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  1. Close minded is when you say your position will never change regardless of the evidence presented. A flat earther taken to the ISS who says "these windows must be TV screens showing cgi video of the globe earth" for example. Open minded is simply being willing to consider new ideas and evidence. We all default to "proven beyond reasonable doubt" for our knowledge, but facts and therefore knowledge have a subjective level to them which can lead different answers on the same question. For example if a scientist runs an experiment and shows X is the result, then perhaps that is enough verification for you. Another person may say "no, you need to repeat the test", so it is done again with the same result. It gets done a thousand times by a thousand different labs all with the same result. At what point do you say this data is verified beyond reasonable doubt? This is subjective. The quantity and quality of verification is up to each persons opinion. I believe we can prove god doesn't exist beyond reasonable doubt, but completely understand the same facts and reasons given would not convince a Christian.
  2. One thing that I've come to realise, that some atheists don't seem to understand, is that when you say someone is wrong about an indoctrinated belief, you aren't just saying that person is wrong but everyone they know, care about and respect. If you show evidence to a Christian that god is fake the knee jerk reaction is that the evidence must be wrong. This is because it conflicts with the persons world view, their very understanding of reality, so it can't be correct. That world view is taught from birth by everyone around you. When you say "you are wrong" you are saying "your parents, your friends, your teachers, your loved ones, your ancestors, your elders and everyone else you know are all wrong". Faced with that people will say think the contradictory evidence must be wrong, as it couldn't have possibly deceived all those people. If you are born into a flat earth household and someone shows you proof of the globe, they are directly saying "your parents lied or are at least mis-led". No one wants to think ill of their parents, especially when they have shown you year after year just how honest and reliable they are. When it is your word verse their families who do you think they will side with? Even when the evidence is clear and beyond debate, the thought will be "well I don't know the answer, but that doesn't mean others with more knowledge don't. I'm sure elder Bob could answer this" and they don't need a lot of counter argument as they have already categorised the evidence as false, its just a matter of proving that, even superficially. It takes a lot of conscious effort to dig further and to not accept the answers already given. Most won't get there, but the earlier you can raise the doubts the better. This is where the internet is the game changer. Kids can come across new opinions long before they are indoctrinated, and when they ask some basic questions but get hand wave answers the framework starts to crumble.
  3. So what do you think would be the outcome if war was declared? Military wise the US will stomp them no trouble, until it comes to putting troops on the ground, then you run into a guerrilla style war that could drag on. The biggest worry would be Iran saying "we can't win but we can take you with us" and targeting their own oil production plus any oil fields of Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi that are within reach. The hit to the global economy could be massive. It wouldn't help Iran, more of a mutually assured destruction kind of thing. Seems like a lose/lose situation no matter how it played out.
  4. These systems all work by creating a list of blocked sites. Most will use algorithms to search on common phrases (bomb, drug, porn etc) and grant a good level of protection. They cannot however ever claim perfect coverage due to the variety of ways such things can be transmitted. I used to recommend a free system called K9, but I've just read that they got bought out and no longer get updated. There are several other free programs available but I've not used them so couldn't recommend one over the others. Really any one should do the job fine and that plus keeping an eye on what they are up to should be enough.
  5. Having day dreams is normal, especially when you are bored or tired. It will get worse with bad diet, bad sleep or stress. If it happens constantly to the point you struggle to function then you may have attention deficit disorder (ADD). This can be helped with counselling and medication.
  6. It isn't done forJesus, it is done for friendship, done for empathy and done just cos some people are genuinely nice people.
  7. Interesting article talking about the change in thought from our ancient relatives being vicious hunters to modern research showing many of the bones found show we were at the bottom of the food chain. They found signs of hyena (some ancient version at least), leopard, crocodile and giant eagle. We really are just squishy meatbags, its only technology that allows us to compete. Take away the spear, the armour, the shelter and fire and we are lunch for anything that wants a bite.
  8. I had a Catholic friend get me a job and job training that got me the career I now have. I have Christian relatives who knitted blankets for our baby, just because it was a nice thing to do. I've had a gay atheist flatmate steal my alcohol and never pay me back. In any large group of people there will be good and bad. Christians are no different to atheists in that respect.
