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  1. One difference I was told was in the way the temple services work. Synagogues will often have a member read from the holy books and then an open discussion on the subject raised. The rabbi leads the discussion and interjects questions to make people think but doesn't preach as is common in Christian churches. This is probably due to the population difference, in tht Christianity is simply too large to allow that personal touch. How many people learn well when preached to? How many consider the subject indepth? With that in mind I would guess Jews should have a better understanding, but like any group there will be some who are apathetic and others who live it.
  2. While Bosnia was horrific, it was not a Christian army but the Serbian army that committed the atrocities. They were violent due to ethnicity, location and civil war over the breakup of Yugoslavia. Serbia is not a theocracy and they didn't justify their violence by the bible. So when I say I couldn't imagine a Christian ISIS, I mean a religiously led military force using its holy book to justify its brutality. Christianity certainly did this in the past but I can't imagine that occuring again. Facist dictatorships will certainly exist, but those aren't usually a theocracy.
  3. Christianity is heavily westernised now, I couldn't see a time that we would ever see a Christian ISIS. The bloody history of the church is predominantly from centuries ago; inquisition, crusades, witch trials, conquistadors etc. There are Christian hate groups but they are a minority that most people, from all walks of life, oppose. Compare that to Islam where the current day atrocities commited by ISIS are doctrinal. Their hate groups are worldwide, well funded and supported with indoctrination saying murder is good. It won't be broken until the wealthy countries in the middle east fall. Remove the oil dependancy and the world becomes a safer place.
  4. I've watched a YouTube video on the subject so I consider myself an expert now. I think the mega-thread you were thinking of is "How Islam infects" which is pinned at the top of the Rants section. One stat I saw which highlighted the issue to me was that there are 44 armed conflicts (being any conflict which had claimed more than 100 lives in the last 12 months) going on in the world, of those 42 involve Muslims on one or both sides. The only two anomalies were the Columbian and Mexican drug wars. You don't get Christian suicide bombers, you don't get Buddhists throwing gays off buildings and you don't get scientologists stoning people to death.
  5. This is just something I wrote up while travelling to work on the train. It is not based on personal experience, I had a great upbringing and a loving family. Inspired more from stories of serial killers I've been reading/watching recently. All comments welcome. Am I insane? Common wisdom says if you can ask the question then you are not, but can the human psyche really be broken down to a single question? Does the other cliché, to repeat a task expecting different results, overcome the fact the task being repeated is to question your sanity? I looked at the man bound and gagged, firmly taped to a steel chair, and wondered if he knew my state of mind. I could see the terror in his eyes, but also the hellfire that burned there, clear sign of demonic possession. I knew others could not see the demonlight shining through their eyes. Why had God seen fit to grant me this insight but not others? Who could know the mind of God? My first test subject, a homeless man lured home with the offer of a warm meal and a bed for the night, had convinced me that he was indeed human and not aware of the demon inside. It was an important distinction to make, the knowledge that the demons are influencers and watchers but not in complete control of the body they possess. This was my third test subject and he was to have a battery of experiments run on him, all designed after extensive online research. Exorcisms take many forms and there was no agreement between religions as to any method being universally effective. I began by removing the test subjects gag, only to be met with a string of babbling. I paused momentarily thinking he may have been talking in tongues, but quickly realised it was only his fear robbing him of coherent speech. For the next hour I prayed for him, sprinkled him with holy water from a half dozen different churches and laid a dozen different holy books upon his sweat slick skin. Nothing. No unearthly voices, no levitation, not even a flinch when invoking the names of any of the gods. There was only one place to go for answers, I went to refer to the word of God. Mother. I had been raised in a strict religious home, an upbringing I’m amazed I survived. The first words I remember my mother say was that I was sent as punishment for her lust. I’m sure she would have loved to kill me, but she was worried God would see her avoiding His punishment to her. While she could not end my life that didn’t stop her from making it a misery. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” was a phrase often repeated and she appeared to believe that any hard object to hand was a rod worth using. My Father had left when I was no more than two. Mother said he had fallen to sin and left to dwell with Satan but having seen her fits of rage I was sure he had fled from Satan, not to him. I was home schooled and, I hate to admit it, poorly educated about the world we live in. The only time we left home was to go to church or church arranged events. We did travel overseas one time, a pilgrimage to the holy land, but my fear of setting my mother off on one of her constant rages left me unable to enjoy this once in a lifetime trip. My life changed when Father Thompson took me aside. He knew of the abuse I suffered and wanted to help. He was the first and probably only person I met who showed me kindness. I told him I was weak, both of body and soul. I saw the punishment as sometimes my fault and, at only 14, I was not able to fend for myself. He told me the one rule that changed my life; “Let God direct your life. Refer to the