we believe we are. Again - referring to an earlier point in this thread: From a more local (ex-christian.net) perspective - the above dynamic is already recognized. Folks come here after leaving Christianity, they do so (in part) because leaving Christianity requires leaving a world-view, questioning that world-view and
  15. What types of natural systems do yo want to better understand? And why? Human societies. The why part is difficult for me to see. There's what gave rise to the curiosity, and there is the hoped for use of the understandings (if any). And I think this ties into the OP very well Openminded. I was speaking with a Czech who is very intelligent and knowledgeable about some things some years ago. But he was doing something which now strikes me as being very odd. He would speak about things like QM on the one hand, in a very rigorous way, but then he would speak of sociology in a very loosey goosey
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