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  1. Peoples opinions on whether relationships are a good or bad idea generally come from their limited personal experience. Thankfully my family and my wife's family have a great history of long lasting marriages. My parents are in their 70's and have been married for almost 50 years, my wife's parents have been married 38 years and I celebrated my 7 year wedding anniversary late last year. I have two awesome kids and everything is great right now. I met my wife using a local online dating app (findsomeone.co.nz) and personally love online dating over meeting people in person. With an onl
  2. I saw a Christian online asked "If God gives objective morals, what are they? How do you know your choices are matching his objective standard?" the Christian replied "The holy spirit guides me, so I listen to the voice inside, the god given moral compass and know that I'm following god". So the objective moral standard is his personal instinct, but he believes his instincts are better than the majority of the world because god. So no one can know the moral code, you just rely on magic to give you the right answer. How do so many Christians get it wrong (see the brutal history of the c
  3. That would be one thing I'd look to change. Get a hobby, get your mind busy and learn new things. There are many hobbies you can do at home, from learning a language, to musical instruments, video games, art in its many forms, fitness, reading, writing, make models, play d&d, or any one of a thousand skills. There are YouTube tutorials for pretty much every subject you can think of, so get yourself busy and find a new joy.
  4. I did have a Christian lady say "The end times are near, Matthew talks about 'Wars and rumours of wars' and we have that now. He also mentions earthquakes and famine, which we see in the news. Its all as the bible claimed!" Talk about setting a low bar. Has there ever been a point in human history that was completely peaceful? Where there was no famine? Hell, there are something like 20,000 earthquakes every year, so that one is just a given.
  5. Roman 16-20 "The God of peace will soon crush Satan" Rev 1:1 " the things which must soon take place..." Rev 1:3 "...for the time is near" Rev 22:7 & 12 & 20 "I am coming soon" Rev 22:10 "Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near." Mark 13:27 "this generation will not pass away until all these things take place" So many claims that the end times are "soon", and every generation of Christians has believed they are living in them. Now two thousand years later the same claims are still being made. If you say to a Chr
  6. Wow, "I guessed wildly and was wrong, therefore its someone else's fault", amazing how armoured his belief is when complete and utter failure doesn't cause him to re-evaluate this claims. I always thought God stuck Satan in hell and the guy has no power from there. He doesn't get let out on weekend excursions or get time off for good behaviour. He's in Gods eternal prison, you don't just pop out of there whenever you feel like it.
  7. I was just about to reply to your tithing joke and you edited it before I could... was just gonna say that as a Catholic we don't tithe, we don't just give money for the hell of it, we give out of pure guilt
  8. Reading yet another argument between atheists and Christians about whether morality is subjective or objective and the Christian fell back on the old "if you only had subjective morals then you would rape and kill as you please. You could not say anything is wrong, because everything would be an opinion. Hitler wasn't wrong, he just had different subjective morals". The thing that I keep thinking, but never seeing raised is that there are different types of moral codes. There are personal moral codes, that is what we subjectively think is right and wrong, and there is societies moral c
  9. Kang and Kodos are the two tentacles aliens from the show. At various times they have been shown invading and taking over the world, do you remember when that happened in real life? Or that time the government dropped a huge glass dome over an environmental problem? "Never wrong" is a ridiculously easy claim to dismiss. People say the Simpsons guesses are amazing but they do so in a joking way. No one should really believe there is anything more than guesses and jokes.
  10. It's the Simpsons, a comedy cartoon... There's a big difference between guessing at political, technological and social changes verse predicting the end of the world. Their cartoons have had alien invasions, zombie outbreaks, time travel and mutant addictive tomatoes, good for a laugh but none of those things came true. You've got to remember the Simpsons has been running for 27 years for 695 episodes. No one counts the misses, but people will jokingly point out the 1 in a hundred times things actually align. If you have enough tries at anything eventually you will get a hit.
  11. My 4 year old son has started showing a tendency to use his left hand, and as we all know that is a sign of demon possession. As Matthew 25:41 tells us "Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire". This truth has long been known to the church, hence why it was used by the inquisition as a sign of a woman being a witch, and could result in execution for such a filthy habit. The old Catholic church taught that Eve came from Adam's left rib, which made her both physically and mentally weaker. 50 years ago Catholic schools would tie down
  12. Recently I've come across a lot of examples of Christianity lacking definitions. Most recently was the discussion about being made in the "image of god" but no one really knows what that means. Is image a physical shape? A mental ability? Something about our personality? What do we have that animals do not? Similar to what exactly a soul is. Do only humans have one? What does one do? Why do our memories and personalities change if we are recorded on an immaterial soul? If they aren't recorded on the soul, then what exactly would transfer away at death? Then I came acr
  13. What a strange thing to say. Christianity has always been the majority in the western world, and belief in general is the norm throughout the world. Does the text around that quote clarify why he felt alone?
