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  1. Wertbag

    Have at it, Y'all...

    I'm always amazed at people who will tell you what God wants and thinks. "God wants America to succeed" or "God wants abortion to stop", its the ultimate claim to authority fallacy. He is not stepping in to fix or change anything, and its always a case that God must want exactly what I want. Shouldn't we be saying God hasn't struck down abortion doctors therefore He has made His choice clear?
  2. Wertbag

    Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

    I always preferred the secular saying "ba hum bug", found it really helps the festive mood 😋 I usually follow up by kicking over the nativity scene, sculling the eggnog and spending Xmas in a jail cell re-reading the first half of A grinch who stole Xmas. Anyone heard of the complaints about using Xmas? One Christian told me it was terrible because it was crossing out Christ 🙄
  3. Wertbag

    How did you choose your nickname?

    Not a fan of buffet dining? Damn, I'm bad at this game 😋 I really hadn't heard much about Jimmy Buffett, I knew the name but none of his music. I read up on Wikipedia and browsed some songs on YouTube. Its cool how our tech can help us fill in the gaps of our knowledge so easily.
  4. Wertbag

    How did you choose your nickname?

    Having seen your name a hundred times I feel slow in not realising it was backwards. It sounds Asian and I think that is where my mind stopped.
  5. I see a lot of unusual aliases in use here but even the more mundane often have a story as to how they came about. So how did you decide to use yours? My nickname Wertbag is from when I first learnt touch typing ~30 years ago (manual typewriter back then, but one skill that carried through to modern tech). The exercise asked for top row with the left hand then bottom with right. I slipped up and typed Wertba, but my brain read it complete. It amused me, was unique and i needed something for the bbs sites (like websites prior to the Internet) and have used it ever since.
  6. The IamGod number plate has gone up for auction in NZ. Its already been featured by local news and had 21k page views at this point: https://www.trademe.co.nz/1824641083
  7. Wertbag

    My grandma passed away

    My grandma died last weekend at age 96, one month shy of her 97th birthday. She left instructions that she didn't want a funeral saying that as she had outlived all of her friends and most of her family (my dad being her sole surviving child) so she wished to be cremated and have her ashes added to my grandads in the veterans cemetery. She made sure to state that she wanted no priests, no prayers and none of her money to go to the church. She was born and raised a Catholic but turned against them when her sister had a still born baby and the church said as it was unbaptised and born into sin it couldn't be buried on church grounds. There was no support just rejection and the whole family broke ties with the Catholic Church most switching to Anglican or deist beliefs. My grandad was anti church but wouldn't talk about his belief so I don't know if he was deist or atheist. He said that his dad was a vicious abusive man who quoted the bible to justify his violence (spare the rod, spoil the child), he literally had religion beaten out of him. What really amazed me about her life is the massive amount of change she saw occur. Born in 1922 she was a teenager during WW2, married my grandad when he returned from the campaign in Egypt and had my dad in 1945. In her lifetime there has been cars, planes, TV, computers, phones, even electricity itself. The nearest supermarket was a 5km bicycle ride and she had to buy lamp oil to keep the home lit as they didn't get electricity connected until the early 30s. International travel was primarily by slow boats, with air travel only becoming available after WW2 but with very limited runs and high prices. As far as I know she never travelled outside of NZ. She lived through the depression, WW2, Korean and Vietnam wars, was married for 66 years with 2 children, 4 grandchildren and lived long enough to meet my daughter, her great grandchild. Sadly my daughter was too young to remember the meeting but I gave her my grandmas name Kathleen as her middle name. A full happy life through some of the worlds years of turmoil. A long life of joy without religion.
  8. Wertbag

    Deadpool 2

    I find when I watch a comedy like Deadpool I'm a lot more forgiving of plot holes and nonsense. You expect a bit of ridiculous blended in, so things like timeline issues I'll happily ignore but would be annoyed if they were in a serious movie. I think this bias lets me say I loved both Deadpool movies and good action/comedies are so few and far between.
  9. Wertbag

    Are there a lot more men than women here?