  9. I have had a single experience of deja vu that stuck in my mind. I had a single image of a buildings lobby, people walking across the room and a woman in a white dress suit walking passed me. The next day I popped into the lobby of one of the tower blocks in the city and froze as the scene was exactly what my brain was remembering, right down to the lady in white. In a split second it was gone and it was a real whoa moment. I thought a lot about that moment and the conclusion I came to was that the original image was actually very vague. It was like a dream and the people would have been little more than faceless blobs. Once the real scene was overlaid in my mind it filled in the details with reality. Did i originally dream a white dress or was it just lightly coloured? Was it coloured at all or did I fill that detail in after the fact? The only way to know for sure would have been to write or draw the scene and share that experience with others before it happens. How much detail did I really know? It is impossible to say now that the memory is fixed. It is also worth thinking how often such a event could occur. Similar to your example of hearing the name Bob, if that is a friend, family member or a character on a show you watch then the likelihood of that coming up is high. In my case, working in the city meant that I walked passed this particular building every day. I'm sure the whoa moment would have been just as strong 2 days, 3 days or even a week later. Our memories are amazing things that we do not understand. We can recall live action, voices, fine detail, colours and smells but how is such data stored in our brains for instant recall? There are savants who can memorise entire libraries of information, and yet most of us will forget where we dropped our keys. We have the Mandela effect showing our memories can be changed after the fact and crime scenes where three eye witnesses all describe different offenders. Fascinating subject but not one I think we will understand any time soon.
  10. Wertbag


    We have no idea where intelligent life is in the universe, so have no way to guess the distance the light from our sun will have to travel before reaching a set of eyes. If there is life watching then yes they would be seeing light that has been travelling for billions of years.
  11. If there was a god, how would that give us meaning? Is it just the mysterious "He has a plan"? Or is our meaning purely to entertain the bored super-being?
  12. I thought it was funny that the only way to build a structure strong enough was by using steel girders and reinforcing.
  13. One thought I've heard discussed was imagine if the effort, money, labour and dedication to building churches, cathedrals, temples, and religious statues had instead been focused on more practical endeavours. It doesn't matter which religion, if any, was actually correct, the majority of the world and everyone throughout history must be wrong. So the majority of works are dedicated to non-existent beings, from the giant Buddha statues to the temple of Zeus, imagine those people putting the same decades of work to building housing, hospitals, schools, or infrastructure. Imagine the wealth of the Catholic Church aimed at reducing poverty or preventable diseases. So sure, an individuals belief may not be harmful in itself but it does rob society of a resource that could achieve so much more.
  14. Anything called a "super" food. Any shop selling drinks in sizes Medium, Large and X-large. Food labelling as a whole. "look our product has no artificial colour, no added sugar and no msg! Nope, its just pure lard!"
  15. Random thought, what pet peeves do you have? A few that have come to my mind recently: people calling polygraph machines "lie detectors", theres a good reason they aren't allowed as evidence in court. Lens flare in video games and movies. You should never see lens flare in a first person shooter, its created by light hitting the lens of the camera, so unless you are playing as a cameraman that effect should not occur. People who get on buses, trains or elevators without waiting for those getting off to clear the way. Street preachers screaming fire and brimstone at people minding their own business. Who do they think will ever be convinced by ranting? Exploding cars in movies. With thousands of car crashes a year guess how many explosions there are. Martial arts movies where a spinning head kick that lands flush does little more than make the guy take a backwards step. Dog owners who have no control. Dragged down the road by a pulled leash, doesn't come when called, barking non-stop (for which yelling at them achieves nothing), just obvious who is in charge. Then the dog attacks someone and the owner says "he was always so good before, he never hurt anyone". Parents dropping kids at toy sections of shops to play while they go shopping. Carob, designed by the devil to ruin chocolates good name. Game of thrones book 6, now been waiting 7 years. Theres slow writing, then theres just taking the piss.
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