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  1. So you have protestors saying "murder is bad" which everyone already agrees with. You have rioters burning stuff and being evil for the fun of it. You have looters who don't care about any of that and just want to get wealthy. You have hardline conservatives saying they should be shooting looters and itching to start killing. You have BLM people claiming everything is racist. You have governors who can't decide what to do about any of it. You have Trump threatening everyone. Then of course everyone looks to the celebrities for the answers...
  2. Worldwide we've been hearing about how bad the covid outbreak has been in America, with over 100k dying from it so far and of course the worldwide economic disaster to go with it. Now on top of all that we have these outbreaks of rioting, looting and violence. Curfews across America, 4000 arrested, cars and even churches fire bombed. Here in NZ we had a peaceful protest, which was quickly condemned for breaking lock down rules. Nothing similar to the scenes from downtown LA. Anybody effected personally? Everyone safe?
  3. So it's not a spiritual realm but a physical one? Does that mean we still need to eat, sleep and we can be injured? Can I punch someone in heaven? So many confusing ideas...
  4. Which came first the heaven or the god? I hadn't thought about heaven being eternal, I think it was creationists who said God is the only eternal thing, but maybe they mean heaven is an aspect of God and not a separate realm? Gets hard to put all the mixed up ideas in order. I always thought spirits couldn't feel pain which makes hell pointless from step one.
  5. Yeah, we agree. The term feminist is vague, anything from equality to female domination. There is no one writing female doctrine that all must follow.
  6. Good for you, props for the hard work to get yourself safe. Sadly your skill set is rare, both in males and females. When it comes to untrained vs untrained then males will have physical advantages in most cases. Women like Jennifer Jones are amazingly skilled but also the tiny minority of the worlds population. When we are talking about the average person Ms Jones would not come into the discussion, she's an extreme example.
  7. You've been hit by a lot of "average" men to know how hard that is? If you've suffered abuse in the past I'm sorry to hear that, no one should have to go through that but unfortunately many women will. When people talk about the average man having superior strength it is in comparison to the average woman. You may say the average man doesn't hit very hard, but the average woman will hit even less so. In general, physically men have more muscle, broader frames, and more aggression. Every Olympic record attests to this. This has allowed men to physically dominate through the ages, however now that our society has moved to higher value in intellectual pursuits, such muscular strength is no longer the deciding factor in gaining wealth and power.
  8. I know some people are against online dating, but for me that worked really well. I had many dates and eventually met my wife online. It does depend on where you live, if you are rural there won't be much hope online, but if you live somewhere with a decent population then its well worth a try. I always liked the idea of knowing something about the person in advance, filtering the search by things that matter (religious, smoker, location, age etc) and usually having photos so you can tell there is physical attraction.
  9. Bit of a general statement. In any group that large you'll find better, worse and some serial killers mixed in. Some atheists are better than Christians, some Christians are better than atheists. The group is too large for any blanket statements.
  10. No, the power imbalance would make any rebellion pointless. Can the ant rebel against the human whose house he is in? With any dictatorship the best bet is to keep your head down and hope you don't draw the ruling powers attention.
  11. One problem I see is trying to fit all men into one category. There is very little that can be said to be experienced by all men, everywhere, equally. You are comparing the poor peasant farmer to the Emperor of Rome. As both are men they both must be part of the patriarchy. The Queen of England is at a disadvantage compared to the trailer park drug addict, cos he's a man. Stereotyping is bad and almost always wrong. The privilege that actually matters is wealth and power. For a lot of history many women have been blocked from acquiring wealth, and therefore limited in their power. Likewise men who grow up with no wealth, lack power and will equally struggle in life. Since 1950 there have been 75 countries lead by a woman and currently there are 29 countries with a female leader. In the Western world women can educate in any subject, are seen equally under the law, can hold any position and rise to be the foremost experts in any field. Its not perfect and it never will be, but the advancement that society has made is dramatic. Today is the best time to be alive and the most equality we've ever had. We can only hope the rest of the world eventually follow suit, but religion will probably stop that from ever occurring globally. In my family my wife earns considerably more than me. She has higher level education and could progress to high corporate levels if she wishes (the stress and lack of work/life balance puts her off). She has not suffered discrimination or been disadvantaged over her male co-workers. Maybe that is atypical around the world, but I think its probably closer to the norm, in that those women who are getting it done and progressing their careers aren't the ones making the noise and complaining. The media focus on the loudest feminists which can give a lop sided view that their personal experience is globally the same. A woman saying "I'm fine, thanks" is not news, but one saying "Patriarchy! They are all against me!" makes for drama.
  12. The sad thing is from that statement alone I can't tell which country you mean. I had to Google it, turns out 70 countries since WW2 have had civil wars and 29 are still ongoing.
  13. If god was looking out for you, wouldn't you expect to not catch it in the first place? God seems a bit of a dick, gives you a crippling illness, horrible accident or injury, then claims to be a good guy for returning a portion of your previous quality of life. Maybe its a miracle that He didn't kill you like He did to so many others? Thanks psycho for picking a different target!
