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  1. I've seen this sentiment raised by several famous atheists, most recently in Sam Harris's podcast, that there is nothing left to talk about regarding Christianity. Every argument has been refuted a thousand times, the videos in their hundreds cover every question you can ask and books looking at the subject from every angle already exist. Do you agree there is nothing left to say that hasn't been said before? There will always be news articles about which filthy rich preacher has got caught breaking the law this week but are we done with debates? Maybe the value is just presenting the rebuttals in new ways to catch the next generations eye and get them thinking? Perhaps making sure the atheist message is kept high in the new releases on YouTube is all the value we need?
  2. Wertbag

    Need to Rant

    The devil is into stretching, self defence and drinking tap water? His standards have really slipped...
  3. The latest news is that the police in Australia are trying to recover costs for the riot at their speaking event. A terrible idea that I hope gets crushed: http://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/world/we-broke-no-laws-defiant-right-wing-activist-lauren-southern-refuses-to-pay-police-dollar68000-for-providing-security-on-her-australian-tour/ar-BBMwr0G?li=AAaeXZz&ocid=ientp Since when is the police force a user pays scheme? "Sorry we can't help you, your membership is not up to date".
  4. Really depends on how you worded it. Was it a practical suggestion on how to take steps, or just a laugh?
  5. Worth remembering that its not just the mainstream scientists being paid, the denier scientists are equally open to making a living. Some get funding by petrol and industrial interests who want to play down the damage humans are doing cos restrictions would be bad for business. The money goes both ways.
  6. Yes, each time there has been dramatic climate change it has corresponded to CO2 increases. Whether its super volcanoes, meteor impact, or mass extinction event in the oceans they all result in CO2 spikes and the climate quickly follows. It's not a question of whether we caused it but how much we have accelerated it. Something that may have taken a thousand years could happen in 10 with our help. Record breaking temperatures, massive wildfires, droughts and a rising death toll are making it more worrying by the day as to where this trend will end. Deniers are like:
  7. I was chatting to a Christian about slavery in the Bible, and showing a bunch of verses that show God's support of the practice, when the guy tells me "No that's all just about contract work, indentured servitude and not slavery. Slavery is stated as wrong, just look at 1 Tim 1:10" Now I knew of the many places that supported slavery, but had always thought there was no verses against. So I looked up 1 Tim and it reads: "We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. 9 We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, 10 for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine 11 that conforms to the gospel concerning the glory of the blessed God, which he entrusted to me." Now to my mind this just makes this a contradiction to the other sections which support slavery, but that one line was enough for this guy to hand waive the other verses and latch on to that as proof God is good. I pointed out the sections about taking girls after a battle, which was obviously nothing to do with indentured servants, but he just took that in his stride as God commanding the army to look after the orphans. I could see the numerous passages that contradicted this indoctrination bubble just flying past without being considered. The eyes glaze and the "... but 1 Tim sez its bad, anything else is just mis-understood". A frustrating conversation that I stopped at that point. But it made me wonder if others have heard of this verse and why it is not widely mentioned in the slavery discussions?
  8. "Asians have higher IQ than whites" - White supremacy, you're doing it wrong 🤔 I think they have achieved their goal of getting conversations started. I see Stefan posted his NZ speech on YouTube (48mins) and it was sitting at ~100k views. Without the controversy a whole load of people would have never known they existed. I've certainly watched more videos to understand the subject than I would have bothered with otherwise. He has a mix of ideas, some of which are straight forward and some of which are faulty conclusions. Disagreeing on one subject doesn't mean you automatically rule out everything they say and likewise having some good ideas doesn't mean everything you say is worthy of respect.
  9. Wertbag

    Christians blaming gays

    Closeted gay and closeted atheist... Which would be harder to come out as and which gets the most negativity?
  10. The next step in the ongoing saga, former opposition party leader Don Brash has been banned from speaking at Massey University: www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2018/08/revealed-the-threats-that-shut-down-don-brash-s-massey-university-event.amp.html Sounds like he has a mix of ideas, most of which wouldn't get much media attention until someone does something like this. They say its due to threats of violence, but since when has giving into terrorism ever helped? You are just saying its a valid tactic to stop those you disagree with from speaking.
  11. Wertbag

    Did they just say that?

    The hell doctrine is just horrific on so many levels. It was one question I've never heard a good answer to; if you believe god is just and merciful then surely He won't punish people who had no way to know Him? African tribesmen who have never seen a missionary for example. If they are only judged after death then the best answer to save the most souls would be to burn every bible, remove every church and never speak of it again. In one generation no one would know god and hence all would be saved. Teaching children is the thing that damns them to hell.
  12. Hi, could you explain this? I don't understand the reference.
  13. The term is being applied to include neo-nazis, white supremacists who align with the ideology rather than purely being members of the political party. Those types of people would generally embrace the term and join groups who also do.
  14. I think the thing I'm noticing is the lack of good counter arguments. People like these two and Ben Shapiro, regardless of what they say, are saying "debate me, challenge me, give me stats and data" but I don't see anyone with the same charisma and speaking skills stepping up to the challenge. They make good headway because there is so little counter narrative and that leads some people to jump to the conclusion there can't be. Is there anyone on the left who is intelligent, well spoken, calm and charismatic?
  15. Wertbag

    I just feel sad about everything..

    I suffered from depression but, as the others have said, it does get better and you will find your happiness again. The biggest thing I would echo are Margee's words to keep yourself busy. You can only sit and dwell on the negative when you aren't engaging your mind elsewhere. For me the things that helped were joining a martial art (fitness, goals to reach, new friends and practical skills to learn) and once I felt fitter I tried online dating (scary with both good and bad experiences) which lead to my marriage of 6 years and two cute kids (or at least one cute and one grumpy little bugger who's teething). The other thing to remember is the world is better than its ever been. Right now is the best time to be alive. Overall we live longer, happier, richer and more fulfilled lives than ever before. We have no major wars that are likely, the ability to travel to the ends of the world if we wish and more entertainment, technology and food choices than ever before. Sure the world will always have bad things happen but life for most people has been steadily improving.