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  1. I know you say you don't want to strawman the discussion, but there's certainly some assumptions which point that way. "the nitty gritty like you demand from the psi studies" - I've asked for no details, demanded no information about the people or studies. "Psi researchers are all hucksters and dying to find a positive result, right?" - I've said nothing about the researchers and have not attempted to generalise large numbers of people. I'm happy to discuss the ideas and trails but lets stick to what has been said and not jump to other conclusions. I really only had one point, that is there are a lot of studies done which have come to the exact opposite result of the studies referred to. If I tell you "there were 6 studies and all agree that psychic abilities are true" that sounds like a really strong case. However if you say "there were 100 studies done and 6 had a positive result while 94 had a negative" then your conclusion should be tempered with this knowledge. If the majority of tests cannot replicate the results, then while it doesn't disprove the positive studies it certainly should make you pause and consider alternative possibilities. Is it more likely 6 studies were wrong or 94 studies? As for the comparison with vaccines, this is a poor one to my mind. What the numbers are saying is that 48% of people who would have died didn't, while the psi study had a random chance level of 25% but came out 8% higher. 48% is statistically significant, while 8% is quite a small variation from the expected. If the vaccine failed 92% of the time then we would absolutely be saying its a terrible product and should be reworked to have a half way decent success rate, or in reverse if the psi study had a 73% success rate we would be blown away by how impressive the results are. I'm not saying this disproves anything, just that the results aren't staggeringly high. As for not seeing the vaccine failures, there are tons of those. They are constantly tested, refined and numerous products that had hoped to be a great success have failed testing and been binned. The researchers are constantly looking at what goes wrong in order to adapt and improve. This article clarifies why there is so much doubt: https://www.livescience.com/23852-esp-psychic-powers.html
  2. I've been trying to find any discussion about that report but can't find any specific comments. What I keep hearing about similar works is the confirmation bias, mostly in the fact they are happy to highlight the hits but rarely talk about the misses. When they say "look 6 studies agree, therefore its repeatable and proven" without mentioning the 60 other trials which could not replicate the results then your conclusion is setup to give a positive image. They mention hit rates of 33% when 25% is expected by pure chance and therefore claim success, but you could equally come to the conclusion that it was only fractionally higher but still wrong more often than not. They also add in a few anecdotal stories about individual success but never with enough detail or names to research what really happened. That kind of appeal to emotion shouldn't be in a scientific study. There is also another technique that I've heard used, the psychics manager says "to make sure you are not mucking us around, I want to know in advance what the subject you will be asking my client about." In that case the study or TV show can still claim they never discussed any details with the psychic while they have plenty of time to be told and research what they need to know.
  3. The psychics themselves never had a problem with how it was run and were happy to return season after season to cash the huge pay cheques. I believe a range of methods such as remote readings, holding photos of the deceased or getting in touch with spirits where the murder occurred have all been tried. As for Kelvin Cruikshank and his "great" show of locating a body, did you see the size of the search area he highlighted? Basically he went with 5-6 square km of parklands, being the nearest rough terrain from the home that was never searched. So much for "a hot spot" feeling. Having seen him make similar claims a hundred times with no result, eventually by share persistence you are going to get lucky. If you start with the theory that they have read the police report then ask "what new information do they have that no one else does?" What you find is you are watching a dramatised reading of the police report.
  4. I think the biggest test to my mind is the TV series Sensing Murder. You take 4 psychics and apply them to a cold case to see what they can reveal. Off the top of my head it has run in ~30 countries, with 5-6 seasons each, with close to 200 different psychics used and over 2000 cases investigated. In all of that effort there has been zero crimes solved, zero new evidence found and zero missing bodies located. Really it is the perfect situation to show their powers. They are well paid (average $5k per episode), have as much time as they need, full access to the sites and can use any techniques they wish. To fail with everything in their favour gives a clear message about their abilities.
  5. Wertbag

    Abort! Abort!

    I thought it was His punishment for gay marriage? I really wish He would let us know which sin in particular He is smiting today.
  6. Wertbag

    Yeah, America is a "christian" Nation

    It's a Christian nation because you keep the 10 commandments and make sure to stone to death anyone working the sabbath...💀 The only political systems in the bible are monarchy or theocracy, so being good Christians they went ahead and picked Greek democracy instead. Then to make sure god got his due they give all religion equal legal protection and include separation of church and state. Oh, the 10 commandments include "thou shall not kill" and as it is impossible for anyone to have figured that out any other way it must be Christian values that led the way. 🤪
  7. I'm not sure if there is more paranoia around at the moment or if its just a case that I avoided it in the past and its been this crazy for a long time... There is this idea that a secret group wants to rule the world, take away rights, destroy god/Christianity and bring about the end of the world. There doesn't seem to be agreement on which group it is; NWO, illuminati, zionist, bulshevick, communist, globalist, lizard people or the Rockerfeller family, but whoever it is they are satanists first and foremost. This group wants to take your guns, teach your children, poison your water, create wars, fake mass shootings, hide the flat earth, push evolution and are going to burn your bible. I always thought the lizard people meme was just a joke at the excessive lengths conspiracy nuts go to, then I met a lizard people believer... But when these ideas are voiced they aren't being met with the mocking they deserve. You see people threatening bloody warfare and civil war, against things that don't exist. The rage on display is frightening considering the lack of real enemy. It feels like it would only take a charismatic leader to play on that anger and fear and you could get violent cults who truly believe they are doing gods work. Am I paranoid of paranoia or are you seeing this upswing in crazy too?
  8. That is the thing that convinced me, anti-pyschotic medicine works. It really started as a god of the gaps issue, but now that gap is well and truly filled.
  9. Wertbag

