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  1. Intentions Don't Matter — Outcomes Do

    1.8 million troops based in the US is "literally no defense"? The worlds largest airforce combined with the worlds largest navy and backed by the most weaponised population on the planet... They have early warning systems, satellites, nuclear weapons, dozens of allies, the best tech and no obvious weakness... Russia, like every 1st world nation, is completely reliant on electricity. They have massive supermarkets, cold storage, distribution networks and tons of modern tech that would disappear without power. Sure emergency measures could attempt to distribute the resources they could salvage, but trying to feed a hundred million people without electricity will result in mass starvation for any country. You simply can't keep fruit, veges, dairy products, seafood or other perishables from spoiling without massive refrigeration. No such weapon exists. The EMP blast that most people are meaning is the result of detonating a nuclear weapon at high altitude so that the blast covers a wide area. You still couldn't take out an entire continent with a single weapon, and really if you are firing nukes then why do a high blast when you could just land it on a city? So yes you could in theory use nukes to make waves, or use nukes to make an EMP blast, but it all boils down to the only vulnerability is dropping nukes, to which no one on earth is safe. Of course the US has more nukes than anyone else, so firing one at them will simply result in M.A.D. The US is not vulnerable to a conventional attack from any opponent. Even combining Russia and China into a single invading military, you'd probably put your money on the US to hold their own if not win outright (it would not go well for anyone involved). China could launch a huge naval armada, but the 11,000km to travel and satellite tracking from the instant they start moving would make that a massacre (the 70 US submarines would take a massive toll). Perhaps Russia could invade across Alaska? Theres only 20,000 troops stationed there, then of course you'd have to invade through Canada before you could even reach the border, all the time tracked by satellite and under constant attack by the US airforce (the largest airforce in the world with 5600 aircraft, second largest being the US navy with 3700 aircraft. This compares to Russia having 1500, or China having 1400 aircraft. The US has 6400 aircraft more than Russia and China combined!) That's not to mention the 300k National Guardsmen who could be called up, the millions of fanatic patriots who would flock to sign up or the thousand armed drones in use. The US is simply untouchable by any conventional war.
  2. Jonah and the whale

    If your boat is heavily laden then it sits low in the water which makes it more likely to take on water and easier to swamp. A light boat sits higher so can ride the waves better.
  3. #metoo

    Really depends on the work place, plenty of jobs have cross department communication and simply refusing to talk to colleagues without a chaperone isn't practical. In NZ, companies are scared to fire people as the employees have great legal protection. Wrongful dismissal will get them sued for large amounts so none would risk firing without a rock solid case against the offender. Sounds like the US needs to get that same standard in place.
  4. Intentions Don't Matter — Outcomes Do

    So by vulnerable you specifically mean Russia is the one country with the tech to cause a drawn out bloody war, not that they could invade or win but could go for mutually assured destruction if they wish. Russia do have a new anti-ship cruise missile called the Zircon that can reach speeds of mach 8 which is in test now with a full roll out by 2022. However as with any arms race there are already anti-missile defense systems being upgraded to handle the increased threat. It also looks possible that point defense lasers could enter use in the near future. To hit a carrier they have to get passed the long range anti-missile system, the short range missile system and the point defence miniguns. The other thing to consider is that carrier based aircraft like the F18 have a range of ~3000km or 5 times further than the range of the Zircon. The enemy ships would be heavily engaged long before being able to fire upon the carrier. Really an invasion is nigh on impossible and sure the US could be smashed with nukes but that is a global truth that there is simply nothing, other than threatening to do the same, that will stop that.
  5. The Anunnaki, Sumerians, & Genesis

    I had always been told the quotes in the bible where God refers to himself as Us or Our, was due to the Royal Plural, but more likely it is a carry over from when He was part of a polytheistic religion. I found this quote "In the Bible, we find four verses in which God refers to Himself using plural pronouns. The most well-known passage is Genesis 1:26: “Then God said, ‘Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness.’” See also Genesis 3:22 "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever."; Genesis 11:7; and Isaiah 6:8. The One God is speaking of Himself in plural form: us and our."
  6. A guy getting paid for sex is rare enough, expand that to one guy having a harem of 30 clients each paying hundreds for the privilege and he's both racking in the cash and getting laid on a daily basis. It really is taking peoples gullibility and pushing it to a guys dream job. Just needs one woman to report him and he'll be done for being a man whore, but till then he can live it up.
  7. Intentions Don't Matter — Outcomes Do