  14. I love working from home. I used to travel over an hour each way on the train, so getting that time back and saving travel costs has been great. No walking in the rain, no frustration at bus/train services and a more relaxed work atmosphere. I can get more hours of work done and still have more time with the kids. The company saves money so its a win/win. We provide support for the supermarket chains, so are considered an essential service. Means my work hasn't really changed from the lockdown. I'm dreading lockdown ending cos they may demand I go back to the office.
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    Ugh, double post. Can't see an option to delete a post?
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    He starts off insulting his readers, a terrible idea if you want to convince anyone as they are instantly put on the defensive and dislike the writer from the start. He complains about the precision of the results "the level of precision of π in Genesis 1:1 is of one part in 200.000." which completely ignores the fact that the result is not pi. Go passed a few decimal places and its incorrect. If I owed you $10, gave you $9 and said I'm 90% accurate, would you be happy? He doesn't touch on the more obvious objection; why use that formula at all? He then adds in special pleading "precisely in these two verses that are so special" where you know if it had been other verses he would have thought those were special. What part of a holy book wouldn't be considered special? By setting up the situation as specific he can then claim its too unlikely to be a coincidence. But look at it this way; there are 31,102 verses in the bible, times 100 different equations that could be used giving 3 million possible answers. Dig through a pile that large to see if any two look similar. Now, having worked backwards, claim victory that some arbitrary numbers were found, using arbitrary equations, in arbitrary locations, selected for arbitrary reasons. The equation for John 1:1 only works in Greek, but most scholars seem to say the book would have been written in Aramaic. The writer then goes on a rant about abiogenesis, basically the complexity argument done in insulting form. Of course that is irrelevant to any discussion on biblical codes.
  17. I was chatting online and used the term Jap as an abbreviation to Japanese. An American poster believed that the word was a racial slur, and referred to its usage during WW2 as a dehumanising term. However around here it doesn't have the same meaning, it is purely an abbreviation with no negative sense attached ("I drive a Jap import" or "I bought a Jap TV"). I spoke to a Japanese guy at work who said that it insulted his intelligence for others to tell him what he should be offended by. He could see the context and the lack of intent behind the saying and if the word has moved from its usage 70 years ago to a more positive use then surely thats a good thing. So the phrase could be insulting to older Japanese who have not heard of the positive use or it could be regionally insulting depending on local usage. With no way to know you could use terms that are offensive to some unintentionally.
  18. I default to "average", if they ask for clarification I say "I've been better, I've been worse, so I'm average".
  19. Wertbag

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    From what I could find they derived pi by looking at gen 1:1 and: "The number of letters x the product of the letters divided by The number of words x the product of the words. You get 3.1416... The value of π to four decimal places!" But it isn't correct from digit 5 onwards, so it isn't actually pi, just kind of close. It also only works using hebrew, while John 1:1 only works in Greek. So in a specific language, calculated in a random manner, you get something that isn't pi but kind of looks like it if you don't go too far.
  20. From what I have heard the panic started in China where the TP factories in Wuhan shutdown, resulting in shortages. Chinese families and media warned those outside of the country to worry about this happening to them. Once they panic purchased then lots of others saw the quantity available plunge so raced to grab some while they could and it all spirals out of control.
  21. Wow... I thought I'd seen crazy feminists before but to call for mass murder knocks this right off the extreme end of the scale. I'm almost thinking maybe its a parody, just a joke video cut short... But never underestimate the crazy. That is one problem with the label feminist, that it can be applied to a range of ideas so in itself doesn't tell you what someone thinks. In the Western world we have come a long way with equality under the law, in ownership, in voting and in education, and the majority of people want equality to continue to be a foundation of society. There are some who will argue it should be more one way or the other, but those voices are a small minority. Those asking for mass murder are a tiny sub-set of that tiny group. You know you are doing something wrong when ISIS think you are going too far.
  22. I heard one story of a lady abused for buying 5 packs at once, turned out she has something like 10 kids and that was a perfectly normal shopping trip for her. I'm happy to say everyone I know just treats the TP rush as a big joke. I said to my neighbour the only reason they left their car in the driveway was their garage was too packed with TP, got a laugh at least. I know not everyone will be calm about it, but thankfully those people seem to be few and far between. In reverse you have to make sure that you aren't being paranoid. People looking at you doesn't mean they are thinking bad things about you. Stinkeye can often be in your head rather than theirs.
  23. The thought is that those who go for testing have symptoms of a cold or flu which they are worried might be more. A faulty covid test gives them a positive, and you get reports of mild or even asymptomatic people cos the testing quality is suspect. How much resource is then wasted tracking those who have been in contact with a false positive?
  24. One thing to remember is they aren't testing everyone. Only those with symptoms or in direct contact with someone who has, will be tested. A false positive should mean you have a cold or flu, self isolate and recover on your own. A false negative would mean you have covid but only show flu symptoms, so self isolate and in 85% of cases recover fine.
  25. Reminds me of the story of Dumbo. He needed to hold his "magic" feather to allow him to fly, only to later realise the feather was perfectly mundane and the ability was within him all along. So hold onto your feather if you need to but understand that having dropped it you'll still be able to fly.
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