    As a Bi Girl - Nothing I Did Would EVER Be Good Enough

    Did that realisation drive you towards a diest outlook (eg the church is wrong but that doesn't mean there is no god) or did you step straight to atheism in one go?
  10. For a laugh I started putting together a bullet point list of all of the issues I could think of for the global flood and Noah's ark. This is purely off the top of my head, but each item could be an essay on its own. I tried to stick to categories rather than items that might double up. I got to 50 items which seemed a nice round number: People don’t live to be 900 years old People aged 600 years aren’t taking on large construction projects People aged 500 aren’t having children 8 people and 2 of each animal must repopulate the world through inbreeding Controlling the environment for snow/desert dwelling animals Collecting animals from distant, non-connected lands Spreading those animals back to distant, non-connected lands Providing food for the animals with specific diets Providing fresh meat Providing clean water Providing animals exercise If only 14,000 “kinds” of animals are on-board then mega-evolution is required to diversify those to the millions of species seen today Cave paintings from around the world should have been washed clean Many civilisations existed prior to, during and after the flood timeline Finding food after the world has been submerged for a year How to contain insects How fish will survive a mixed fresh/salt water sea Why the fossil layers don’t show a jumble of species together How you build a wooden ship of a size not possible for many thousands of years, without heavy machinery or steel How you make a ship of that size not destroy itself when faced with the greatest storm in history There is not enough water in the world to cover the mountains and no where for it to drain to afterwards How to keep the air below decks oxygenated The dove flew out and collected an olive branch, yet all olive trees would have been under water for a year Were dinosaurs on the ark? If so all animal needs are amplified to new levels If dinosaurs were on the ark, then was it Noah or God who failed to save them? How to clear out waste products The force of the water required, in the time required Keeping animals from crashing around during massive waves With only 2 of every animal released from the ark, the first carnivore to eat will wipe out an entire species How to pay for the tools, wood and logistics for the construction project The 8 people were not known as ship builders or animal carers All powerful god couldn’t think of a less convoluted method Punishment for wickedness includes killing all babies, children and animals If wickedness existed before and after this event, then it didn’t fix the problem How did parasites survive? How did rainbows not exist prior? With limited population was Noah able to give a burnt sacrifice without wiping out species? Polar ice core samples show no sign of a flood Trees have been confirmed alive that are over 10,000 years old Seeds, nuts, bulbs, how to save the multitude of plant species The combined weight of animals, drinking water, food and structure would be more than floatation provided by a boat of the arks dimensions Epic of Gilgamesh No moisture inside the pyramids Within a few months scurvy, rickets and vitamin deficiencies Human diversity from 8 people Christian disagreement, literal vs moral story, local vs global, how many miracles Flowers, needed for fruit pollination, food for nectar feeders Creatures with shorter than 1-year life span (ants, bees, termites, fruit flies etc) would need entire colonies on the ark A boat with no control in the worlds biggest storm couldn’t turn in the direction of the waves. A sideways wave will roll the ship Special handling and containment for snakes, spiders, an aviary, terrarium, aquarium, mixed environment for amphibians, a butterfly house Any thoughts on topics that I may have missed?
  11. Wertbag

    How do I deal with their greed?

    I would suggest double checking your concerns about being a manager. Stress levels are not guaranteed in any role as long as you can get a good work/life balance. The role will differ depending on the size of the company and the culture they have internally so I'd hate for you to miss out based on limited opinions or rumours.
  12. Wertbag

    $70 000 000

    Yeah, been twice. I highly recommend it, that place is stunning with the amount of spectacular art, ancient history and architecture.
  13. Wertbag

    $70 000 000

    I saw the story of a preacher speaking from his $2 million dollar mansion with the lambo in the driveway asking for more money to upgrade his private jet. A fool and his money...
  14. Wertbag

    Gnostic Atheist

    Yes. The answer I'm leaning towards is that while gnostic beliefs can be valid, as long as the data set is finite in size, in the end it is irrelevant as knowledge is at its base subjective. Knowledge is an individual thing, in that each of us has different education, experience and facts that our knowledge is based on. Those facts are verifiable to a degree, but the quantity and quality of the evidence required is subjective. That is why even the most widely supported scientific theories have people that disagree with them (gravity, age of the world, shape of the world, evolution etc). Their facts may not stand up to scrutiny, but they are actually basing their idea on a form of fact which means it's not pure belief but a poor form of knowledge. So knowledge can change, it can grow and gain more facts to either prove it wrong or solidify it. Because of this base I would be fine with either theists or atheists using the term gnostic in the right situation, but really it is a term of little value because my facts aren't your facts, my experience isn't your experience and due to those differences we can reach different conclusions from what we have. I'm still left not sure what term actually fits. Probably anti-theist, but I have the feeling that using "anti" would make religious people think "hatred of". You would be forever trying to explain what you mean before you could even have a conversation.
  15. Wertbag

    Why be good if there is no God

    If He died for your sins and you don't sin then He died for nothing. Lets make His sacrifice worth something!