    I'm unsure how you can say the US homeland is vulnerable? At any point there is ~15% of the military deployed overseas, leaving ~1.8 million personnel in the US. The US has 10 carrier battle groups, at least half of which are in active duty at any time. The US would have air superiority against any force attempting to invade, long range bombers and missile strike capability and of course both the vast distances any invading force would need to cover and the hostile local population would make it a nightmare for any country that attempted such a thing. Long range warning systems would allow them to be well prepared for any incoming force, meeting it either well before they made landfall or with massive airstrikes. I really can't see how it can be considered vulnerable?
  8. Jonah and the whale

    Had to look this one up and it seems to be half correct. There are filter feeder whales who have tiny throats but then there are toothed whales like the blue whale who eat and swallow whole squid. Experts say it would be possible to be swallowed but as their stomachs and lungs are completely separate you would survive only as long as you could hold your breath. The only gas you would find in the digestive tract is methane.
  9. Jonah and the whale

    Of course its possible, I've seen multiple documentaries showing this. There was one called "Pinocchio" which clearly showed multiple people in a whale, or the more resent "finding nemo" which made it crystal clear you could be swallowed and spat back out.
  10. Christians and flat earthers

    A new low for flattard statements "If the world was spinning then a helicopter wouldn't need to fly anywhere, it would hover and the world would spin under it"
  11. Jesus, if he existed, was bipolar

    Some untrained guy picking symptoms from Wikipedia and forcing them to match. We have doubt as to Jesus's existence let alone trying to make a medical diagnosis based on third person writings. The list could fit every preacher, its just too generic.
  12. Reasons that show there is no Holy Spirit

    The lack of unity in Christianity is its biggest weakness. If there was one church with one bible and one cohesive message it would be a really strong statement but instead we have tens of thoussands of denominations, dozens of versions of the bible and hardly a single subject upon which they can agree (women priests? Magic in movies? Importance of baptism/speaking in tongues/handling snakes etc). They disagree to the extent they will go to war and slaughter each other (catholic vs protestant being the big one).
  13. I guess I asked for it.

    My uncle was an atheist (he died a couple of years ago) and married a Christian lady. They discussed in advance and said they wouldn't force beliefs on each other and would not discuss religion and seemed happy for a few years... until children entered the picture and it all went horribly wrong. She wanted the kids to go to a Christian school while he wanted a public school, she demanded they attend church on Sundays while he didn't go and wanted them to choose. She wanted them to go to camp, to avoid certain music and movies and to avoid having friends who weren't Christian, while he argued every single point. She was also tithing when they were struggling and that drove a further wedge between them. I don't believe the environment was good for them or their kids and hanging on because they both hoped the other would change just left them locked in a bad relationship. I think he would have separated had his health not deteriorated. If you are going to church when you don't believe, if you are living a stressful lie, if you are watching your kids be indoctrinated against your wishes at some point you have to say enough. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to feel open to talk to your partner and feel understood and loved. I've personally stayed in a bad relationship far too long hoping to fix the other person, after wasted years I realised you need to be happy now, not basing future happiness on the hope someone may change. Change is hard and that makes it unlikely. Life is too short to be put on hold waiting on "what ifs". Plan A - can it be fixed? If so work out a plan and timeline. Work towards it but have that end date in mind that if things don't pan out have plan b in mind. Plan B - If you do have to move on get the plan clear in advance. Talk to a lawyer in secret and get professional advice as to how best to go about it. Consider whether you have friends or family that would help put you up if needed. Consider whether the kids are old enough to understand. Consider your income, bank accounts and home ownership. Take your time to make sure you clearly understand the ramifactions and have plans to mitigate risks. Never an easy choice but if it is one you make it is always better from a cool calculated place rather than on the red rage of emotions.
  14. Christians and flat earthers

    I've always found Western democracy is built to avoid change. Better ideas and improvements can never be incorporated as the system is too rigid. Voting gives an appearance of choice but never real power to choose.
  15. When I was agnostic and searching for clarity back in my teens, I attempted to do an unbiased look at the story of Noah's Ark. My plan had been to bounce the arguments back and forth to see which side had the best answers and what sticking points allowed such a debate to continue for centuries. What I found (I'm sure you can all guess the result) was there was the atheist view which had so much science and so many problems to point out while the religious side gave hand waive dismissal of the evidence with a empty "God did it with miracles" kind of answer. I counted at least 14 additional miracles that would be required over and above what the bible mentioned. You are left with the question why do it in such a convoluted way when He could have just fixed the problem with a click of his fingers. I would say that research made me change from agnostic to atheist.