Bible, but let God show you the meaning of His words”. I had pondered those words for weeks before finally having my eureka moment. Let God lead my reading, just pray for guidance and flick to a random page, then read the words that God had directed me to. It was around midnight at this point, when I first picked up my King James version of the Bible and flicked randomly. “God” I prayed “How is my life to go? What hope is there for me?” I stopped on Ephesians 5:15 “Be very careful how you live, not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil”. It worked. The words were a message to me alone. Gods message to me to trust Him no matter what and not to be afraid of the opportunities he was going to give me. All doubt left and I knew the question I had to ask “God, what should I do about my mother? Do I flee while too young to look after myself?” My random verse, Mark 13:12 “And brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and the children will rise against their parents and will have them put to death”. Her body still lays wrapped in the bedsheet I murdered her in. Perhaps you imagine a feeling of justice? Of revenge? That was not the case. Imagine putting a rabid dog down. You do what you must, but you do not celebrate the task. You are glad no one else will be hurt, but you take no pleasure in the kill. I had never smiled in my life and taking the life of my mother failed to tempt one from my cold heart. You may think I kept the body to gloat or perhaps in some sick sexual fantasy, but it was nothing like that. My retention of the body was purely practical, how was I to dispose of it such that I wouldn’t be implicating myself? I ran through many options in my mind; perhaps buried in the yard? No, the neighbours might see. Maybe cut up and carried somewhere to dump? I couldn’t drive, so it would have to be within walking distance of home and no well-hidden locations came to mind. I had to be careful and was deathly afraid of what would happen if I was found out. Not fear for myself, but because I knew I still had God’s work to complete. Am I insane? If I was delusional then how would I know? My reality is what I experience, so if it is real to me is that real enough? If my powers were unique in the world then how can I expect anyone to understand my position? When no one can see the truth should you attempt to live a lie to fit in? Every day the questions buzzed around my head like the bluebottle flies on the corpses in my basement. I needed a clear answer, as the extremes of my position meant I was either saving the world from the devil or killing at his whim. I needed another test subject, but this time I decided to test a woman. Perhaps my failure to gain any information was due to the males being strong of body and of will. Women were given to sin, being the first cursed by Eve’s fall. It was clear in my mind that this was the right course of action and the feeling of purpose clarified that it was God’s will working through me. I selected a young girl, pale of skin, hollow of cheek and with the tell-tale demonlight marking her as possessed. She was a prostitute working for little more than her next fix. She was reluctant to travel to my home, but once she had the cash in her hand her objections faded away. I merely had to wait until her back was turned then proceeded to choke her unconscious. She woke like the others, firmly secured to the chair in my basement but unlike the others sat mutely staring. I was used to the pleading or threatening, but the look of a girl whose soul has already been crushed by life affected me more deeply than anything she could have said. I left her there and went to converse with God. “God, how should I purge the demon from this girl?” My finger fell upon Genesis 29:9 “While he was speaking with them, Rachel came with her father’s sheep, for she was a shepherdess”. I stared at the passage for a long time, but no revelation came to me. She was a shepherdess? The junkie in my basement was something special? The passage gave me no indication of what to do about the demon, but I knew it was my lack of understanding rather than God’s message being incorrect. I brought a plate of food down to her, her head snapped around at the sound of the door lock disengaging. What I saw stunned me. Her eyes no longer glowed with the fires of hell. I quickly put the plate down and ran to her, staring at her dark brown eyes which only minutes before had been blazing with the demonlight. Cured? But how? I had performed no rituals and taken no steps but clear as day she was no longer possessed. “How do you feel? Do you feel any different?” She looked at me in apparent confusion “What?” “Do you feel any different to when you first arrived here? Clear of mind and soul?” She took her time replying, perhaps looking for the answer that would please me most “I’m cold and a bit hungry” She obviously didn’t notice the demon before and hadn’t noticed his departure, but why did he leave? I untied her and left her to eat, while I started pacing, my mind a whirl. There was a trap here, something that the demon had thought of that I’d missed… then like a bolt of lightning I had it. I couldn’t kill an innocent. She was fully human, so it would be sinful to harm her now and yet she knew my face, my home and the nature of my work. The demon had left a witness. It took me another two days to formulate a plan. I began cashing out my mother’s bank accounts, only using the daily limit from the ATMs and a small amount taken out while doing over the counter purchases. It took a further two weeks to have the money together and my bags packed. I had not decided on a destination but asked the travel agent when the next flight to Europe was. In a few short hours I was boarding a plane to Paris, carrying little more than clothes, cash and my well-thumbed Bible. I would call the police from a pay phone once I touched down, knowing the girl would be fine until then. I was free to head in any direction and hunt demons where ever they may hide. Am I insane? The news reports certainly say so, but I know they simply can’t see the supernatural war that rages. I am righteous and strong, sanity is subjective.
