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  1. It ebbs and flows. I remember around 2005 a poll of the members here showed a conservative bent, then a few years later it seemed to swing in the opposite direction. There has always though been a strong undercurrent of libertarianism/myobism.
  2. Technically, I'm "treated," so there is no hope for any disability. I either have to do it myself or ride out the rest of my days. I've been squeezing my throat really hard to try to acclimate myself to it.
  3. I forgot about my post. I'm still here at the moment; I do know about the history of Xianity and origins of hell, but my mind is such that there's always that space that gives credence to things, that says maybe this can be true somehow. It's irrational, but powerful enough to spook me. Geezer: What's selfish is anyone who would demand someone else continue to suffer just so they can be spared a little soul-searching. But I don't have to worry about any of that anyway; I don't have "loved ones," I have a few relatives, one who owes me a G. mwc:
  4. Decade after decade it follows me, the fear that it might be true after all, somehow. Even when you know science, biblical contradictions, discrepancies, unfulfilled prophecies, etc. and you know the whole thing is bullshit, there remains the dark fear that a moment after you die there is eternal suffering. The worst part of this is that it takes away the one thing that can give a person hope in this harsh world and that is the choice to end one's life. Suicide should be a sweet gift one give's to one's self, but Christianity cruelly takes that away. The one thing that should be
  5. A lot of Religion is Bullshit can still be found on the Wayback Machine. https://web.archive.org/web/20040401174755/http://www.religionisbullshit.com/index.php
  6. I am glad I am not the only one who is like: No offense, Legion- I'm just not "getting it". Is it this? "If you would like to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the Universe"..... Yes, that's it!
  7. Yes, but before there is this and that, there is existence. The one, irreducible primary. Isness. Nightflight entertain these practical considerations. I am changing the oil in my car. I place an oil pan beneath the drain plug in order to catch the draining oil and prevent it from spilling on the ground. This is anticipatory behavior. Hereby an event that never existed (e.g. oil spill on the ground) gave rise to an event that did exist (e.g. oil drains into pan). This is fun and you guys are sharp! A gazillion different contingencies. Viewed from as far back as one can
  8. Did you ever have dinner with Eric Landstrom?
  9. Yes, but before there is this and that, there is existence. The one, irreducible primary. Isness.
  10. You do realize though that its really difficult to debate Christians when there is sooo much variation in their doctrines? I ran into this often at ChristianForums. No matter what I said a Christian would tell me "that's not what Christians believe"; meaning its not what those in that particular sect believed.
  11. Holy shit! Your dad was nasty to me once; its cool to meet his daughter! Welcome to Ex-C. Wow, Matt Slick's daughter. I feel like I'm in the Wermacht when they captured Stalin's son!
  12. No, if you want the real facts go to college and study physics. The Thundermugs have long been debunked. Respectfully... Youtube merely serves as a location to find the videos that explain the future of our understanding of the universe. Before any real thinking person should make useless criticisms here at these forums, they should do a little research... watch the videos... get on the mailing list to get the most recent info and then see how you think after getting the facts presented intelligently. The Thunderbolts Team grows larger everyday. It is an unstoppable wave of new advance
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