    The only thing I'd add to the great replies is don't feel like you can't start topics if there are subjects you want to discuss. If there is anything that interests you but there's no current threads then go ahead and bring it up. Lots of us have kids, relationships, careers, hobbies and interests other than religions, so feel free to spread your discussion net as wide as you wish.
  10. Wertbag


    I have suffered from depression and it can be very hard to find your joy, but you have to remember it does get better and your life will improve. I struggled to find happiness, everything became a chore and you fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Well I can tell you it is certainly there. My personal breakthrough was martial arts. Finding an activity that challenges you, helps meet new people, gains fitness, sets achievable goals and most importantly keeps your mind busy. I realised I was only depressed when I sat and dwelled on it, but as soon as my mind was focused on activities then I just didn't stop to feel bad. I took classes to learn German, I wrote a book, I ran the half marathon, I wrote a business plan, I cross trained in several martial arts and once my life was full there was no room for depression. Once I had some self confidence I tried online dating and have now been married for 6 years with two cute kids. If I've had a bad day at work, coming home to a flying cuddle from the cuteness can't fail to put a smile on my face. Find your joy, try new things and put yourself out there. It will get better.
  11. Wertbag

    Am I An Atheist now?

    Hi, I don't want to duplicate the great responses the others have given, I will just say that giving human characteristics to natural occurrences (to anthropomorphize a thing) is very common. Things that we don't understand we automatically assign human qualities to. Where does rain/lightning/babies/wind/tides/life etc come from? If we don't know then god or at least a superior intelligence is surely the answer. Its god of a gaps for natural phenomenon and it retracts each time our knowledge increases to show the natural cause. Lightning could be Zeus or it could be particle physics in the clouds. The tides could be Neptune or it could be the effects of gravity on water. The gaps for god to fill have reduced to just the most distant and hard to answer questions such as where did the universe come from? With a 100% track record of god never being the correct answer, I would suggest that there was a natural process for that too.
  12. Its stupid enough to be a joke but crazy enough to be true... Poe's law. I want to say "no one is that stupid" but you can never underestimate the stupid. Any reply to that would have to be in essay form, just too many ridiculous points to comment on.
  13. You notice that the animals which are complete dicks are the ones who survive anything you throw at them? Ticks, mossies, cockroaches, parasite worms, flies... all the cute fuzzy things die off in large numbers, while the bastards who want to suck our blood just keep on multiplying. Put a cockroach in a microwave and the friggn thing just runs around like nothing is going on. Now I hear stories about baby moose being so covered in ticks that they lose too much blood and die.
  14. But Islam is so famous for being all about the female rights! The Muslim's love to say how ol' Mo had heaps of wives and they were given great power, ignoring the massive barrage of repression: "Women in Saudi Arabia are unable to marry without permission of their guardian, and must seek permission from the ministry of interior to marry a foreigner. They are also prohibited from opening bank accounts, travelling alone, and in some cases even leaving the house alone. They were only recently allowed to drive." They still stone adulterers, cut off hands in public, and outlaw the practice of all other religions. I'm all for the massive increase in electric cars just to take the oil money away from the middle east.
  15. Wertbag

    Bomber arrested in Florida

    True, the Western world is all about the representative democracy, which basically means no power to the people. We don't vote on who the best person for the job is, only on who between the couple of choices given to us. Most people when asked who they would like to see as leader will pick someone intelligent, caring, experienced and who matches their ideology, almost never a politician. We also never vote on important issues or have any say in the law. Imagine binding referendums on legalising pot, abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, gun control, smoking and whatever the big topics of the day are. A system where the will of the people is heard. That could be a great thing (or a complete disaster if the people on mass make bad choices, and as recent history shows that is unfortunately true). What we really need is a technocracy, a governmental system that promotes people based on talent, intelligent and skills, but I can't imagine any country changing from their traditional system to something better.