  14. Do you think there was any significance to his choice of the skeptic label rather than the more common atheist? Is it just anyone who is skeptical of his claims, which would include many theists as well? Does he dislike skeptical Christians? He certainly had a problem with born again or protestant Christians, so perhaps he picked a label to include those other groups he disagrees with?
  15. Wow, just saw this article about a prayer read in Congress (3min video): Its so stupid... the attempt to be gender inclusive means changing any non-gendered word that contains MAN in it.
  16. Thanks for answering the question, that clarifies things a lot. The thoughts of evangelising for god are well known here, this is one audience that absolutely gets it. Many of the people here have done exactly that for decades, if not the majority of their lives. When you say: You show a lack of understanding of the audience, as most of us have heard these types of things many times before (religious experiences, success at life, life changing events, absolute certainty of beliefs). I really don't think you've said anything that is unique. These same discussion points haven't been
  17. If you came here expecting a fight and insults then I would hope the polite discussion early on is a clear sign not all atheists are angry people (barring the sudden unexpected outburst from Freed, definitely some anger there). Certainly as the discussions have gone on and the frustration has grown, the answers have become terse and more people are giving up on what could have been a productive conversation. I have one last question for you; what exactly were you hoping to gain from your visit here? Are you hoping to teach? To learn? Just wanting a fight? Looking to make frien
  18. That's your problem, you are thinking of all skeptics as identical and that preconceived image has you stereotyping everyone before you engage. The people here have been mostly polite and attempting to engage with you but you have failed to take part in a meaningful conversation and failed to answer the many questions posed. You don't wish to learn, are unable to teach, show a lack of communication skills and after all your failures will blame everyone else. You see this as a fight, a "battlefield" you walk across. That explains your combative attitude and also sadly removes
  19. I've tried to have a polite conversation, but so far you've not answered any of the direct questions asked. While you may have the answers to the life, the universe and everything, you don't appear to have communication skills in order to explain those ideas to those genuinely asking to understand where you are coming from. Especially when it comes to educational communication there is a real skill to it. You need to engage with your audience, make them feel your enthusiasm and work to explain your ideas in a way your audience can follow. When you say: The thing that is the same wi
  20. Doesn't that just mean that "great" is subjective? That "quality" is subjective? If we look at the statement without the quality caveats, then it's "two things cannot combine without a third thing doing the combining". I would think in most cases the third part of the equation would be energy. The energy for any combination could come from many sources, but those sources aren't necessarily subjectively greater than the process that they are involved with. In the example of the abiogenesis hypothesis (I don't think it has theory status from the scientific community?), you have to d
  21. The god of the gaps label should only be applied to questions for which there are no answers, things we cannot currently know. When we do not know it is fine to admit our ignorance, but there are some people who look to use that gap in our knowledge to insert God. Some ancient religions have claimed god(s) controlled many natural things because they weren't willing to admit their ignorance. A tribal priest may not feel able to say "I don't know", as his position may revolve around claiming knowledge others lack. Personally I am no religious expert, I've never read the bible cover to cover, I o
  22. Well there is a section of this forum called Questions with over 5k posts, so it seems plenty of people have been able to ask. That reads as a very arrogant statement. "I'm so special no one could be like me". You have no way to know the beliefs of the thousands of people we have all met in our lives and with billions of believers do you really think no one has ever came to the same conclusions as you? Not a normal way to start a conversation but I'll bite. How about telling me what it is you believe and what convinced you of your position? Philosophy d
  23. You seem to have the problem of thinking of large groups of very diverse people in very black and white ways. Any gross generalisation like "all skeptics" will be wrong. My personal experience with these forums has been of massive variety, with people from many countries, religions, age ranges, sexes and life experiences. There is certainly not agreement on every subject and there are pages filled with debates showing this. There is a wealth of knowledge on both religious and scientific study here, and getting in depth answers to complex questions is possible if asked from a place of genuine i
  24. Plenty of free blog sites, though getting an audience is harder. Vlogs are getting more popular with YouTube giving a free platform with a big audience. Some options: https://www.google.co.nz/amp/s/themeisle.com/blog/best-free-blogging-sites/
  25. Eric's problem is that he starts with the conclusion that it's all aliens, then works backwards to fit everything with that idea. Some of the things he finds are interesting but many square pegs don't fit the round holes. All his good ideas get lost amongst the bad. It's the old issue that if you are wrong a dozen times why would I listen to your 13th claim? I also never want to discount human ingenuity. Anyone saying we couldn't build pyramids or something is too hard is ignoring all of the feats of engineering throughout the ages. Just look at Gobeki Tepe, a 12,000 year old perm
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