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  1. Wertbag

    Just toughen up!

    It's not Truthseeker, it's Truthsayer 😀 Even if a person is being overly paranoid or overreacting then a statement like harden up achieves nothing other than making them defensive and, at best, annoying them. The only time such a phrase could be used is if you hate the person and just want the conversation to end badly.
  2. Wertbag

    Hatred of Paul

    Absolutely, it was a vague throw away term simply to indicate that the idea didn't appear to be coming from one person, but discussions seemed to get dozens if not hundreds of people agreeing. I have no idea how common this idea is, I was purely asking the question to gain some understanding and I think the responses here have been great to that end.
  3. Wertbag

    Hatred of Paul

    So Paul was the Joseph Smith of his time? Some guy who was down on his luck figured out how to convince the already superstitious of his divine orders. Those orders included making him rich and powerful.
  4. Wertbag

    A beautiful church

    I get the positive message they are going for and respect the attempt at showing love and empathy but my first thought is they are speaking for a whole group of diverse people and in any large group complete agreement on all subjects is unlikely. I would think it should read "our preacher wishes all of our congregation held these values". The bigger the group the less likely there will be agreement on all subjects. The generalisation of the statement just doesn't sound right to me. Most of the values listed are human rights and empathy issues, but climate change is a unusual subject to include in that list. I would also have trouble with the "no one is illegal" message. Just purely from a definition point that can't be correct. If there are immigration laws in place that you have broken, then by definition you are an illegal immigrant. You can't choose to opt out of the law. You could say "all immigrants are due respect, love, compassion and aid" which fits the tone of the whole message.
  5. Wertbag

    10 commandments misunderstood.

    I always thought it was contradictory to say "we don't follow the OT laws, Jesus started a new covenant" then worshipping the ten commandments. Either the OT laws should be followed in which case we should be killing witches and people working on weekends, or none of it is relevant in which case the ten commandments are irrelevant.
  6. Absolutely, we rely on technology to push us to the top of the foodchain, in a natural environment we are lunch. We also can't survive heat, cold, too much sun, too much water, and only have one set of teeth that will eventually fail us. No camouflage and no exo-skeleton. My design for humans 2.0 will be crab people
  7. "The temperature they measured? A stunning negative 144 degrees Fahrenheit (-97.8 degrees Celsius)" Wow, way lower than I would have imagined!
  8. We have named ~700 species of dinosaur, with around half being from majority complete skeletons. That is one tenth the known species of birds or one fifth the amount of mammal species. Sadly there are likely to be hundreds of species lost to time but we will undoubtedly find several hundred more in the years to come.
  9. Wertbag

    Not sure whether this is sad or funny

    There is a YouTube channel devoted to "demon magic". He posts clip after clip of magicians doing shows, claiming it is all impossible. People have sent him behind the scenes trick revealed shows, or trick tutorials and all he comes back with is "well yes, maybe that one is, but what about this one!"
  10. Wertbag

    Lack of unity

    One glaring issue that has always stood out to me is the lack of unity in Christianity. If there was a single message and a single understanding, then religion would have a very strong base to build from. It is actually hard to think of any subject which all Christians can agree on. Can women be priests? Should gays be allowed in church? What is hell, how do you get there and can you get out? Do we still follow the OT laws? Should we work the sabbath? Are fantasy movies the work of the devil? Which parts of the bible are literal vs moral stories? From what we know of the early Christians this problem has existed since day 1. There were sects and splits from the start, each believing in different holy books and following different leadership. Those problems continued with the formation of the bible, where no one could agree on which books to include and which were not inspired by god and today we have dozens of different versions of the bible. This then lead to the great schism, where the eastern orthodox church split from the Catholic Church and then to the split and centuries of bloody warfare between protestants and Catholics. These churches then further split into hundreds of denominations: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Christian_denominations_by_number_of_members The conflict peaked in the 1600s with the 30 years war, a conflict estimated to have cost 8 million lives. With the worlds population at the time that made it the worst war in human history, only since surpassed by WW2. In more modern times we've seen the creation of new factions such as JW (started 1870s,estimated 8.5m members) and Mormons (started 1820s, estimated 16m members), showing you can change the religion however you wish and still convince millions that the new version is correct. What is the outsider to make of this? As an atheist searching for truth why would I think any of these people have a clue what they are talking about? Christians will say "the false churches were created by Satan to cause confusion" which just leaves me thinking couldn't all-powerful god either stopped him or at least made his wishes clear? Sure there are 2 billion Christians in the world but if you can find any two who agree on their faith I'd call it a miracle.
  11. Wertbag

    Not sure whether this is sad or funny

    Satan is after your soul using cheap parlour tricks and a top hat. Satan went from challenging god, to destroying humanity, to inconveniencing old ladies in a rest home. Sad how far hes fallen.
  12. Wertbag

    Preparing for fundy visit

    I would try to avoid any discussion, no need to burn any bridges if you don't have to. You could probably already guess the answers you will get, they'll be the same thoughtless repetition of what they were taught.
  13. Aron Ra has some great videos but some are so complex on deep subjects (the categories of life ones come to mind) that its often not aimed at a beginner level. I remember going to the museum for the first time and seeing the dinosaurs. I don't think you appreciate the share size of the animals until you stand beside one. They had the full T-Rex skeleton at Auckland museum, and we are so lucky these things went extinct. Humans are relatively useless, we have no natural weapons or defences, aren't great swimmers or climbers and are slower than most predators.
  14. Sorry, I asked him a question, I should have known better than that. Apologies everyone, please go back to ignoring the crazy.