  6. I've had it mentioned in diversity training our company did, but in a positive way of understanding less privileged not being ashamed of what you have. "Remember there are those who have less education, less opportunities, less informative childhoods. People's ignorance is often a result of environment rather than personal choice, so we have to remember to be understanding and not just expect people to know what we know" kind of thing. The rabid SJW's are most famous from the US, I'm sure they are in every western nation. We did see some of that come out with the banning of Molyneux and Southern, the protesters were using all of the standard SJW slogans. I think they are here in NZ but they don't get a lot of airtime until a big event like that shines the spotlight on them.
  7. I'm just struggling to remember all of my privilege at this point. I suffer from white privilege, thin privilege, middle-class income privilege, first world education privilege, western nation privilege, tall privilege, healthy privilege, cis-gender privilege and heterosexual privilege. I'm so privileged that my voice is worth dirt in the victimhood rating index.
  8. I'm of the opinion that fame matters more than content in all democracies. Bill Clinton's biggest jump in the polls was from playing the saxophone, Arnie won cos he was cool in the movies, Reagan was a famous actor and now Trump wins based on reality tv and his face in the papers. Due to this I would guess Trump will be re-elected solely because there is no one famous enough to run against him. This is why 4/5 of the last presidents have won a second term. Being president gives a lot of fame. If the parties really want to win they need to be grooming Hollywood celebrities. If Oprah, The Rock, Will Smith or Dr Phil ran for office, regardless of their policies they would be strong favourites to win.
  9. The article misses some critical pieces of information. How far along was her pregnancy and how long was she in the coma for? As it was a c-section I'm guessing the baby was premature, but by how much?
  10.  Using phony fallacies as a Dodge I see. I asked two straight forward questions, you answered neither. Only one person dodging here... If you don't want to discuss then that is fine, but don't be finger pointing when you didn't ask any questions.
  11. I don't know where you stand regarding the constitution being the inerrant word of The Fathers? The contradiction I'm seeing is people saying the constitution can't be changed and that the rights are locked in stone, while article 5 clearly outlines what is required to make changes. In fact the only thing protected from change was slavery which couldn't be outlawed till 1808. Its kind of an argument that "I support the constitution as long as it includes what I want but I stop supporting it if it doesn't." Its not the document, the source or the legal process but the more subjective rights as decided by the individual. If the constitution was updated to say "free healthcare for everyone is a legal right" would that then be considered a right worth fighting for? Is being in the constitution enough to make it matter? If not then can it really be said that its the end all document on US rights?
  12. Never said that but good work fighting those strawmen you like to build. So as the constitution can and has been legally changed in the past what is to stop it from being changed again? If they gained the majority votes required to repeal the 2nd would you accept that it was done via the process that the founding fathers outlined?
  13. None of those things are unique or first to the US. Freedom of speech was given in Roman times and exists in many forms in other systems. Freedom of the press was a law in England before America was colonised. Due process and freedom of assembly were given in Roman times. What you will find is your English colony, the same as our English colony, based its laws on the existing English Bill of Rights of 1689 and Eurpoean laws that existed at the time. What the US did that was great was to pull the various good ideas together, broadened some to be more inclusive and one of the biggest things was getting Christianity out of government (Europe had seen constant fighting between Catholics and protestants). The US refined the existing laws to make the most modern and free collection of rights and laws at that time, but it was by no means a perfect document (see the lack of woman's rights as an example). At the end of the day it is still just a set of laws and can be changed and has been many times, slavery (13th amendment), prohibition (started with the 18th, ended with the 21st) and womans votes (19th) being a few big examples. The founders themselves wrote the rules on how the constitution could be changed, knowing full well that the world changes and the constitution may well have to change to keep up. Too many people nowdays seem to think it is written in stone and can never be changed, ignoring the history of changes already made.
