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  1. I've never really dove deeply into Islam, from my western view it always felt like an even more ridiculous religion than the more common Christianity. While browsing videos today I came across this short one (5 min cut from a Frank Turek Q&A) Is Islam false? Watch this! - YouTube I don't think I've agreed with anything Frank has said ever, so finding a subject that is common ground (disbelief in Islam) was interesting. His response is done in very brief form, so there's probably a lot left out, but generally he says: Islam is newer (Mohammed 570AD to 640AD) but the stories of m
  2. That only works if you accept the bible as a valid source of historical information. From what we know Paul didn't write most or possibly any of the works attributed to him (Romans 16:22 "I, Tertius, who wrote down this letter..."). The bible is untrustworthy in almost every way, so to find a section that openly admits to being at least second hand at the time of writing doesn't inspire great acceptance that the writings are believable. Looking at it from a historical, non-biblical view, all we know is a sect of Jews became enamored with a preacher character and due to a lot of luck managed
  3. Wild, baseless assertion... How do you know his bones are dry? Could be quite moist
  4. The majority of people, both Christian and atheist, think that Jesus probably did exist. The question is whether he was just a charismatic preacher or something supernatural. The mythicists position has to prove a negative, which is a hard thing to do in this case. There is enough of an argument to leave a degree of doubt, but not enough to be a clear cut case. Personally the charismatic preacher theory seems most likely, as this fits with how cults commonly grow (John Smith, Ron Hubbard, Muhammed, Jonestown etc).
  5. I'm sorry you feel that way, I haven't seen any rude or abusive posts, I've looked back over your introduction and everyone seemed very cheerful and welcoming. Certainly lots of questions were asked, but even those were done without personal insult. The moderators on here are usually very vigilant about personal attacks and that is not tolerated. If you can let us know what has upset you then perhaps we can help?
  6. There are a few commonly held ideas about the story of the resurrection outside of it being a miracle (which we only have the doubtful word of the bible, a book written by unknown authors, at unknown dates, for unknown reasons). The mythicist view is that Jesus probably didn't exist at all, based on his similarity to earlier god-man stories, lack of physical evidence and lack of contemporary writings. The only writings of Jesus were at best decades, if not centuries after his claimed death. The more common view was that it was a mundane event that had later stories told about it, and su
  7. Could you elaborate on this idea? I don't follow what you are trying to say. I could imagine several reasons for denying the supernatural, so any claim that there is only one possible reason seems incorrect.
  8. This always got me. In the end days would come the anti-Christ, and he would perform miracles and magic and convince many to follow him. People would be following believing that the miracles they witness came from God, even though they weren't, because we can't tell the difference. Of course God should punish everyone who is tricked by a super-powerful being who can do real magic, cos we didn't know better. But can you imagine a guy turns up and says "Hi, I'm Jesus returned" and starts regrowing lost limbs, healing by touch, walking on water and locating my lost car keys, only to have
  9. I've heard plenty of apologists try to prove the resurrection (not Gazza in particular, but the arguments are almost always the same). The uphill battle that apologists have, is that proving a crucifixion would not prove anything (as a form of execution it was used thousands of times, so someone called Jesus being crucified would be statistically likely). They need to prove that Jesus was dead and then came back to life, and there is no evidence for that outside of the unfounded assertions made in the bible. There are no claimed first hand accounts and the biblical writings are by unknown a
  10. We've all had dreams and understand how crazy they can be. Science doesn't really understand what they are or why dream occur, there are a few theories but its a subject that is hard to know anything about for sure. I've heard of people having religious dreams and upon waking, making lifestyle changes based on it. There are people who claim to be "dream experts" who will help interpret your dreams, and people who claim supernatural effects or causes of dreams. Personally I've had plenty of crazy dreams, but never any religious or supernatural feeling. Has anyone on here experienced am
  11. I've seen a lot of Christians fixate on the mark of the beast being a requirement for trade. That mention has had people guessing at currency changes (release the Euro, "omg the Euro is the only way to trade, you have to agree to use this "mark of the beast"", or to guess that currency will cease to exist and the mark is the trading system that replaces cash (magnetic swipe cards, chip cards, proximity cards, Google pay or biometric payments). Each new change is panicked about, then promptly forgotten as the world keeps going and nothing happens. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia -
  12. So, Mrjukes21, what are your thoughts on what you have posted? Are you thinking it's ridiculous or do you have worries something might be true amongst the ramblings?
  13. It sounds like your parents are close to your wife as well, if so, are they likely to talk to her and hear her side of the story to get the full facts? You could go with vague answers and legal talk "we had irreconcilable differences, but its too painful to talk about, so please can we not open that wound?" Would they accept an "I don't want to talk about it" answer? The other option would be to find a softer leaving the church description. Something like "I've doubted my faith and have been searching for answers, I've become agnostic due to doubts but wifey's faith is stro
  14. I think this is partially covered by the section "God is not necessary", that is saying life can be good without god, that you can achieve whatever you want regardless and can be an upstanding moral person without god.
  15. Never underestimate the stupid...
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