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  1. It ebbs and flows. I remember around 2005 a poll of the members here showed a conservative bent, then a few years later it seemed to swing in the opposite direction. There has always though been a strong undercurrent of libertarianism/myobism.
  2. Technically, I'm "treated," so there is no hope for any disability. I either have to do it myself or ride out the rest of my days. I've been squeezing my throat really hard to try to acclimate myself to it.
  3. I forgot about my post. I'm still here at the moment; I do know about the history of Xianity and origins of hell, but my mind is such that there's always that space that gives credence to things, that says maybe this can be true somehow. It's irrational, but powerful enough to spook me. Geezer: What's selfish is anyone who would demand someone else continue to suffer just so they can be spared a little soul-searching. But I don't have to worry about any of that anyway; I don't have "loved ones," I have a few relatives, one who owes me a G. mwc: My problem is a medical condition that doesn't respond to therapy or medicine. I've lost my job and will be homeless soon. Three years of exhaustion, with no hope of remedy. I'm not some teenager kvetching over a girlfriend or school. I am sick constantly and soon will know poverty and homelessness. Quality of life matters; mere existence is not a virtue. ThereAndBack: I don't care if it bother others; it won't anyway. The would probably be some who would say, "I wish he would have called me," but people always say that when someone they know offs himself. People find it disturbing when another dies at his own hand. It's a judgement on life itself, and causes people to wonder if living is all that good, and what misery they might be in one day themselves. People don't really care, they just want to virtue-signal to others that they do. I had a friend that offed himself in 2011. When I found out the reason why, the lack of hope he had, I had to agree that he had no other choice. Sometimes it is the only choice. I would doubt anyone here would have an objection to someone icing themselves because of chronic pain. Well, some other conditions are chronic too. Florduh: My medical condition can't be helped by a psych. In fact, I can say with absolute certainty, that if I wasn't laid out everyday with exhaustion, I would be remarkably undepressed. It's not in my head (except the fear of hell part). Garry: Fuck 'em. Voice: I need to convince myself that this is true to the extent that I harbor no doubts about it. Then I can have peace. I've been to doctors, tried devices, pills, potions, suggestions, etc., to no avail. I've got to go. I'm pushing 50, no money, no job, and a chronic illness that doesn't respond to therapy. And I've come across a lot of people with the same ailment that also complain of lack of relief. Some things are just hopeless, its a brute fact. rjn likes this Like this
  4. Decade after decade it follows me, the fear that it might be true after all, somehow. Even when you know science, biblical contradictions, discrepancies, unfulfilled prophecies, etc. and you know the whole thing is bullshit, there remains the dark fear that a moment after you die there is eternal suffering. The worst part of this is that it takes away the one thing that can give a person hope in this harsh world and that is the choice to end one's life. Suicide should be a sweet gift one give's to one's self, but Christianity cruelly takes that away. The one thing that should be the ultimate relief meets the ultimate despair. So one is left stuck, playing around with danger hoping that oblivion will be met, fearful though of the darkest dreams spawned from the minds of clergymen and theologians. Life is a nightmare; Christianity makes it more so.
  5. Did you ever have dinner with Eric Landstrom?
  6. You do realize though that its really difficult to debate Christians when there is sooo much variation in their doctrines? I ran into this often at ChristianForums. No matter what I said a Christian would tell me "that's not what Christians believe"; meaning its not what those in that particular sect believed.
  7. Holy shit! Your dad was nasty to me once; its cool to meet his daughter! Welcome to Ex-C. Wow, Matt Slick's daughter. I feel like I'm in the Wermacht when they captured Stalin's son!
  8. Autumn Girl, check out Lovingdoubt's YouTube channel; her vids are great too.
  9. Yes, '79-'80, I was into roller boogie. So shoot me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGMD0O7GGP8
  10. http://www.youtube.com/user/Lovingdoubt#p/u/19/y5HtSW_N7c4
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