  14. It is estimated ~280 people have died in direct actions in the almost 9 years of the Venezuelan crisis: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crisis_in_Venezuela The special actions force is an anti-gang, anti-drug police squad. So yes they wear masks and are heavily armed, exactly like a US Swat team. There is no genocide, no rounding up of dissents, no concentration camps and protests are still being broken up by rubber bullets and tear gas. The term death squad is hyperbole, the media love the term, the opposition see it as a phrase to inspire fear, but the truth in these matters is lost in the politics and clickbait news titles. Venezuela has out of control crime including the third highest murder rate in the world. That is citizen on citizen crime not government murder. The military has changed the government before and with the government bankrupt and unable to pay the soldiers wages it is already heading in the right direction for them to do so again. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/25/world/americas/venezuela-military-maduro.html?module=inline
  15. No, YOU don't give a shit, all right minded people should abhor mass murder. We aren't even talking about meeting violence with violence, like in such places where there is racial, religious or ethnic killings, but taking a separate sovereign nation, pouring fuel on them and tossing in a match. I would agree in a self defence situation or repelling foreign invaders that violence is warranted, but that is not the situation here. Escalation of violence should be the last resort not the first. Venezuela is impoverished and terribly run but they are not directly murdering their citizens. What you are suggesting is skipping any potential non-violent solution and going straight to mass killings. We agree the military is split and that is where progress can be made. Once they are onside then there is no need of civil war.
  16. The problem with a modern civil war is that everyone loses. When your citizens turn on each other in bloody conflict then your country will be ruined. But in this particular case we aren't even talking about homeland defence but in going to another nation and supplying everyone with illegal arms. You are attempting to start a war, which is about as involved in other nations business as you can be. Whats the solution? I would say the current handling has been correct. They have supplied aid, knowing it would be blocked and using that as a wedge between the government and army. That is where the power lays and where the change needs to come from. If the military start a coup then nothing will stop them. So all focus and diplomacy needs to be with the generals. With offers of aid, trade, support and ongoing economic development, you should be able to make those in power see what is best for the country and its people. Push for a bloodless coup and help them recover once the borders open.
  17. Cos supplying guns to rebels has worked out so well in the past. US support of Osama, Saddam and the Taliban really paid off.
  18. Hang on you agree with BO? Are you sure someone hasn't stolen your account? I disagree with any arguments that people use for weed that can equally be applied to crack, meths or heroin. Make sure its pure, take money from dealers, gain tax and "its my body". Some drugs are highly addictive, life destroying and damaging to society, these should not be legal.
  19. I'm not sure I see the reward given for a lot of this mentality. The rewards for drugs, gangs, violence etc, maybe short term financial gain? As that activity is illegal anyway it is hard to remove that. But it goes deeper with the praise and worship of these negative activities. What reward does anyone get for a dislike of education? Or for hating people from your community who succeed?
  20. For arguments sake lets say we all agree that black culture is broken (drugs praised, violent culture, broken families, lack of education praised, tall poppy syndrome, living on the street glorified, gangs/gangsters worshipped etc). How do you go about tackling that? If it is decades of negative input it would seem a mountainous task to try and overturn those views. How to you get a vast disconnected community to change ideas on mass?
  21. It's not Truthseeker, it's Truthsayer Even if a person is being overly paranoid or overreacting then a statement like harden up achieves nothing other than making them defensive and, at best, annoying them. The only time such a phrase could be used is if you hate the person and just want the conversation to end badly.
  22. I've seen this stat debunked, even just at a glance a complete zero rape is unlikely. The reason the graphic shows data from 2008 is that for the last decade they haven't included that information because the stats were so unreliable as to be of no value. The value of 19,000 rapes was actually including sexual assualt and ended up extrapolated from only 11 responses. The truth is still that it is severely one sided, but the wrong stats ruin an otherwise valid message.
  23. Fining robocalls removes a minor annoyance, not revolutionary. Have the NCAA pay makes sense, ever since it gained media rights it has been making millions so make 'em share. The big question is UBI which I don't see as being a good thing. First being universal means every millionaire gets paid as much as your injured veterans would, it doesn't focus the money where it can do the most good. Second it would create a ton of freeloaders who would kick back and live it up. Rent a cheap one room apartment and play video games all day. Why have the stress of work when you don't have to? Welfare payments can have terms attached where you have to achieve certain goals to qualify, UBI doesn't. Third, all calculations I've seen say this is a terrible money vacuum that countries can't afford to implement. If a new source of funding could be found then it should be used to get debt under control and properly fund all existing programs. Just do the basic calculation, 300 million Americans times $1000 each...